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Operating Systems

Submission + - Windows XP SP3 Yields Performance Gains ( 2

hairyfeet writes: "OSNews is reporting that after an abysmal showing by Vista SP1 in the latest benchmarks that, surprisingly, Windows XP SP3 showed a marked improvement over SP2, gaining around ten percent in performance in the benchmarks. Considering that Microsoft has kept pushing forward the end of life date on XP due to customer and PC manufacturer demand, one has to wonder how wise it is for them to release a service pack that makes the older XP even faster than it already was compared to Vista."
Christmas Cheer

Submission + - The $199 Linux PC is Back at Wal Mart (

hairyfeet writes: "Just in time for those who don't wish to brave the annual Black Friday ruckus, Linuxtoday is reporting the Everex $199 Linux PC is back in stock. Hopefully after the glowing reviews that it got from customers the first time around Wal Mart has bought enough stock to supply the demand. Its Linux OS gOS, has gotten good reviews on several sites where it has been called "an easy to use Linux Distro for those that want the basics-Email, web browsing, and light office work. So for those that would like to have a cheap new Linux box that is very green, power-wise, or for those who would like to give their relatives an easy to use Linux machine, here it is The $199 Everex PC"

Submission + - Microsoft yet again extends the life of XP (

hairyfeet writes: "Despite Microsoft releasing Windows Vista more than nine months ago the adoption rate has not been as Microsoft hoped. Bowing yet again to pressure from OEMs and consumers Microsoft extends the life of Windows XP,which was due to end sale by OEM manufacturers on January first,to a new date of June 30. When asked if this was an indicator of a strong demand for XP,Microsoft representative Kevin Kutz has sought to downplay the extension,stating "We wouldn't term it strong,We would describe this as accommodating a certain element who needs more time." For more information please see the Cnet article at"

Submission + - Office 2007 VS Open Office 2.3 (

hairyfeet writes: "Bruce Byfield of has just posted his third Office shootout between Microsoft Office and Open Office. This is the first version comparing the new Microsoft Office 2007 with the Latest version of Open Office.The verdict? while there are a few categories where Microsoft Office beats Open Office, overall Open Office wins but by not as large a margin as in the past. The results and final analysis are posted here :"

Submission + - Sourcefire Acquires ClamAV

hairyfeet writes: "Sourcefire, Inc, The creator of the Snort intrusion detection for Linux, today announced the acquisition of leading open source gateway anti-virus technology provider, ClamAV. Sourcefire has announced that they will continue to develop ClamAv under the open source (GPL)license and have hired the original ClamAV development team to continue work on the project. Martin Roesch, Founder and CTO of Sourcefire and Creator of Snort is quoted as saying "The success of the ClamAV project is a direct reflection of the talent and dedication of the founding team and the project community. Sourcefire is committed to investing in and advancing the ClamAV technology, just as we have with Snort and"

Here is the link to the press release- ml?c=204582&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1041607&highligh t="

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