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Comment Re:Poor statistics (Score 4, Interesting) 512

I would just add the whole thing ignores that big old rotting elephant in the room which is HDDs? I have found that in damned near every case, not all but most, will give you PLENTY of warning before it goes completely tits up whereas the SSD? One day its working and the next....nothing. No warning, no noise, no indication at all that there was a problem just...poof, buh bye data. This is also ignoring the fact that if the circuit board fails in a HDD you can swap one out for the same model and get it back in most cases, at least long enough to get the data, the SSD? Hope you are good with a soldering iron and a chip reader and I have heard even then its unlikely.

I may be just a little country shop guy but when my gamer customers have all experienced multiple failures when it comes to SSDs, and these guys don't go cheap, sorry but ATM I still don't trust it. I tell folks if they want an SSD don't have anything on it they would feel bad if they lost, now does that mean there aren't still uses for SSDs? Of course not, for one thing if you have a laptop where most if not all of your data is in the cloud? Knock yourself out, just make a weekly disk image so you can re-image when it goes tits up and you are golden. I also have several customers that have bought either hybrid drives or that Sandisk caching drive for Win 7 and in both of those cases they have seen pretty big speed boosts while not having to worry because if it dies all you do is go back to HDD speeds as it is just a cache.

Oh and one final thing....its gonna get worse. its common knowledge that with each shrink the number of writes goes down and the number of failures go up and with all of the major chip companies seeming to only care about how many bits they can stuff per nano-meter? The failure rate WILL get worse, you can count on it. Its too bad that SLC is so insanely high as those seem to have lower failure rates than MLC but as long as all the companies care about is getting that GB number up at all costs its really not gonna be getting better, its gonna be getting worse.

Ironic that they talk about how supposedly high HDD failure rates are when I cleaned out a how drawer of them before moving into the new place, we are talking drives going back to Quantum Fireballs in the 200Mb size, yes Mb not Gb, and they all fired up. granted some of them were noisy as hell but I could still get files off of them while not a single one of my gamer customers have their first SSD, they are all dead. yes i know its an anecdote but I'm not the only one that has seen this, coding horror calls SSDs the hot crazy scale as you trade red hot performance for crazy failure rates. Call me old fashioned but I think I'll just pick upa caching SSD and keep the 5Tb in spinning rust, thanks ever so Intel.

Comment Re: For those of you that don't RTFA... (Score 1) 378

Who said anything about demo charges? If you know a nutter is gonna crash a plane into X and you just...ohh...say weaken the supports some? You still get the results you want and you even get some nice nutters to blame it on. I think where they fucked up is the third tower, i have NO doubt, none whatsoever, that the plane the passengers crashed in PN was fated to hit that tower and somebody said "Oh shit, now what? Well the supports already weakened, plenty of flammable material put in the janitors closets to help spread the flames, set a fire and we'll say the second plane took it out"

But lets hear your brilliant explanation of how you take out THREE unconnected buildings with TWO planes, because this should be good. remember the Empire State building got hit by a fully loaded BOMBER and that sucker didn't drop, you telling me some flaming debris from a thin as tissue paper passenger jet managed to take out a tower more than a fricking block away? And what about the fighters? what about the air defense? you telling me that the POTUS has ZERO protection from attack? Does this not strike you as unbelievable, even in the slightest? That plane came within blocks of the fricking white house for God's sake!

I'm sorry but ONE irregularity? yeah that could happen, two? Possible, but you have event after event that frankly would either mean the POTUS has NO security AT ALL, even less than some banana republic, our buildings are made of cheap rebar and crap, or something was fishy...your choice but considering this is the same government that only recently admitted that the Gulf Of Tonkin incident was a "non event", AKA a false flag that got over 58,000 Americans sent home in body bags? Well WTF makes you think the same kinds of guys that would rack up that big a body count would have any problem with three thousand nobodies?

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 246

Uhhh...I think you missed where the conversation was going friend as we were talking about wealth and NOT about population. Here let me illustrate...if we have 100 people in the room (100% of the population) and $100 that is to be divided up among those hundred people and I get $99 dollars of it right off the bat that does NOT make me 99 people, that just gives me control, complete control, of our wealth while YOU and the other 98 guys get to kill yourself fighting over a couple of cents of that last dollar...understand it now?

I'm sure you were confused about the usage of the "1%" moniker which is really just shorthand for the elite, the ones that control more than 80% of the wealth? Actually more like 0.01% if you wanted to view it as relative to the population. Since 0.01% just doesn't roll off the tongue the phrase "1%er" was used instead but reality its more like 0.01%er. Sorry if I caused confusion.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 246

Have you seen how few actually qualify for top 1%? You could fit all of them in your average big city gym. Oh I see the problem now, hit the 5 instead of a 1, my bad, sorry. That is what I get for typing on a 1989 clicky clack with the key lettering worn off while my GF is asleep, no light means I'm going by memory and occasionally I goof, oops.

Comment Re: For those of you that don't RTFA... (Score -1, Troll) 378

That to me is the "smoking gun" that the whole tower thing is bullshit. I mean how in the hell you gonna knock down THREE buildings, straight down no less which any demolition guy will tell you is DAMN hard to do with a modern building as the steel cores makes them want to topple sideways, with only TWO planes. And nobody thinks that is funny? We are supposed to believe some burning pieces of a jet is gonna fall on a roof and make a whole damned building fall straight down instead of merely catching it on fire? Then add in that somebody in the pentagon was dumping American Airlines stock by the ton a full 45 minutes before the hijackings were known, you have a plane, a full 90 fricking minutes after the first tower was hit manage to get through the most heavily guarded airspace in the country, no missiles, no fighters, nothing even attempts to stop it...yeah I smelled bullshit then and I smell bullshit now.

The way I see it there are really only two explanations, 1.- The buildings were so substandard that it just fell apart and at the same time the entire US military and civil defense is completely incompetent and incapable of even basic logical thought, or 2.- Somebody on the inside was blocking the response that would have normally happened. I'd say the odds for 1 are pretty damned slim.

Comment Re:No (Score 1, Insightful) 246

Just wait until the stock bubble bursts which will make the great depression look like a flash crash (those that have crunched the numbers say it could take a half a century or more to recover) and then get back to us,mmmkay?

You have nearly HALF the population getting some form of government assistance, THIS is why you haven't seen an "Arab Spring" in the USA despite a dead economy and jobs being shipped overseas by the hundreds of thousands yearly, this "bread and circuses" keep the teeming masses of poor just enough above water to keep them quiet...what do you HONESTLY think is gonna happen when those checks no longer come? Every rich person with any brains will "get to teh choppa" and fly the fuck out of here, the rest? Won't be looking so good by the time the mess is over.

Look at the numbers in the video folks, starting around 3.30, you'll see when this stock bubble pops it'll make 1929 look like 2008. The ONLY reason the peasants have been passive so long is the so called "safety net" that keeps them in food, clothes, and a home,when that ends? remember there is nothing more dangerous than people with absolutely nothing to lose and the poor outnumber the top 5% by a good 100,000 to 1, not great odds.

Comment Re:Steambox (Score -1, Redundant) 263

No it is NOT, by your definition then your phone is now a PC, in fact EVERYTHING that can hook up to a TV and play games is a PC by that lousy definition!

For the record it is a CUSTOM CONSOLE OS that is designed to turn one of several approved hardware configs INTO A CONSOLE, no differently than how the Xbox N and PS4 are both AMD X86 APUs running a custom OS...are those PCs too to you?

A PC is a GENERAL PURPOSE computer and this is NOT a general purpose OS, you will NOT get office applications, video editing, or anything other than the ability to play games and a browser...that's it, that is all. Now unlike the DRM crippled consoles you WILL be able to install another OS and dual boot...where did I hear that before? Oh yeah, the first gen PS3 likewise could boot another OS.

But if we go by your definition then frankly there hasn't been a console since the PS2, since the X360 and PS3 and Wii used PC chips (PowerPC and Cell, both of which you can buy from IBM in a tower if you like) so they too are just "PCs that use a TV instead of a monitor to play games". The ONLY difference between the Xbox N,PS4, and Steambox is the Steambox will allow more than one hardware choice, that is it, that's all.

Comment Re:Been waiting for this. (Score 1) 68

Nice straw man Billy, might want to watch out for matches...WHOOSH! Why are you not driving your car with bike handlebars? Bikes are the #1 vehicle, are YOU afraid of innovation? Because that is exactly how retarded you sound because a SHITTY UI IS A SHITTY UI and just for the record, time it took me to "embrace innovation" with Android? About 3 minutes. OSX? Less than 10, iOS? About 4 minutes...Win 8? THREE FUCKING HOURS LATER AND THE BITCH IS STILL FIGHT ME because "herpa de derp we think a fucking touchpad and a touchscreen are the same thing, they both say touch right? herpa derpa".

I have used everything from DOS to OS/2 to BeOS, how many OSes have YOU used Billy? I have ALWAYS been on the bleeding edge, when your ass was dragging behind on XP? I was running a beta of 2K3 stripped down into a desktop and the SECOND that XP X64 hit beta my ass was on it. I know innovation sir, I'm friends with innovation and Windows 8 is NOT innovation!

But don't take MY word for it, how about some citations? here is a good one and this shows how they cocked up even the shutdown process and reviewers agree with me its THAT bad and the OEMs also know its a turkey., Face it win 8 is a joke and you can say having Ballmer take a steaming dump on your PC is "innovative" all you want Billy, its still a big pile of feces lying there.

Comment Re:Vulnerable? (Score 1) 114

Well the way I understand it, and for the record its been half a decade or so since i worked with AD, is that with AD there really isn't a "local password" to speak of, so there really wouldn't be any "offline password" to use.

Now that said I would NOT call this a "vulnerability" as it is there FOR A REASON and that is to allow both home users as well as SMBs that don't use AD to recover a system that has been locked and the password lost without having to do a full system wipe. You'd be surprised how often this is a real problem in the field and without this all those folks would lose all their data. I had a case not too long ago where a little old lady volunteer at one of the local churches saw a broadcast about how "complex passwords protect systems" and promptly changed the password on the main system and forgot what she changed it to, since they had never come to me they had NO backups and a good 4 years worth of data, a real nightmare if I wouldn't had been able to reset the password thanks to chntpw.

The moral of the story IMHO would be don't use an OS not made for the cloud IN the cloud. Anyone who has followed my postings knows I'm a BIG believer in "right tool for the job" and in the case of the cloud Windows Server, BSD or Linux should be used, you shouldn't be using Windows Home and Pro as a cloud based OS in the first place. And if you use the cloud for backups? Encrypt the backup. I personally use and recommend the Paragon backup products, they support AES encryption as well as image splitting, which would probably be handy if you are doing cloud based backups.

Comment Re:Steambox (Score 1, Informative) 263

Sorry, wrong. Steambox is the name of the new valve console and if the rumors are true its gonna be a game changer. Instead of being stuck with one company making one console with one set of hardware, imagine that YOU get to decide what hardware and form factor its in. You can DIY or buy from one of several vendors, want it in a laptop? As long as that laptop meets the minimum specs you can install SteamOS (based on Linux, hence why Valve came out with steam on Linux, to get the bugs out) and you're golden. Want it in a traditional console shape? Several vendors to choose from.

If this takes off I could see it totally changing the landscape, FINALLY giving console the ability to choose vendors and stores that we PC owners have always enjoyed. This is why my sales of HTPCs have gone up of late, as the increased competition (Steam,GOG,Origin,Desura,GMG,Humble Bundles,etc) makes PCs a MUCH lower cost gaming platform and with Steambox the average Joe will finally be able to just walk into any store and buy a prebuilt system that will open everything up!

Ironically this is happening at the same time that both major console OEMs are about to release their most bloated platforms yet thus losing one of the biggest selling points for consoles, how they run "bare metal" and thus dedicate every drop of CPU/GPU to gaming. Both the Xbox N and PS4 have been reported to use a full 4GB of the 8GB of memory for the OS, probably for all that TV crap that honestly many won't use nor need as most TVs have that "smart TV' crap built in, and as Jim Sterling noted with this last generation consoles have become just very crappy PCs and if Valve manages to pull this off it will be trivial to turn hundreds of millions of PCs into nice consoles.

Comment Re:Been waiting for this. (Score 0) 68

How about YOU read what I posted, where I clearly said you can't trust benchmarks unless the companies that MADE the benchmark state clear which compiler they use. if you want to know why simply Google "Intel Cripple Compiler" to see how simply changing the CPUID of a Centaur CPU (the only CPU that allows you to change CPUID) from "Centaur Hauls" to "Genuine Intel" cause the benchmarks to magically improve by over 30% simply by changing CPUID and nothing else, amazing huh?

Its actually VERY simple, any and ALL programs compiled with the Intel Cripple Compiler WILL be rigged against ANY non Intel CPU, and moreover the way it does this is known and well documented, it also can NOT be turned off as researchers even tried using flags to change the behavior and NEVER got the ICC to put out functional optimized code for anything BUT an Intel CPU. It will ALWAYS throw the program into "X87 mode" math, a path that has been depreciated since 1997 BTW, if the CPUID doesn't say Genuine Intel. That means NO SSE,, no advanced math features at all, it will run no different than if the code was compiled with the Pentium I in mind.

So don't believe the benchmarks friend, after all the benchmarks say the slowest in order atom will beat the top of the line AMD Bobcat, even though its an OOO chip with a much more powerful GPU, yet you run the tests with a program compiled with GCC? The results are the opposite. BTW its already been proven the "Intel simply knows how to optimize for their own chips" is a lie as it also cripples the Pentium III CPU because when the P4 came out the P3 was curbstomping it in benchmarks, the cripple code was inserted into ICC 2002 and wadda ya know? Suddenly the benchmarks had P4 beating P3 by 30%. It just shows that the DoJ has no teeth anymore and a company can get by with anything nowadays.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 1) 400

..and this, class, is an example of "attacking the messenger" as instead of a debate of the subject one merely calls names and states "I must be right because I am right" by adding a nice "appeal to experts" on top to try to derail the debate.

For the record I am so left wing I am often called "/. resident hippie" by the libertarians here and nobody said a word about the science, if the science says an asteroid will kill us in 100 years and I sell you a magic rock that deflects asteroids for a trillion dollars, does that invalidate the science? No it simply means that I used the science to rob you and that is EXACTLY what has happened with AGW, instead of things that would actually work like...ohhh..creating a "people's car/truck" that runs on diesel (so that they can be easily converted to bio-diesel down the line) and gets 40MPG+ and then subsidizing it so the poor can trade in all those used gas guzzlers (current national MPG is 14 BTW, and studies have shown it is due to low income drivers having to stick with older gas hogs because of no money to buy a better vehicle) and follow that up with penalties for countries that continue polluting, investment into green tech with a stipulation it be built here, the painting of roofs and streets while to keep our megacities from being giant heat sinks, subsidizing the building of molten salt power generators,solar water heating for apts, etc...instead ALL YOU GET is calls for crap and trade, why do you think that is?

The answer why is simple and if you would like I can wallpaper this page with citations, its because Al Gore and Goldman Sachs are set to make a killing if they can get their carbon indulgences scam pushed through, that's why. You are falling for the classic "We have to DO something!" appeal to emotion without bothering to ask "Will that something WORK? Is it the best choice? What are the downsides? who will benefit and who will pay" which if you would bother to do some actual research instead of attacking the messenger you'd find that carbon indulgences wouldn't do shit, unless you think making Al and Pals Bill Gates levels of rich is gonna magically save the planet.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 1) 400

And the rate in the third world has been more than making up for it, with disease and inability to access advanced medical care not stopping the rising tide that is the third world population. Also while the median age in the civilized world has been getting older guess what has been happening in the third world? that's right its getting younger.

So unless you propose a "final solution" to the third world your little glib comment means exactly jack and squat. China and India are using more resources by the month, and as the population is drug out of the stone age in the poorest areas that will only increase. then you have Africa and the ME, both also growing and becoming more unstable by the day and if you want to see pollution numbers shoot up all you need is a nice conflict, remember the burning oil wells in desert storm?

All carbon indulgences will do is make a handful at the top obscenely rich, indulgences will be handed out to the biggest donors who wadda ya know? Also happen to be the biggest polluters, and the globalists will NEVER let you block trade with the third world, most of which have already said they will NOT play your indulgence game and for good reason, it ignores the industrial revolution of the west and expects the east to do without for OUR benefit. So right there before it is even implemented crap and trade is an obvious failure,anyone with a brain can see if I own a business and have to pay a 45% carbon indulgence in the USA and pay 0% indulgence in India AND I get no penalty for merely shipping my products to the west from India means I'll just move...yet they still push for crap and trade, why?

because it don't have a damned thing to do with the environment and everything to do with making Al Gore and pals insanely rich by using crap and trade to reverse robin hood YOUR wallet, YOUR quality of life...think Al Gore will miss even a single meal because of this? Fuck no, the man flies an entire Lear jet just for him and a few buddies and lives in a mcMansion with an indoor BBall court that goes through more power for AC than an entire poor neighborhood...oh but he's "carbon neutral" you see because he pays HIMSELF from his OWN COMPANY carbon credits! wake up dude, that would be like me writing myself a check and then getting the Nobel prize for helping the poor, its a total scam and won't cause pollution to drop a single ounce, if anything it will increase as the corps that now follow our regs will go to the third world where there is no regs at all!

Comment Re:Now.. (Score 1) 321

Try thinking of this instead as this is pretty much the experience my customers report with Win 8, every time they start getting anything actually done on the OS something random will happen, like the guy in the video states about a "goblin farts in his face" that completely loses his workflow. Hell I gave Win 8 a totally fair test recently, my dad bought a new laptop with Win 8 so I handed it to him, didn't say a single bad word about Win 8 and in fact I'd hoped that the large icons might be good for him, the verdict? Less than an hour of him fighting the OS he said "Either make this thing work like Win 7 or throw that damned thing in the trash, I'm sick of it".

MSFT forgot the golden rule of OS design with win 8 and it is still broken with 8.1 and that is control. Ultimately YOU should feel in control of the device NEVER helpless and that is exactly how Win 8 makes you feel, helpless to make it behave. With Android, OSX, Windows 7, hell even with most Linux distros I feel in control, it does what I tell it to do and nothing more, that isn't so with Metro. I have been working with PCs since the days of DOS and this is the first OS that has EVER made me feel without control, even Vista and WinME made me feel in control, even if they were buggy as fuck. Win 8 would just do random shit with zero prompting from me, I could do the same action twice and once get what I wanted the next get some random "app" popping up or that fucking STD "Charms" shit, yeah about as charming as the clap, and that was with a vanilla Win 8, not the third party extras crap like you get with an OEM. ironically I'm seeing less and less crap put on Win 8 systems, I think even the third party OEM spammers don't want to be associated with that garbage.

Comment Re:Been waiting for this. (Score 3, Funny) 68

Well then that CPU is effectively fucked, as I can tell ya that folks HATE Windows 8. Can't say as I blame 'em, I spent half the night having to hack the living shit out of Win 8 to make it into a system that was actually usable. For those that want to know how here are the steps and note that you can NOT "just add Start8 and be done", not by a long shot!

1.- Install and configure Start8, I turn off all the bling bling as it gives better performance on a laptop, how much or little you keep is up to you. 2.- type in "disable charms registry" to find the registry entires you will need to hack to kill the first half of that POS charms crap. ironic that they killed gadgets because "they were a security risk" when gadgets were actually useful, charms is just fucking irritating. 3.- Finally look up "synaptics generic touchpad driver" and pray to FSM that it supports your touchpad, otherwise seriously think about disabling your touchpad and going with a mouse, otherwise retarded Win 8 will read any halfway fast move on the touchpad as a "swipe" and cockblock you with the charms box!

After you do ALL of that, along with striping out the ad laden crap and Metro garbage "apps"...fuck I hate that damned word now, the second anyone uses that word now I automatically think "hipster douche" thanks to its buzzword overuse...anyway once you do ALL of that, around 4-5 hours depending on how much extra third party crap is left? You will actually have a functional laptop/desktop, without? If you aren't on a cellphone it will drive you up the damned wall as Win 8 is so obviously built around touch that it hurts and without touch it feels like it is actively fighting the user every step of the way.

But I wouldn't wish Win 8 on my worst enemy, yes its THAT bad. Anybody who doubts it should watch this video followed by this video showing what a REAL normal user goes through with Windows 8. Count how many times he says "no" "stop" and "I don't want that" in the video, he is unable to even do basic tasks as Win 8 is fighting him every step thanks to making poorly done half ass touch sensing the "centerpiece" of the shit sandwich.

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