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Operating Systems

Submission + - ASUS abandons Linux (

hairyfeet writes: "Computerworld has posted from a ASUS product showcase in Sydney that when asked why there were no Linux notebooks or Netbooks on display that according to ASUS representatives Linux is being phased out by the company across the board in favor of Windows. Considering that Ubuntu has confirmed that Linux has a 400% return rate when compared to Windows, and that Windows now own 90%+ of the Netbook market with an aging Windows XP, does this mean that the future of Linux in the Netbook/Notebook market is bleak?"

Submission + - HP and Symantec team up for new Secure Firefox (

hairyfeet writes: "HP,Mozilla,and Symantec have teamed up to create a new version of Firefox,to be called the HP Firefox Virtual Browser and will first be seen on a new HP desktop called the HP Compaq dc790. Kirk Godkin, an HP senior product manager for business PCs, said "What we have created is a virtual layer where your browser runs and all the downloads, all the clicks, all the cookies and everything is placed within ... a virtualized run-time environment,With the browser, the user only has to click the mouse and it will reset the browser to its original state and all their favorites will remain the same."

With the browser arena getting more crowded by the day, with Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari all competing with Firefox for a space on the desktop it will be interesting to see how well this new Virtual Firefox measures up. For the complete story go to eWeek for more details."


Submission + - More woes for Nvidia as motherboards are pulled

hairyfeet writes: "Hot on the heels of yesterdays reporting on Slashdot of Nvidia laptops chips failing is todays report by the Inquirer that several manufacturers have quietly pulled their Nvidia 790i boards due to a rumored data corruption issue. DFI, Foxconn, and Gigabyte have all quietly removed all 790i offerings from their product pages without explanation. After taking a 150 to 200 million dollar charge for the repair and replacement of the defective mobile chips this development couldn't have come at a worse time."

Submission + - New Trojan Leverages Unpatched Mac Flaw (

hairyfeet writes: "Showing that the Apple Macs increased popularity has made it a more appetizing target for hackers, The The Washington Post is reporting that a new exploit tool released recently to exploit ARDAgent has been distributed until earlier today through an online forum for Mac Hackers.

After analysis of the exploit code noted security researcher Dino Dai Zovi stated this exploit is designed to be bundled into any legitimate downloadable Mac program,turning an otherwise legitimate program into an exploit toolkit capable of turning control of the computer over to hackers. According to Mr. Dai Zovi the program tries two different exploits to install itself without requiring the users username and password, the above mentioned ARDAgent and a privilege escalation vulnerability pacthed by Apple in 2006. Once installed it drops a keystroke logger called logext onto the infected system,followed by installing a listening VNC server to allow the attacker remote access."


Submission + - Vista collapse means Yahoo required for survival

hairyfeet writes: "Gartner analysts Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald told a conference audience yesterday that Microsoft's Windows product is collapsing and must make radical changes to its operating system or risk becoming a has-been. They pointed out the abysmal adoption rate of just 6% for businesses and the huge size of the code base which means years to make changes and leaves only the most high end computers to take advantage of it anyway.

The real question isn't "What can Microsoft do to fix their Windows product?" but rather "Even If Windows and Office were perfect, would it be enough to keep Microsoft relevant in the medium term?" I think the answer to that latter question might be "nope." And that, of course, is why they want Yahoo so badly. Online advertising revenue is their only real hope of long term survival."

Submission + - Vista works,and it only took 16 months!

hairyfeet writes: "Eweek columnist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reported today that he finally got his Vista machine fully operational and it only took 16 months! While I don't normally take much stock in such stories, I do find this one compelling as it is from a person who has been hacking Operating Systems since the days of the CICS/MVS and has been using Microsoft products from DOS 1 and Windows 1 up. How are those that buy the upgrade to Vista after Microsoft stops selling Windows XP supposed to figure out how to get everything working if it takes an experienced OS guy 16 months?

I personally believe this is further proof that Microsoft needs to rethink the ending of Windows XP on June 30,at least until support for the basics like common on-board sound chips have been worked out. And to be fair and partial I'd also like to point out that yesterday the same columnist published an article pushing for the release for XP SP3.But after his Vista experience I can't say I blame him. What do you think slashdot? Is Vista ready to be deployed on the millions of machines out there running Windows 2000 and XP? Or should Microsoft wait to allow manufacturers more time to work out the bugs when it comes to drivers?"

Submission + - Hacker finds serious flaws in Windows Server 2008

hairyfeet writes: "Argeniss founder Cesar Cerrudo has found serious design weaknesses that could allow a skilled hacker to take complete control of the Windows Server 2008. These weaknesses could allow a hacker to have complete control over the system and also affects Windows XP,Server 2003,and Windows Vista. To Quote Mr. Cerrudo "[We found] from design issues that were not identified by Microsoft engineers during the Security Development Lifecycle, and allows accounts commonly used by Windows services — NETWORK SERVICE and LOCAL SERVICE — to bypass new Windows services protection mechanisms and elevate privileges". He further stated that on Windows XP and server 2003 it is especially severe as "any Windows service, even when running under a low privileged account, can potentially break through the security protections and fully compromise the operating system.""

Submission + - Mozilla CEO has problems with Safari "update&# 1

hairyfeet writes: "Do you use iTunes on Windows? If so you may be getting the gift of Safari from Apple whether you want it or not, and Mozilla CEO Joe Wilcox is not happy about it. After his daughter was offered Safari as a "bonus update" with a recent update to her iTunes software,Mr. Wilcox is quoted on his blog as saying "What Apple is doing now with their Apple Software Update on Windows is wrong. It undermines the trust relationship great companies have with their customers, and that's bad — not just for Apple, but for the security of the whole Web." He also pointed out the check box is already clicked when you go to update meaning you have to opt out,not in and that it lists Safari as getting an update even if you don't have it installed.

Whether you are a fan of Apple or not most would have to admit installing a new browser during an update to existing software is a not the norm. So is it simply a good business strategy? Or is it a case of Apple trying to use its existing software to help push its way into new markets? You can read and decide for yourself here"

Submission + - Windows Vista VS XP Deathmatch

hairyfeet writes: "As there are many of us choosing to skip on Vista(including me) Australian PC World has an interesting article with the slightly overblown title Death Match: Windows Vista VS XP. But while the title may be a little over the top, the article is actually thoughtful,in my opinion. It points out some of the things one should be looking at from a business point of view when deciding whether to skip Vista or not, such as support,security,reliability,etcetera. And for those who would simply like to read the article without flipping through four pages of ads, I humbly present the printer friendly version here."
The Courts

Submission + - Bush on Teleco Immunity: No Compromise (

hairyfeet writes: "President Bush has refused to budge on his stance for teleco immunity,vowing to veto any bill that contains FISA without retroactive immunity. Eweek quotes the House majority leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland in a statement that reads Republicans "prefer to have a political issue rather than a strong new FISA bill in place as quickly as possible. Certainly Republicans do not really believe that the role of the House is to simply rubber-stamp whatever bills the Senate passes." While the EFF, co-lead counsel in the nearly 40 pending lawsuits against the telecos,says that they broke the law by providing the NSA with the contents of billions of emails,text messages,and VOiP conversations,and that guilt should be decided by the courts."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 10 computer ads provide a look at the way we were (

hairyfeet writes: "2spare has managed to compile a look back at how things used to be with ten ads from computing long past. Now we aren't talking the things we have all seen (or remember) like Apple's famous 1984, these start way back in 1971. I especially love the one bragging about 300Mb of storage for under $20,000. These kinds of ads remind me of how I paid $400 for a 1X DVD burner only to have 4X on sale at less than $100 a few months later. So Slashdot readers, how much did YOU pay for high tech only to have it obsoleted right out from under you?"

Submission + - Firefox spoofing bug puts your passwords at risk ( 1

hairyfeet writes: "Aviv Raff, an Israeli researcher known for his work in hunting browser bugs revealed Thursday a Firefox spoofing vulnerability which could allow Identity thieves to dupe users into giving up their password. According to Mr. Raff Firefox fails to sanitize single quotes and spaces in the "Realm" value of an authentication header. Raff was quoted as saying "This makes it possible for an attacker to create a specially crafted Realm value which will look as if the authentication dialog came from a trusted site."

Mr. Raff then outlined two possible attack vectors. One in which a malicious site that included a link to a trusted site — a well-known bank, say, or a Web e-mail service such as Gmail or Hotmail — that when clicked would display its usual log-on dialog. But in the the background, however, the attacker would have crafted a script that exploited the Firefox vulnerability to redirect the username and password entered by the user to the hacker's server instead of the real deal. The other involved a more classical rigged email image or one embedded in a blog or website which would then present the user when clicked with a legitimate looking login dialog.

This vulnerability was shown to be in the latest Firefox, version and until Mozilla fixes this vulnerability Mr. Raff recommends in his blog "not to provide username and password to Web sites which show this dialog.""

Operating Systems

Submission + - Windows XP SP3 Yields Performance Gains ( 2

hairyfeet writes: "OSNews is reporting that after an abysmal showing by Vista SP1 in the latest benchmarks that, surprisingly, Windows XP SP3 showed a marked improvement over SP2, gaining around ten percent in performance in the benchmarks. Considering that Microsoft has kept pushing forward the end of life date on XP due to customer and PC manufacturer demand, one has to wonder how wise it is for them to release a service pack that makes the older XP even faster than it already was compared to Vista."
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - The $199 Linux PC is Back at Wal Mart (

hairyfeet writes: "Just in time for those who don't wish to brave the annual Black Friday ruckus, Linuxtoday is reporting the Everex $199 Linux PC is back in stock. Hopefully after the glowing reviews that it got from customers the first time around Wal Mart has bought enough stock to supply the demand. Its Linux OS gOS, has gotten good reviews on several sites where it has been called "an easy to use Linux Distro for those that want the basics-Email, web browsing, and light office work. So for those that would like to have a cheap new Linux box that is very green, power-wise, or for those who would like to give their relatives an easy to use Linux machine, here it is The $199 Everex PC"

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