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Comment Re:Beta is illogical (Score 1) 401

I don't become "cranky" I become the most cold blooded vicious son of a bitch you ever met, more than happy to tell you why your very existence is a waste and the world would be better of without you in it...what do you think happened to my last long term relationship? She begged and begged me to quit..well she got her wish, she left in tears after just 3 weeks of attempting to be around me.

Thanks to nicotine my senses stay a little dulled and that is a good thing, trust me. Even my own mother, who has COPD and begged me to quit when she did? Left a carton of smokes on my doorstep after being around me for 2 weeks without. Some people get cranky, you get cranky, I become bloodthirsy, vindictive, and will happily tear you a new asshole, BIG difference.

Comment Re:Right on time (Score 1) 379

Really? In my head I heard " we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender"

Followed of course by the first bars of Iron Maiden's "Aces High".

Comment Re:Works for Slashdot as well... (Score 4, Interesting) 367

I'm sorry but that is EXACTLY what those of us who were beta testers for Windows 8 were told, what did we get? "Sure we hear you" (we just don't give a fuck what you have to say).

The big difference here is until Alt is up and running we can't just "stick with the old one" or "use a different one" like we did with windows 8, because frankly there ISN'T ONE, there isn't any comment heavy site like /. catering to nerds, least not that I've found. instead you get "comments by Disqus" style pages where if an article is REALLY lucky you get...drumroll...10 comments! because at the end of the day its nothing more than a press release that nobody even gives enough fucks about to say anything, just glance and move on.

You say awareness has been brought...citation please? A single article by Soulskill or Timothy don't mean jack shit, they are tier 3 at best. show me a single thing, just one, from somebody in a high position at DH and I'll take your word for it and helpfully post right beside you that the #Fuckbeta needs to stop.

But you'd better provide it quick, because I won't be here from the 10th-17th.

Comment Re:Works for Slashdot as well... (Score 2) 367

And you think there is gonna be ANY on-topic comments to read when they switch to a "ZOMFG look at this Vlog yo! "Comments by Disqus" layout? Really?

You have better odds of getting decent comments during "OMG Ponies!" day than you do with that trash UI. I know that after spending a couple hours trying to deal with that eyesore i just went to other tech sites and didn't bother commenting on shit since it was too much of a PITA to follow a conversation but if all you want is channers? Well you'll be in luck, as I have a feeling most of the old guard will just give their UIDs to the 4Chan just for LULZ and walk away.

As for EA? What is sad is from the mid 80s to the mid to late 90s? They were actually a good company that cared about the games they put out, but then it became this big bloated monster that only cared about how much blood they could milk out of a property. You know a company sucks when they trade places back and forth with Activision in the "this company must be run by Satan" contest.

Comment Re:Beta is illogical (Score 1) 401 didn't actually READ my post before you ran full speed to that soapbox, did you? Gotta give you credit it WAS an epic rant. Except...I quit 3 months ago, so all the "Don't give up!" crap? Kinda pointless.

And its not being "negative" to face reality, unless you consider somebody with 2 broken legs as being "negative" when they point out they can't walk. anybody who tells you that your body "will magically heal itself" after years of abuse? Blowing smoke up the wrong end, and I don't care WHAT you were abusing, be it drugs or booze or smokes. the body is capable of fixing a lot of things but its not invulnerable and its been proven repeatedly that as little as 3 years of smoking is enough to do permanent damage that all the "you can do it!" lectures in the world won't fix.

Still props on an epic rant, I'll be sure to blow some smoke rings with this ecig in your honor. Oh and yes I know I've just switched from one to the other but without my nicotine I'm a right bastard and would rather not throw away my current relationship, thanks.

Comment Re:Open borders... one way? (Score 3, Insightful) 279

One of the other posters answered your question, I'll highlight it for you "anyone who distributes GPLv3 code *must* give the recipients a royalty free license to any patents they own that are required to be able to use that particular product."

Sorry but no legal dept with a brain is gonna agree to that, you'd be wiping out the patent portfolio by linking in any way with GCC. This is why Apple made Clang, why companies are supporting LLVM, and why Google has a strict "No GPL V3" policy in place for ChromeOS and Android.

Between that and RMS himself saying the GPL is viral and pushing for GPL libraries over LGPL has made GPL verbotten in many places that previously were fine with it. We'll see if I'm right as we should have enough evidence in the next 24 months (to give time for enough to switch to GPL V3 to make most of Linux off limits) but I predict a lot of the money being spent on Linux dev will dry right up. You'll only have the "pure FOSS" companies like RH and Debian supporting it while the rest follow Google and Apple and switch to other licenses.

Comment Re:Trusted program, untrusted use (Score 3, Interesting) 195

Oh please do you REALLY think that is the cause of Windows infections?

I got news for ya pal, I fix the systems that get pwned 6 days a week and I can tell ya that hasn't been even a major, much less main, source of infections since 2004 or so. How do Windows systems get infected? The same way this page shows you how to infect a Linux system in just 5 steps through good old fashioned social engineering. Here are the top sources of infections I see at the shop, I see these constantly..

1.- "You want to see teh hot lesbos? Just run 'Iz_Not_Viruz_Iz_Codex' to see teh hot lesbos today!" 2.- Hi, this is your (insert name of person they know whose system has been pwned) and I found something really cool! Just click this link (which goes to a page full of drive bys) to check it out!" 3.-ZOMFG u got teh viruz! Just run 'Iz_Not_Viruz_Iz_Cleanerz' to get rid of it ZOMFG!" 4.- "You are teh winrar of our contest! Just give us all your info on this page (so we can pull an ID theft while infecting you with drivebys) so you can get your prize u lucky dog!"

These work on ANY system because they target the weakest point, THE USER. As a matter of fact I've been seeing a sharp rise in infected Android smartphones and ID thefts from that last one. It seems that folks just can't equate one system to another so all those scams that haven't worked on a PC in a decade? Work great on a smartphone. Its endless September all over again. BTW please note that in NONE of those, nor in the Linux example does the OS matter because the weak spot hasn't been the OS in ages, the easy target has been and always will be the users.

Comment Re:Do it in ROM (Score 1) 195

Because man is fallible? There has never been an OS that is bug free and by placing the OS in ROM not only do you insure that no bugs will EVER be patched but that any improvements that would help make things run better/faster/smoother will likewise never happen.

Oh and even if you had the OS boot from a ROM its gonna have to have core files placed in memory sooner or later so an attacker could simply patch in RAM and still take control.

Comment Re:Beta is illogical (Score 2, Interesting) 401

She's dead Jim., Dice filling the pipe with Slashvertisements (because they thought they could get paid for Slashads AND for regular ads) has killed the revenue, they took a complete writedown on the site already. Frankly at this point all one can do is move to Alt when its ready because Dice considers /. a BRAND and by "rebranding" they think they can make it into another Digg/Gawker/Fark. Hell the comments section might as well have "powered by Disqus" for all the ripping off they did.

As for TFA, as someone who smoked for 30 years and tried everything,patch,gum, pills, the only thing that worked was the "Ego style" ecigs, the ones with the separate tank and the 510 threading. Thanks to those I've been cigarette free for going on 3 months and have gone from a 30mg to 24mg to 18mg, although I'll probably stay on 18 a couple months as I tried 11mg in a VG and couldn't tell I was smoking the thing, maybe an 80/20 PG to VG will let me drop below 18Mg.

But as TFA shows the sad thing is you WILL get COPD, doesn't matter how long ago you quit as you WILL get it if something else don't get you first. So if you are quitting do it because you don't want to be smelling like smoke or be out of breath, because if you have smoked more than a couple of years you might as well accept COPD is in your future regardless.

Comment Re:Open borders... one way? (Score 5, Insightful) 279

I'll get hate for saying this but fuck it, truth is truth and RMS burnt a LOT of bridges with GPL V3 so I wouldn't be surprised to see more devs moving from GCC to LLVM and Clang.

What RMS and his fans just seem to refuse to accept is a simple little bit of reality which is thus...this ain't 1979 anymore, no matter how many times RMS calls everyone "hackers" like he's at a computer club meting. The chips, the designs...we are talking about INSANE complexity folks, it is just not something "a couple of guys banging away in their basement" is gonna be able to do. What you have to have is dozens of highly skilled, highly trained guys working on this stuff 8-12 hours a day every day...the requires funds folks, no way you can get around that.

What does that have to do with RMS giving corps the bird with GPL V3? Simple...where do you think ALL that money was coming from? Donations by individuals? Nope that was all being paid for by corps whom RMS made clear aren't welcome round here anymore. with GPL V2 you had kind of a "wink wink" with the corps while GPL V3 has made sure that you had better be a GPLed company if you want anything to do with GPL V3 code. This is why Google has a "No GPL V3" rule with ChromeOS and Android, and I have no doubt you'll be seeing money dry up for projects like GCC, simply because companies will be afraid to touch it.

At the end of the day encouraging corps to open their code is fine, flipping them the bird if they refuse to go GPL? Not the smartest thing. We should be able to tell within the next year whether all the money is gonna go to GCC or LLVM/Clang, I personally think it'll be the latter.

Comment Re:Set for a crash anyway due to difficulty of min (Score 1) 249

This is why I've always said BC is a Ponzi scheme, it let the insiders at the top of the scheme make a ton quickly and then cash out when it became no longer profitable to mine while those getting into BC mining now will never even make back the cost of power, much less hardware.

I'm all for a new cash that lets you bypass the Fed and their scams but this is just more of the same, the only difference is who got to make the big bux.

Comment Re:Exactly what I was thinking (Score 1) 365

Not meaning to Godwin but look at what Stalin's Organs did to the Nazis on the eastern front to see why it very much IS a problem.

You should really look up the Chinese "sea skimmer" missile to see what we are talking about here, but I'll try to give a rough overview...picture a missile about the length of a telephone pole and a couple of times wider going at Mach 2+ a couple feet off the picture 50 of those coming from multiple directions (because the launcher can be put in a shipping crate and mounted on any old boat) and you have...ohh I'd say if you are REALLY lucky about 6 seconds to get all 50!

What makes these dangerous is the handful of countries that have the skills to make these have the funds to fire them by the dozen and it really wouldn't be hard to have a sub loaded with these so you could fire them off from pretty much anywhere.

Comment Re:Alternative to Beta (Score 1) 36

I look forward to actual nerd topics again, hardware, CPUs, GPUs, file systems, all that good old hardware porn we USED to get before all the "ZOMG yo, gotta see this slashvertisement for our new web 3.0 vertical synergy yo!" bullshit.

Look we ALL know what happened, okay? And don't blame Tim and soulskill, they are just poor schlubs trying to save their jobs which in this economy? Can't really blame 'em. Its really simple, DICE thought they could make DOUBLE the money by selling slashvertisements AND selling ads, but all the slashvertisements were for crap nobody cared about and the ads were just sad so the old guard started laying low, quality went down, then they got more and more lax with the AC trolls to try to make the thread counts look like /. before they bought it and it went straight down the shitter.

I've already told the altslash guys I'll be happy to clean up the spammers, deal with the crap, if that is what it takes to get a site where geeks can talk about geek stuff without having the "yo be sure to like my vertical empowerment on FB yo!" bullshit? old hairy will be happy to bust ass for free.

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