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Comment Re:Goodbye Free Internet (Score 1) 74

It was originally a skit on SNL, yet you won't find it ever shown after the original air in reruns, nor is it in any box sets. The corporate masters really weren't too thrilled with a show having a piece pointing out how they get corporate welfare or use PACs and soft money to get away with crimes like dumping PCBs and making the state pick up the tab, hence they just cut it out. you go look for it on the corporate owned SNL site and its like it never existed, poof!

Comment Re:Define 'everyone' (Score 1) 105

But there is a fault in everyone's logic when it comes to java. from what I have seen the statement is basically "Well big business and financial corps use it so it must be good". This of course ignores the fact that many of those same corps have IE Intranet apps, VB apps and Excel apps and even Access apps and just because some big corps use something doesn't magically make it "good" or right or wrong or anything other than software that big corps use.

Comment Re:Here's a start... (Score 1) 74

Ahh yes, security by obscurity works so well, doesn't it? Meanwhile Android which so many here proudly proclaim is Linux is on its way to the one millionth infected system by summer, macs have had multiple bugs in the past year and a half, hell nearly every repo on the planet served up a malware infected Quake 3 for months!

Magical thinking DOES NOT WORK, and any OS short of one that is air gapped is gonna have weaknesses. A modern OS is one of the most complex creations man has ever written and since man is fallible it WILL have bugs. In the end it comes down to common sense, using best security practices like least privilege and as you say not sticking the whole place on one big network, but saying that "Use Distro X!" will magically do jack shit about malware is just magical thinking. Android proved without a shadow of a doubt that Linux is just as weak as any other OS and all it takes is it becoming popular for it to have as many bugs as a Bangkok whore after coupon day.

Comment Re:Apple says wait a minute... (Score 0) 105

The simple fact that apple can decide what runs and what doesn't and by doing so affect the market means they really need to be looked at for antitrust. remember the laws do NOT say you need a monopoly, only that you have "undue influence' and the fact that Apple can kill Flash with a word, get companies like Opera to drop their engines, even as we saw affect the price of media on the web, shows that they have too damned much power.

I was all for busting up MSFT in the 90s, I'd be for busting up the hardware and software divisions of Apple now as NO company should have the power to change what runs on the web simply by saying "you can't have that on an iPhone".

Comment Re:Too much concentrated power (Score 1) 149

What do you mean "when"? Most people ALREADY know this, its the simple fact that thanks to "money equals speech" there isn't a damned thing they can do about it short of full on violent revolution. How many protested the wars? How many wated their time with occupy? didn't change shit did it? hell we get years worth of documents about the governments of the world doing dirty deeds and since the MSM is in bed with the gov it is focused not on the corruption, but whether Assange is an asshole.

Everything you see on TV, hear on the radio, and if the corps have their way read on the Internet WILL be controlled by the handful at the top. It isn't an accident that the ones controlling the ISPs are the same ones buying media companies, they want to turn the net into the home shopping network, where they use caps to steer the cattle by the nose where they want them to go. We are already seeing this in the caps, if I use Vonyage? Goes against the cap, cableco's VoIP? No cap. I watch netflix? Cap. watch their PPV? No cap.

Sadly there isn't a damned thing you can do about this new facist/corporatist system short of violent revolution because you have the whole system rigged to keep the status quo. throw out the bums? They get cushy lobbyist jobs which lets them hand checks to the new guys who then follow the same path. Its no accident that even though the left is VERY much against the policies dubya started Obama signed off on damned near every one, its all as fake as pro wrestling. They hand him a big fat check and tell him to sign what laws the lobbyists have written, that's all.

Comment Re:Democrat proposes more spending, what a surpriz (Score 1) 583

And that is different from the other exactly? look at how the debt exploded under Dubya and Reagan, the God of the right, is the one who said "deficits don't matter". in case you haven't noticed when it comes to spending we really only have two sides of the same coin, well with the exception the stiffie the right gets when they can fuck the poor, see Jindal trying to replace income taxes (which affect the wealthy more than the poor) with a massive sales tax (which will royally fuck the poor) which is as reverse robin hood as you can get.

As far as climate change I will happily vote against ANYBODY, no matter the side, if they support carbon credits without MASSIVE trade tariffs on China as without massive tariffs all you will do is send what few jobs there are left here to china which has already said they won't play our little carbon games. Also even those that are for fighting global warming should be against carbon credits as the same scum at the center of credit default swaps are writing the rules on carbon credits which means it'll have a million loopholes for the wealthy and be a leecher's paradise. for an example of how a parasite can scam the system look to rev Al Gore, the preacher for the AGW camp, who pays HIMSELF carbon credits from HIS OWN COMPANY which he then gets back in tax free capital gains and with this scam he says his Lear jet and gas sucking SUV (not to mention McMansion with indoor basketball court) are "carbon neutral". It would be like moving money from your left pocket to your while taking money from MY pocket to add to it and getting a tax break for it! What a fucking scam!

So if you want to cut down pollution? Hey I'm right there with ya, and I have several ideas that would serious cut down on pollution without giving leeches plenty of ways to scam, such as a "people's car/truck" made to run on diesel (so we can look at fuels like switchgrass and algae based) that gets a minimum of 40MPG and costs less than $25k. You could then offer incentives to the poor to switch which would more than double our average MPG (which is a pathetic 14MPG because of all the poor driving old clunkers) but of course we'll never see things like this because they would work without a billion ways for the rich to leech more money from the poor and middle class.

As it is the laws we pass might as well be called the "poison to the third world" laws, because there is zero penalty for simply closing your factory here and moving to Mexico or China and polluting all you want. All we are doing is exporting sickness and misery and I honestly wouldn't blame the Chinese for looking at us like the jihadists do now, after all their farmland is toxic from our factories.

But you can't fix the problem of toxins in a fishbowl by simply pushing those toxins to one side of the bowl, its a closed system and you haven't cleaned anything, just moved it. that is pretty much our environmental policies to date, just move everything nasty to the third world so lots of yellow and brown people can get sick and die, after all who gives a fuck about yellow and brown people?

Comment Re:Very very poor article (Score 1) 113

You are forgetting how much people want their mobile devices to do everything their PCs will do and AMD does have a pretty big advantage when it comes to GPUs. it was a big enough advantage that not one, not two, but three of the next gen consoles are using their GPUs and two are using their APUs so having lots of multimedia power is a big plus and Intel is still behind in that area. i'm frankly shocked Intel hasn't bought Nvidia by now, it would give them the graphics expertise they could really use.

Comment Re:What do they consider a user? (Score 3, Insightful) 314

Sadly they've let it go to shit the past several releases, probably because they knew they were walking away from it. my oldest was a die HARD Opera user, he wouldn't touch a system without Opera and used to carry Opera portable on a stick so he wouldn't have to use anything else but even he is trying various browsers because he says Opera gets slower and buggier with each release.

If they are gonna abandon presto I really wish they'd open up the code, who knows what good could be made of an open presto engine. After all Mozilla rose from the ashes of netscape, maybe with it open devs could make presto so good opera would end up switching back.

Of course all this is ignoring the rotting elephant in the room which the EU and DoJ really REALLY needs to investigate, and that is Apple's ability to influence the market with their monopolistic practices. Before some Applelite chimes in with "Apple isn't a monopoly" bullshit, total bullshit, look up the wording. it says you do NOT need 100% of the market, you don't even have to own the majority of the market, just that you have the power to assert undue influence and you would be hard pressed to find anybody that says Apple doesn't seriously influence the markets. From the prices of books to whether the web will run on an open format like Theora VS a locked down H.264 ALL of the major calls about the web made in the last couple of years has been made with iPhone in mind.

Do you think Opera would be ditching presto if it could run on the iPhone? Do you think we'd be forced to run HTML V5 before its ready or use a patent troll format like H.264 if iPhone users could choose between that and Flash and WebM and Drac and Theora? No if the company of St Steve of Cupertino says "it is thus" then that is what it is gonna be, no choices in the matter. And I think they need to be investigated as NO company should have that power, I was against MSFT using IE to gain control and I'm against Apple using iPhone/iPad to gain more control. No matter what device or OS you use the web should be about choice, not some corp laying down the law.

Comment Re:What do they consider a user? (Score 2) 314

Small village in Africa? How about many areas of the USA that can't get anything but dialup or a capped all to fuck connection? At my mom's place the ONLY thing they can get is wiFi run by a Billy Joe Bob that knows jack shit about dividing bandwidth so when some dumbshit is watching netflix on the thing you pretty much have to have something like turbo.

Most folks don't realize how truly shitty our coverage really is because they go by zip code and the way they measure is if ANYBODY in that zip code can get high speed? then they think anybody can.

Comment Re:This may not be so bad... (Score 1) 76

The POINT is that they SHOULD NOT HAVE TO because the drivers should work fine. they work fine in windows, the work fine in Mac (for the cards made for mac of course) but the ONLY place it does NOT work is in Linux.

At the end of the day a company should NOT have to constantly recompile their drivers because Linus Torvalds is an egotistical douchebag who THINKS he is smarter than every other OS developer on the planet. The simple fact is he is NOT smarter and driver ABIs are there FOR A REASON, so you don't have to recompile everytime somebody gets a wild hair up their ass and changes something!

Comment Re:ES is the key word. (Score 1, Informative) 113

That would be like asking why the software that runs on an airplane doesn't run on your cellphone. Windows Embedded, just like Linux embedded, runs a stripped down kernel and a MUCH thinner OS because when you are dealing with an embedded system you just aren't gonna be doing as much as a full OS, as they are designed for specific functions.

Comment Re:I can't join the free speech religion. (Score 1) 70

Just because you don't consider it art doesn't mean you are correct. i once saw an art piece where a guy sat watching TV with a shotgun pointed at his head, there was a timer that was supposed to go off sometime between than and the year 2000 I believe, its been awhile. Now some would just call that insane or stupid, but many others saw it as a comment on our culture of violence and media.

Comment Re:i'd like to see that (Score 1) 393

Have you tried Gnash? Adobe hasn't stopped or impeded Gnash development in any way, so you DO have options. try that with H.264 and find out how fast they'll hit you with a cease and desist.

Hell if you are on Linux you should be SUPPORTING Flash, as they don't charge anything to allow you to bundle flash with ANY distro whereas mozilla tried to bundle H.26x support with Firefox and got a "pay your $699 license fee you cocksmoking tea baggers!" for their trouble.

At the end of the day too damned many are supporting a format that is IN EVERY SINGLE METRIC WORSE than Flash and the ONLY reason they are all tripping over themselves to support it is St Steve from Cupertino supported it. Well no shit, it kills the casual gaming market and makes the appstore more money! Duh! if Apple didn't like the way that Adobe was running flash they COULD have put money into gnash, they COULD have put money into Theora or Drac, but they didn't FOR A REASON, because H.26x makes a nice barrier to entry and makes it harder for anybody without corporate backing to compete.

If you don't support flash fine, support Theora, Drac, WebM, there is three choices right there that aren't a patent minefield for the web. but don't help those that want to turn the net into the Home Shopping Club succeed please.

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