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Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1) 955

Nope, sorry, not buying it, that is a "blame the victim" excuse and any investigation shows it just doesn't hold water. Even though I'm as anti libertarian as they come (I personally believe libertarians come in two flavors, one that wants a government to whip the slaves and the other wants to have no government so they can hire goons to whip the slaves) look up "Jon Stewart Ron Paul" to see just how rigged our primaries are, in that video Stewart (who is also not libertarian) shows clip after clip of the MSM practically jumping through flaming hoops to make sure NOBODY says a damned word about Paul, the entire MSM went to great pains to make sure he was never heard. One reporter even gets annoyed and says to the anchor "We are sitting here going on and on about Christie and Palin, who aren't even running, and we haven't said a word about Paul who is doing well in the polls here" and the anchor I swear looks right at the camera, gets a douchebag smirk, and says "If you get any footage of Christie or Palin send it in, you can keep the Paul stuff", I swear the rigging was THAT bad, and when you add in the Alex Jones video showing the voice vote against Paul at the RNC had the teleprompter showing the results before the vote was even called?

So I'm sorry but saying "the people chose" is like saying that if they show up to enough matches pro wrestling will become real...its not gonna happen, the results are decided before you ever get into the booth, your "choice" is corporate shill A or B and that is all you will EVER get because the two party system? Its just a sham,it lets the old money interests keep taking more for themselves while giving the illusion that the masses have a say when the "choice" is whether you'd prefer your mugger to wear the wildflower or sandalwood aftershave while they rob you.

Comment Re:Insurance Policy? (Score 1) 293

Then I'm sorry but you sir are ignorant, again you have NO CLUE what is in this shit, could be state secrets, could be a huge cache of kiddie porn, you have ZERO way of knowing WTF it is except by taking this guy's word at face YOU know this guy? Because I sure as hell don't, not enough to know whether he is telling the truth, just being a dick because he can be, hell we've had an asshole on this very site use links to child porn like a fucking rickroll just because they were douchebags and thought that was funny.

If it turned out to be something nasty i doubt seriously any court is gonna believe you downloaded THAT much shit without even the tiniest clue as to what it is just for the hell of it, that would be a seriously hard sell to any jury, so WTF would make you want to take that risk for some douchebag you wouldn't know if you ran into on the street?

Again you have NO idea what you are getting into, NO clue as to what the contents are, you could be opening yourself up to years in PMITA prison and for what? What do you possibly gain by giving this asshole 1.7TB of storage for his shit on your PC?

Comment Re:"Would you believe the reason..." (Score 1) 162

You are trying to sell your band to the world and get taken seriously as female you make your site look like a 15 year old twitard chick's fanfic page? Really?

I've played with many a female musician (no pun intended) and they would frankly be insulted by this shit, their site just screams "I'm a girly girl with titties but no brains, giggle giggle" that it really does a disservice to female musicians because all it does is reinforce that stereotype.

Comment Re:Pretty Sure The Onion Got It Right (Again) (Score 1) 103

Nic Cage got his ass ripped off by one of one of those stock brokers, may have been old Bernie, all i know is he got his accounts pretty much cleaned out and now will take just about anything that has a decent paycheck.

Oh and if you want a good chuckle? Turns out Will Smith turned down Django to start in After Earth, just like how he turned down the Matrix to star in Wild Wild West, so pretty much anybody can pick a clunker. But there are just some actors, Sandler, Schneider, Vaughn, that just seem to have the worst taste in projects or are simply taking everything with a paycheck. They are a part of a handful of actors that you can see at least have a decent amount of talent that just choose bomb after bomb after bomb, frankly I don't know how they keep getting work, especially Sandler. I mean Jack & Jill and That's My Boy (which one reviewer said "The whole joke is "ha ha ha pedophilia funny" which of course the answer is no it isn't and you are a sick man for thinking it is) should have completely torpedoed any chance of doing another movie, yet last I heard he had like 3 movies coming up.

All I can figure is that they are doing comedies and the studios are all run by rich old white guys that know they "Don't get what them hep cats kids think is funny" so they just greenlight it without even bothering to look at the script. Again that is the only way I can see how something like That's My Boy could even get made, I mean who would think having a kid that looks 12 molested by a 30 year old teacher would be comedy gold? BTW if you haven't seen it you should look up some YouTube clips just to see how unfunny that shit is, I'd rank it up there with "Heil Honey I'm Home" for worst premise to make a comedy out of. Give Vaughn at least that much credit, he has been making dumb movies but at least they aren't offensive, just moronic.

Comment Re:Insurance Policy? (Score 4, Interesting) 293

What? Who in the fuck is soooo damned retarded they will download 1.7 fricking TB of data that is completely fucking useless because its encrypted? Hell how in the fuck do you know this isn't just his way of railing against the possession laws by seeing how many dumb fucks he can get to download child pron huh?

You have NO idea, ZERO, what the fuck is in this stuff, you only have the word of one single person who is already an admitted criminal who has broken into countless companies, caused who knows how many people to have to deal with the "fun"of having to replace their credit cards, and we are just supposed to take his word for it? There is stupid and then there is plain old ignorant, and if you download 1.7Tb without even knowing WTF it is you are firmly in the latter column.

Comment Re:"Would you believe the reason..." (Score 3, Interesting) 162

What lost me was when I clicked on the link and the page was covered in pencil doodles of kitties and ponies and crap. If you are trying to make it with a fricking band at least TRY to look somewhat professional, that thing looks like it was made by a 16 year old Twitard to declare whether they are with team shirtless or team shovelface...ugh.

Comment Re:Pretty Sure The Onion Got It Right (Again) (Score 1) 103

Even if you don't like his style if given a decent role frankly any halfway decent actor can put in a decent performance, look at Ferrell in the remake of The Producers, frankly he was the only good thing in that POS and I don't like Ferrell, but like Kenneth Mars he took the role of a Nazi and made him a fun character.

And I do find it ironic that you are complaining about hacks..when you were watching a movie made by the co-king of hacks, JJ Abrams. His movies are nothing but action set pieces and he even rips off the ending to Start Trek II, if you are watching anything by Abrams or Bay you really can't complain about hacks since you are supporting the "meh put lots of splosions, the sheep will buy it" cynical Hollywood crap that breeds the likes of Stiller, Vaughn and Ferrell.

Comment Re:Miranda (Score 1) 768

Because ALL LAWS WILL BE ABUSED and the ONLY reason we have cops going as easy as they do is the Miranda law and the Fifth, that's it. Do I REALLY need to list every time we've "made the cops job easier" only to have that shit blow up in our faces?

The reason we have the Fifth is because without it you've just given the cops a perfect catch-22,give us enough info we can send you to prison with...or we'll send you to prison. See the problem there sparky?

And you might want to look at "the largest gang in America" to see how badly the cops behave when they don't realize there is a camera around, and you are gonna trust them by giving them the right to force self incrimination? How do you think they are gonna get the person with a functioning brain to self incriminate, ask him nicely? Just think about how easy it would be to get rid of any undesirable who has a PC "We are sure there is a hidden volume somewhere and he won't give us the keys so he should be in prison until he gives us the keys to the imaginary volume" and tada! You've just been given the task of proving a negative so you can rot in prison pal.

Comment Re:Not cooling, global waming! (Score 1) 158

The fossil plants are ONLY being built in states where the fossil fuels are coming from, it lets the politicians nullify the NIMBYs with the "We'll have jobs!" counter argument.

Frankly so far this is the ONLY argument that has seemed to have any traction against the NIMBYs, and once the jobs are done? Well the NIMBYs win. For an example see how little traction the NIMBYs were able to get on Yucca long as the government was spending billions hiring locals to dig the thing, the SECOND the job was finished? the NIMBYs started coming out of the woodwork to shut it down.

Look up (insert power generation tech) and protests and see how big a problem NIMBYs really are, again it doesn't matter, nuke, solar, wind, water, you name the tech you'll have some huge lobbying group of NIMBYs trying to block it. Hell look at the post above yours, it has a link to an article showing Carter was the one that blocked all nuclear reprocessing thanks to a NIMBY environmental group. What was their excuse? "Endless clean power might cause more mining and then we can't tell them to live green ZOMG!" so now we have huge piles of waste at every power plant, yeah thanks NIMBYs.

Comment Re:Our Children's Children's Children Will Save Us (Score 1) 266

Don't know where you heard that because i used to do the PC work for the county, which is pretty typical in this area (and from what I was told pretty typical for the entire south) and all they ever did was reclaim the freon and take the copper out of fridges, that's it. I personally saw countless PCs, TVs, pretty much every appliance you could name just thrown in the truck and hauled off to the landfill.

So not only do you have all that which can be reclaimed but as I said they are already testing a variable microwave that will break down plastics back into got ANY idea how much plastic is in your average dump? But I can tell you they didn't even bother trying to sort out cans, when you are running the biggest landfill in an area you got waaay too much to process to stop and sort. All those landfills are gonna be gold mines in 50 years, just you watch.which is why I always laugh when people bitch and whine about recycling because all that money is gonna end up giving the poor states a hell of an economy boost for several decades.

Hell think about it man, ALL of those metals are finite resources, can't magically mine forever, so like peak oil there WILL come a time when it will cost more to dig than it will to recycle, again the only question is when. The nice thing about those landfills? They ain't going anywhere, not like there is a time limit and if they don't dig it out all those metals and plastic will turn to poo, so even if it takes 50 years so what? It will still end up making the poor states a hell of a lot of money in the end.

Comment Re:we are not using distance at all (Score 1) 266

Dude look up Yucca mountain in Google Earth, go on, I'll wait...What's that? Its a 100 miles from anything in the middle of some of the most inhospitable desert you've ever seen? BINGO, we have a winner!

NIMBYs have gone from "my back yard" to "anywhere within a 3 state radius of me" so we should probably rename them NIMGA, not it my general area, but that doesn't have as nice a ring to it.

Comment Re:Someone start a defense fund (Score 1, Insightful) 955

BWA HA HA HA HA HA...are you forgetting they actually had a "please stop ignoring us" petition because all Obama ever did with any petition that wasn't just a "We think you are vewwy great and we wuv u!" was give the finger with some pile of bullshit doublespeak speech that was a blatant "I read it and really don't give a fuck because my handlers want this" pile of bullshit?

Anybody who thinks that petition bullshit is gonna do a damned thing against money and power needs to click their heels together and head back to Oz, fools have been filling those damned things out for years, name ONE real issue that the petition went against what the administration wanted that wasn't ignored, JUST ONE. You can't because it was NOTHING but a cheap publicity stunt.

Frankly I can't decide which is worse, those that still buy Bush's bullshit or those that still have faith in "yes we can!" (but I won't) because at least with Bush he didn't pretend to give a fuck, so at least he was honest about it, Obama wraps his in touchy feely bullshit while doing the EXACT SAME SHIT, same drone strikes, same spying, same big brother networks, same corporate ass kissing, the ONLY difference is a couple of complete jerk off mechanisms like this stupid petition crap that really ought to be a suggestion box connected to a dumpster for the fat lot of good it does.

Comment Re:Our Children's Children's Children Will Save Us (Score -1, Offtopic) 266

You're not really changing shit, sorry, all you are doing is wasting time on something that in this case the free market will actually solve. I mean sure if you want to because it gives you a boost of smug? go right ahead, whatever, but again this is a problem that actually will solve itself.

You see, if you were to just follow the trail to its logical conclusion it will all make sense, now follow along. Where does all that waste go? Well due to the price of land most of the big cities end up sending it to poorer counties and states for burial...well what happens when those resources get scarce? Those poor states and counties are gonna be sitting on top of gold mines that's what! You burn the organics for power (I think Sweden or Denmark is already doing that and actually importing trash for that purpose) and use the power to process all those metals that will be quite precious at that time, I even read they are working on a microwave that will let you break down plastic into oil for reuse.

So as you see the garbage problem? Not really a problem, all those poor states taking that trash will be able to dig it right back out when the price is right so its gonna end up recycled any way you slice it, the only question is when and by whom, you are some county in Alabama.

Comment Re:Not cooling, global waming! (Score 1) 158

Thank you as that was EXACTLY my point. We can bitch about their planned economies but when they need shit built? they are breaking ground within the year, it takes us in the west a good decade plus of bullshit to get any damned thing approved and like with yucca 9 times out of 10 we spend all this money only to get cockblocked by the NIMBYs so at the end of the day we have nothing built, nothing to show for all the studies and testing and bullshit because there is ALWAYS a reason some lobby will find to bitch.

Just look at all the excuses, nukes? Waste and too dangerous. fine Dams? You'll kill the fishies, okay then wind? Noise pollution and you'll kill the birds, fucking fine, NG and coal? greenhouse gases, great solar? Will damage the desert habitats of the rare beetle whogivesafuckis painus...FUCK! There is NO right answer, NONE. No matter what you name some damned group is gonna find SOMETHING to bitch about, it reminds me of how a major highway in Texas, desperately needed to deal with the gridlock, is now come to a screeching halt because somebody found some rare spider in their path so that will probably take several years worth of bullshit and red tape to see if they can move the spiders or have to build some huge loop around to keep from hurting the spiders...think they would have given a shit about some spider in Asia? hell no, the road would get built because its needed PERIOD the end.

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