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Comment Re:Raspberry Pi (Score 1) 439

Problem with your theory is the vast majority of cams save as .MP4 which Nbox don't play, sorry. Lets be honest okay? its a player for rippers. YOU know that and I know that and the ones selling Nbox and those $30 DivX players sure as hell know that. I mean look at the reviews on amazon and its chock full of "Just load all your movies on this with a 300gb HDD and there you go!" and "Now when the grandkids come over they just bring their favorite movies over on flash stick and they are ready to go!".

This is one genie they can give it the fuck up with, he's not only out of the bottle he's down the street sleeping with the CxO's wife! Seriously if you have clueless friends or family? Give 'em the combo of an Nbox with a USB drive (just make sure it is an external powered one as the USB port doesn't have enough juice to drive a 2.5) and Tipard DVD Ripper. It literally is as simple as "push button to get movie" which they just drag onto the drive and voila! Instant movie. One of the reasons i got a 6 core for Xmas was my dad who said "Is there anything that will make it so you can rip movies quicker?" because he constantly buys DVDs and has become too spoiled on his Nbox. When he found out a 6 core would let me rip a movie in 20 minutes flat he got me that and a massive cooler and handed it to me along with another pile of DVDs he bought from Amazon and said "There you go son, do you need my drive or can you just bring them on your stick?" LOL!

You should really try one though, they are great for bedroom TVs, kids, hell even the main set if you are like my dad and don't care about steaming. Being able to just plop down in front of the set, push a single button, and have every movie you've ever bought all preloaded and commercial free is just too damned nice and is why I have given up on even keeping an Nbox for a display model because as soon as it comes in somebody comes in and says "Can you get me one of those TV movie things like (insert one of the many people I've sold them to) has got? You know the thing where you can load all your DVDs on it and just push the button to play them?" and there it goes again. The MPAA really needs to pull their head out of their asses and give the people what they want as my dad would probably buy 3 times the amount of movies he does now if he could just go to Amazon and buy a DivX 5 like he does MP3s.

Comment Re:Since when was PC gaming ever viable? (Score 2) 383

Bimbo Newton Crosby they NEVER mention the losses that came from losing steam. it has gotten to the point if it isn't just DIRT cheap on Amazon like the Kane & Lynch II I picked up for a dollar just to see if it stunk as bad as the reviews (it does BTW) I stick to Steam and GOG because.....why bother? Its "push button and get game" and while I too could have trivially pirated each and every single game i got on the Steam sale (I currently have 20 games in Steam with Hunted:Demon's Forge dloading which was gifted to me by my youngest who won AGAIN and decided that wasn't his cup o tea) which just FYI one of them I had pirated a couple of months before because the reviews said it was hit and miss with regards to System reqs and I wanted to see whether it would run decently.

So why I did I buy it and the 8 other games? they were cheap, they came with the DLC (which the pirate versions don't) they gave me MP, they are kept updated for me without me lifting a finger, in short because they gave me more value than piracy for my money and THAT is how you kill piracy, not with a club but with a cookie. Look at how fucking brilliant Valve was with the Steam sale, each day different objections which you just happened to have to see the front page with all the latest sales (including the countdown to their end of sale) to get to. I bought games i hadn't even thought of simply because i was going to get to the daily contest objectives (which BTW while myself and my oldest didn't win shit but some coal and coupons my youngest won four fricking games in four days and then logged onto his brother's box to help him finish his objectives and won AGAIN, from now on the little twerp is picking powerball numbers I swear to God) and I'd see some game and go "Hey that's a good game...what do you mean its $5? sold!" and the same thing happened with my boys, I'd get a text from the oldest in Steam that said "Hey Dark Athena is on sale and I really liked Butcher bay, would you mind?" which when I saw it had an HD Butcher Bay included bought it for myself as well, and the youngest just yesterday texted "Hey did you know L.A. Noir is on sale for $12.50? I'd kill for that game and promise i won't ask for more if you could get it for me, pretty please?"

So as I sit here downloading my free copy of Demon's Forge gifted to me by the youngest from his big pile of win on Steam I really have a hard time feeling sorry for poor old EA for getting pirated when they have been such douchebags with regards to their customers. Like I said I picked up one of the whole "Call of Honor Crysis edition" games when I spotted it in the $20 bin (MoH anniversary) and not only did they have all this hoop jumping just to get the things set up but when i finally get them all installed I hopped on MP just to give it a spin and they were ALL dead or deserted, every single one! That broke me of buying anymore EA shooters because i enjoy going back and having a little frag for fun and it was clear EA makes sure nobody is playing anything but "Call of Honor Crysis Edition II now with triple cost DLC" and that means the games have NO legs and thus no value for me. I mean when i can STILL get on Bioshock II and find people to throw plasmids at, or as I pointed out TEN YEAR OLD Valve games and find tons of people happily ramming rockets up each others asses that screams to me "this game has value! This is worth the money!" but EA do their damnedest to kill their old games when the nw comes out. Just look at their EOL list sometime and see how many games barely a year and a half old have their MP killed by EA.

And EA can shove Origin right up their asses as far as I'm concerned because it isn't shit compared to Steam and I doubt it ever will be. the horror stories are already pouring in of people having trouble with it and then when they go to point out problems getting banhammered and LOSING THEIR GAMES which I've NEVER heard of Valve doing EVER, only of banning those that cheat with wallhacks and other MP ruining troll crap from the game they were trolling. No thanks EA, Steam gives me value, it keeps all my games in a central launcher, its always updated, it even updates my GPU drivers so i don't have to think about it. And unlike YOU EA Valve makes games that people can keep playing year after year and are thus worth buying year after year. I'm sorry EA but you're not gonna get much sympathy from me when you've gone out of your way to be pricks. No Sale.

Comment Re:Is Google trying to fragment web? (Score 1, Insightful) 165

Can someone PLEASE tell me where the hidden setting is to block ACs, please? because I swear their fanboi bleating and flag waving must knock a good point or two off any IQ that dares to read their bullshit.

Newsflash: sandboxes WILL be broken and no matter how smart your precious Google is (which if you think running native code in a browser is just JavaScript can i have some of what you are smoking?) the malware guys are ALWAYS smarter, always. look at how badly Google has gotten assraped in Android market with malware, everytime they think they have a handle on it something new comes out and stomps them down again.

In the end just like JavaScript you are talking about running third party untrusted code and hoping the sandbox holds which we've seen time and time again is a BAD assumption to make. Even with all the testing JavaScript STILL gets "JavaScript malware o' the day" yet you think that running native code on top of that is SAFER? I'm sorry but if you were any more full of shit your post would smell like a porta-potty in July.

Comment Re:Since when was PC gaming ever viable? (Score 5, Insightful) 383

They should embrace the valve model, especially since they don't have to deal with retail packaging, shipping, returns, etc and make it cheap, easy and convenient. I mean does anybody know how much money went through steam on the Xmas sale? i bet it was garbage trucks just full of money because its so simple and cheap, just "whip out CC, push button, get game'. The problem with "call of honor crysis edition" style games is the publishers have deliberately made their games to have no legs as everyone knows once "call of honor crysis edition II" comes out nobody will be playing the first one and since they are appealing to the "must win teh benches!" tards who frankly spend every last dime they can get on supercoolers for their massive OCs they simply don't spend $60 a pop on games that will be tossed next quarter.

Make it follow the valve model, give the game some real legs, and frankly they'll never have to give a wet fart what the benches tards do because that single game can be making them money year after year AFTER year. I mean how old is HL: Deathmatch now? valve was nice enough to throw it in for the fuck of it with the complete HL:2 pack I picked up on the sale and that thing STILL has tons of people playing it. They are also still selling and making cash on CS and Day of defeat and those things are older than dirt yet because they have legs they are still full of players.

I want to feel sorry for them but its kinda hard when you pick up the game in the $30 bin and find its deserted or worse EA has pulled the plug on MP which i think ought to at least force EA to put out a sticker to be placed on boxes saying MP doesn't work anymore. If they let folks host their own servers more and threw out the occasional update with a new map here or there for the older games then the long tail on sales would mean the benchtards could be ignored. Gabe had it right IMHO when he said to the effect "piracy is your competitor offering a better product" because that means the price is too high, the game doesn't have long enough legs, you simply aren't hitting the sweet spot. Now if you'll excuse me there is this one little shit in HL:DM that keeps jamming a rocket up my ass and i think I'm gonna introduce him to Mr Python. Kinda sad though when i've had more fun with a 10 year old game than I did the last "call of honor crysis edition" I played.

Comment Re:But The Really Didn't.... (Score 2) 204

Funny as I actually was given Vista as a beta tester and ended up giving it away as i could not STAND the bloated POS and instead stayed with XP x64 (which is still a damned nice OS BTW, my youngest is still running it, solid as a rock) until Oct 09 when Win 7 went OEM. I agree that Win 7 does rock as everytime I'm forced to use XP I feel like I'm back on Win98, man I miss jumplists and breadcrumbs and libraries. That don't change the fact though that MSFT could have ended OS piracy in the west with the $50 HP upgrade and I wonder if we'll see the same upsurge and if they'll do a similar deal with Windows 8 which frankly i think makes Vista look good. I mean who the fuck wants a tablet OS on their desktop? One of my customers said it best when she said "That's nice, is that Android? i've heard of that....what do you mean Windows? Windows what? Well that's just stupid! Why would I want a cell phone on my PC?"

What's sad is just like with DVD-Rs and and MP3 players the *.A.A are gonna have to be drug kicking and screaming to the MONEY TROUGH because as we saw with everything from VCRs to digital recorders the *.A.A ended up making MORE bank and having a BETTER year than before when they quit dragging their heels. If they would embrace the Valve model, make it cheap, easy, and convenient they would find that just as valve is making obscene levels of money and bringing game publishers tons of customers that humans follow the path of least resistance and if you make it easy and cheap enough folks will buy instead of pirate. Take myself and my own family for instance, the Steam sale had so many bargains that myself and my boys ended up with something like 20 games a piece simply because it was so easy. Even games I had once upon a time pirated i ended up buying on steam because it was cheaper and easier than messing with cracks and digging out install discs, it was all "push button and get game" and the sale and chance to win prizes (which my little one ended up winning 4 games in 4 days, i swear the little twerp won more than he spent this year, we gotta get him picking numbers for powerball!) just made whipping out the CC all the easier to justify. Everything is in one place, its always patched and updated, hell it even takes care of my GPU drivers so i don't have to look for updates anymore.

If both MSFT and the *.A.A just accept what valve accepted years ago that while you'll never completely eliminate piracy you CAN convert a huge number into paying customers simply by finding the right price and making it simple to pay i'm sure both would be posting record profits right now. Selling a $50 Win HP or even a $35 Win 7 starter wouldn't affect their OEM sales as people who buy OEMs sure as hell aren't installing their OS but it WOULD make the price low enough to drag all those pirates into the fold while at the same time eliminating what has been a giant embarrassment for MSFT, the zombie which I've found is usually a pirated box that hasn't been patched in years. The same can be applied to the *.A.A which is they were selling at a quarter or even a dime a song would wipe out piracy overnight just as the MPAA could eliminate movie piracy by simply selling .AVIs of all the older movies at a couple of bucks a pop. None of these draconian laws have EVER affected pirates, it just makes things worse for paying customers and I'd argue drives more to piracy simply because the other options suck ass. Like Wil Wheaton complained about when he bought some Doctor Who episodes off of Amazon and then found they wouldn't work when he crossed a border "If I had just went to TPB I'd be watching Doctor Who right now".

Comment Re:FP? (Score 2) 473

How so? While there can be disputes as to his overall character what happened with the electric chair and his frying animals using AC to "prove" it was a menace is well documented, most by Edison's own hand in fact. There is NO dispute the electric Chair was Edison, there is NO dispute he fried several animals including an elephant (there is even pictures to document that) and there is NO dispute that Edison long after everyone else realized that DC wouldn't scale was pushing for neighborhood generators rather than admit that it would take AC to power something the size of New York. IIRC there are still a couple of places in Boston and NYC where power is converted to DC because they were some of the original blocks set up by ConEd to run on neighborhood generators.

Nobody is saying the man wasn't brilliant, nobody is saying he didn't change the world as we know it, its simply pointing out that he was neither saint nor sinner and at his core he was no different than Jobs or Gates or Ellison, a ruthless businessman that had NO problem with doing something nasty to further his own goals. How would YOU explain away or condone slowing roasting a man alive, to the point his flesh literally begins to smolder and which one witness said "Would have been more humane to have taken an axe to him" simply to "prove" that a rival's design was too dangerous for the home? If that ain't ruthless frankly I don't know what would qualify for that title.

Comment Re:2012 (Score 1) 161

Won't happen and here is why: For Linux to become a top notch world class desktop OS millions, more likely hundreds of millions, will have to be spent getting rid of the itch scratching and making it all a seamless cohesive unit and that is not only never gonna happen because with GPL its damned near impossible to build on top of and charge money for the product itself (as RH found out desktop users generally don't buy support contracts) and because the community would fight it tooth and nail every step of the way because they would consider it "dumbing down for the noobs" like being a PITA is a badge of honor or something.

The best way to understand a thing IMHO is to look at its core so what IS Linux, what is its design and function? Well at its heart its a whole bunch of different smaller applications designed to pass text between each other using pipes simply because there are so many different groups working on so many different things pipes is the one "universal language' they can all agree on. Now this design works great in servers where you have guys paid good money to learn and understand the language but folks have to remember the consumer is NOT a geek, will NEVER be a geek, have NO desire to learn your geek languages or customs, in short they have about as much in common as a current Linux desktop user as your backyard has in common with Europa.

It would take a complete tossing out of the current way of doing things and a HEAVILY user centric approach replacing it for Linux to suddenly be able to take on OSX and WinX as equals. Either a 10 year cycle would have to be adopted or a hardware ABI (Which Torvalds has made it clear won't be happening until he retires) brought in to fix the driver issues so little Suzy doesn't have hunt forums when Torvalds latest kernel tweak screws up her printer, you would have to have something like Apple or MSFT's GUI guidelines adopted across the entire ecosystem with STRICT enforcement rules and you would have to depreciate the living hell out of CLI to the point that like on Windows its buried in the back and never used by anybody anymore. hell the last couple of years HP sold Windows Home machines many were sold without even access to CLI because someone had deleted it by accident off the disc images and nobody even noticed that its access from the GUI was completely gone.

To do these changes would frankly take away what many in the community like which is the ability to strip, fiddle, and hot rod the OS down to the lowest level to their heart's content. Let's face it folks a lot of what comes out of the linux community can be boiled down to some developer not liking what was available and scratching a personal itch which is fine and dandy but software developers are NOT designers of good GUIs and frankly never will be. You'd either have a GUI heavy "one size fits all" ala Apple or a VERY limited number of choices like Home, Workstation, Server, and embedded ala the MSFT way and that just goes against the grain for the community as it stands. that is why the ONLY gains you have seen is in places like Android where some corporation simply takes Linux away from the community and enforces its own rules. After all what IS Android? Its all GUI, no CLI, clicky clicky easy peasy with a very strictly controlled underpinning that costs Google close to a billion a year last I had heard. I just don't see any corporation spending that kind of money on a Linux desktop nor the community embracing it.

Comment Re:Is Google trying to fragment web? (Score 2) 165

Uhhh...because no matter how smart Google engineers THINK they are the malware writers are smarter? As the first poster said look at the history of ActiveX. When it first came out it was like a Godsend, an easy to use way to just host an app on your server and have ALL the branches instantly have access to it or to do the same for your customers. No rollout headaches or compatibility problems it all "just worked" but before you could say "Oh shit!" every malware writer and his cat and his cat's squeaky toy figured out how to get around the security and use it as a one stop malware drop. MSFT spent something like 4 years trying to plug the holes but it was like whack a mole.

Personally I really really REALLY don't want native code running on my browser, thanks ever so. sandboxes can and have been broken out of and its just too risky a vector IMHO. While they've had a few sharp ideas (if anyone hasn't tried it chrome remote desktop makes taking control of a system for support work pretty damned simple) I really don't think this is the brightest idea they've had. I suppose we shall see but I wouldn't be surprised if the malware guys figure out how to jump out the sandbox just like they figured out how to get past FF's XSS protection and then this will be all kinds of nasty, especially on older systems that may not have all their patches up to date.

Comment Re:Turn signals are a good thing (Score 1) 469

Yep, try Memphis, its combat driving central, although Dallas/Houston is worse. LR is actually pleasant, folks will let you in if you signal but Memphis you might as well not bother as nobody cares. It always seemed like in TX they went out of their way to be assholes though, you had to charge and gun it to get anywhere at all, whereas Memphis they honestly just don't pay attention to shit. And if you want to get anywhere this year avoid MS as I swear its like old person with a hat central down there. you don't know slow until you get old guy in a hat or blue hair lady whose so short all you see is knuckles and the beehive, man you could walk faster. Nicest place i found was the Ozarks up around Branson, plenty of passing lanes, slow cars stay right, people let you pass, nice smooth roads.

Comment Re:Turn signals are a good thing (Score 1) 469

But will it detect crap in the road, or potholes that could bury a dog? Because sometimes you NEED to drift if you are on a poorly maintained road and there isn't any traffic, better to drift and avoid the giant potholes or blown semi tire pieces than end up with a blow out or screwed front end alignment.

Comment Re:Anonymous Threatened Sony (Score 1) 204

Uhhh...did you ever stop to think that making the net another cable channel was THE POINT there Chuck? never before in our history has people been able to be heard by the masses without kissing the ring, they've owned radio and print and TV for decades but with the tubes and net radio and a bazillion other outlets the gatekeepers of media can't assrape the artist and enslave them like they used to. And BTW enslaved is a VERY perfect word, because despite "artists" like Metalicock thinking their are making tons they are getting less of a percentage now than the artists did in the 50s! they also lose their digital rights, songwriting royalties in many cases, the modern artist contract is the most one sided POS you've ever seen.

So i don't think it has a damned thing to do with piracy, that is just a smokescreen and fringe benefit at best. No what is for is to shut down all alternative channels so that big media can continue to control access to the masses and only those that sell everything get a chance at making a living being an artist, the rest can starve.

Comment Re:Easily explainable: Nokia (Score 1) 371

Notice how many of the ACs are posting variations on "eat shit and die softie"? kinda sad that /. has become infested with batshit crazies. I don't know why but it seems like lately FOSS attracts the batshit. First it was OS/2, then Windows during 9x, then Apple when jobs returned, now its FOSS that have the batshit. I mean its bad when I'm on a Linux forum and say "There needs to be a stronger consumer focus and more integration when it comes to GUIs" and get told, completely seriously mind you as i read the guy's history and he was being honest, "What do you need GUIs for? How would you write a GUI to make 'for' loops?" because the guy honestly believed little Suzy the checkout girl and grandma were writing if then else statements on their holidays, now THAT is batshit!

Now as for the WinPhone no matter what your thoughts on MSFT, and personally i think Ballmer gives the Pepsi guy a run for his money on the "shitty CEO with no direction" count, but one thing you DO have to give the man credit for is his focus on developers, because without developers you don't have apps, and without apps you don't have users. Now can MSFT catch up to Android? that I honestly don't know, the WinPhone has a nice UI but Android has the buzz and momentum. I mean even my 71 year old dad who don't know shit about OSes wanted me to go with him to look at Android phones which he knew by name and THAT is a hell of a lot of buzz. Apple will probably keep a lock on the top end, that is where they have always been the strongest so i doubt WinPhone has a hope in hell of changing that. the big question is will they be able to capture the middle and low end where Android is currently king and that i honestly don't know.

I DO think though in the end we'll probably see MSFT buy Nokia and try to come out with their own custom line as they've seen with Apple not only is that where the money is at but you have MUCH better control over the user experience. i mean we've seen great Android devices and some I wouldn't use to play frisbee with my dog but frankly since jobs came back and focused the company on the consumer market you really haven't seen a shitty device come out with iOS. Having control of the hardware they can make sure the device purrs like a kitten and runs as smooth as a Swiss watch and customers LIKE that level of smooth control and functionality.

But whether MSFT can pull it off or not in my mind comes down to three key things since I believe the parts are all there its whether they can put them together and make a solid whole from them. 1.-Smooth integration with AD and GPO to take the corporate market that was once held by RIM, 2.-Integration with XBLA to attract the young and the gamers, and 3.- making it along with Skype all work seamless with Windows so its all easy peasy plug and play goodness. The parts are all there, as others have noted its easy as hell to write new apps for which will not only appeal to hobbyists and those that want to make a few bucks off the market but to corporate for rolling out custom business apps, the only real question in my mind is can they pull it off with a shitty CEO like Ballmer at the helm. looking and playing with Win 8 my gut says no, Ballmer is a follower with no follow through and he'll screw the pooch trying to rip off OSX and Android and miss the boat again. In mobile you really need to get ahead of the curve, RIM found that out the hard way when they waited and put out a bad Android clone at the last minute but to get ahead you have to not only have a good idea but STICK WITH IT. Ballmer has shown that he doesn't tough things out, he folds. But time will tell but so far i haven't seen anything that would make me think ballmer can rally the troops and pull it off.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 224

Because many don't understand GPL and think because V3 is out that makes V2 moot? I've seen it in action friend where companies threw out perfectly functional software because version Y is out so version X MUST be bad. And any company that asked a lawyer about GPL V3 is probably gonna be told to run and if the new one isn't any good why would they think the old one would be better? Best to stay safe and just wash your hands of the whole thing, that's what corps will say. Finally Stallman really is a bad role model for FOSS, between his toe cheese eating video (WTF was he thinking? who does that in private much less on stage in the middle of a lecture?) to his hugging Chavez and gushing about how wonderful he was Stallman has really put a bad face to GPL as of late and when companies start to inquire and see you have this fracture with some going V2 and some going V3 and large companies avoiding V3 like the plague you can see what would make them spooked.

That is why in the end just as has happened every other time when a single person has tried to force the masses into a direction they didn't want to go in FOSS I think the winner will be a fork, of what I can't tell you for sure but if i had to take a guess I'd say an offshoot of Apache or MPL since both are seen as business friendly and used by many. I think someone will come along and making one of those two more protective of the users while still being friendly to companies then BAM! Suddenly all these projects start adopting it instead of GPL and that will be that. I mean look at the post above me that thought my kids should be groped by the TSA for me daring not to follow the "One true way", its THAT kind of crazy batshit attitude that frankly scares businesses off. you just don't see that kind of fanaticism with Apache and MPL ONLY with regards to GPL and i think that is Stallman's influence and the way he tries to paint everything as a "war between light and dark" which give me a fucking break, its a software license not the force, okay?

But as you've seen above you get some real venom from FOSSies which is why I strictly separate them from FOSS users and developers who are generally a nice bunch. But its the batshit that are attracted to Stallman, like Moonies in their devotion which is why i call them FOSSies, that hurt the cause more than anything. A nice bland license like Apache or MPL that doesn't cause militants to flock to it could be just what we need to get many businesses currently on the fence to take a second look at FOSS. But the reason i think its affected GPL V2 as well is the reasons above along with stallman simply leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth. the older he gets the more militant he gets and i think the tiVo trolling simply pushed him too far and he overreacted and that overreaction is what is gonna ultimately leave GPL a niche license used only by "followers of the one true way" while the rest of the world does as i said above. That's just the way FOSS works, like the net it routes around damage.

Comment Re:FP? (Score 4, Insightful) 473

He'd be shocking animals to death with the new lightbulbs, suing Westinghouse and Tesla and everyone else, and in general acting like any other a$$hole - because that's what he was, and that's what he did, as well as cheating Tesla out of $$$ - all putting the "Con" in "Con Edison." EXACTLY is that flamebait? doesn't anyone know their history anymore? it was Edison that was frying animals and pushing for the electric chair because he was sure it would discredit Tesla and AC power and since he had DC patented up the ass he stood to make a fortune if he pulled it off. its pretty common knowledge that even after it was proven that with the tech of the time DC just wouldn't scale Edison was pushing for "neighborhood generators' belching out coal smoke to power a couple of blocks rather than admit while DC had its uses it wasn't gonna work long distance.

Sorry to burst anyone's bubbles but while Edison was a brilliant man he was also as ruthless as they come and had NO problem with deep roasting animals and people just to try to ruin a competitor. Hell Gates and Jobs didn't have nothing on Edison as i can't really picture Jobs having someone bashed to death with an IBM PC to "prove" they were unsafe.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi (Score 2) 439

Not to mention you and the other poster missed the important part when it comes to the masses...simple. Try Tipard DVD Ripper sometime as its literally "push button to get movie" and defaults to a bog standard DivX 5 that just about everything will read from your $30 Wally World DVD Player on up. With TPB you have to be able to tell the good from the fake, hope you don't fuck up and pick a poisoned .WMV (You might not fall for that but I've seen plenty of customers that have and gotten their machines pwned) and frankly most torrent software is designed by geeks and is NOT user friendly. Now compare that to "push button to get movie" and you'll see why all my customers are ripping. Finally add in the DVD collections they already own and as you pointed out the huge bins of movies at places like Walmart and Fred's (I just got my dad 4 westerns at Fred's on DVD for $5, why torrent at that price?) and you can see why ripping wins, its the path of least resistance and knowledge.

BTW if it was just me how can anyone explain Nbox and WDTV? After all legally there isn't a single way to actually use those devices, they don't stream and ripping is against the DCMA yet they often sell out of both and I've seen both machines at big box retailers. I'd argue its because ripping DVD is so damned easy and these devices just go along with that. BTW if you haven't tried one an Nbox is nice, the base model plays 720p for $30 and the high end does .MKV and 1080p for around $60. Add a 200-400Gb HDD in an enclosure and you have a dirt cheap movie station for the kiddies that is simple enough a 6 year old works it with ease.

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