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Comment Re:great news. (Score 1) 170

I'm throwing the flag, bullshit on the field. Windows 8 works IF and ONLY IF you do everything the "Metro Way" which is so obviously designed for tablets and tweeting twits and social shits it fucking hurts.

With XP didn't want the Fisher price? Took all of 2 seconds to switch to classic and you would NEVER see it again, or you could use one of dozens of themes released the first 6 months that would make it look like anything you wanted. With Metro even if you use third party tools its damned near impossible to 100% kill that fucking Metro and if you are one of the millions that have a laptop that the generic synaptics touchpad drivers won't work on? Either buy a mouse and carry it with your laptop forever or throw the laptop in the trash because you will NEVER EVER get rid of the fucking Charms bar! And once you look down for a second and when you look up find you've been "charmed" and have lost the last 3 - 5 seconds of work thanks to Charms stealing focus and it does that over and over AND OVER throughout the day? You'll find out why so many have a seething hatred for that fucking OS.

What all those Win 8 lovers is simply gonna have to face is THE ENTIRE PREMISE IS STUPID and I can prove this, ready? Where does Windows 8 work best? Tablets and touchscreens, don't take my word for it, just count how many times Sinofsky said touch during the win 8 reveal, it was like 30 times in a 10 minute presentation. Fine but why do people buy Windows? What makes you pick Windows over say Android or iOS? Windows programs which aren't touch enabled and which make no fucking sense and are painful on a fucking tablet!....Argh!

Comment Re:Here's What Will Happen (Score 1, Insightful) 382

The sad part is that is true even here, just look at how quickly the "truther" slur is trotted out whenever anybody asks why anything better than the frankly piss poor at best investigation wasn't done for the 9/11 attacks, like the government has never lied to us.....except for that "pesky" Gulf Of Tonkin thing that left 50,000 Americans and probably a couple million Asians dead....oops.

If there is one thing Wikileaks and Snowden should have taught us its that the MSM of pretty much every country is nothing but the puppet of the state and is about as truthful as Soviet Pravda.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 103

Thanks. If you want dirt cheap media tanks check out Amazon as you can find ones like this all the time and unlike a used laptop not only does it look nice but you can easily add anything you want, BR drive,SSD, plenty of RAM and HDD, and its easy to add.

I've used the E350 a LOT at the shop and was impressed enough I sold my full size lappy for an E350, its THAT nice. HD videos, office work, hell I've played Torchlight and Portal on 'em and they are great little chips, all while just using 20w full load and 9w for most tasks. A word of advice though and this goes for ANY APU system...ALWAYS get the faster RAM, in fact if it comes down to 4Gb of faster or 8Gb of slower take the 4Gb because that AMD APUs really need decent RAM to shine. Nothing crazy, no need to OC the RAM, 1333 or better will do nicely. One of the barebone systems I picked up came with 4Gb of 1066, I did benches before and after I switched it for 1333 and depending on the tasks I got as much as 35% more performance simply by having the faster RAM, its THAT noticeable.

Comment Re:Already denied (Score 1) 382

I'd be more worried about a bio-bomb as that would be the perfect carrier, hell you could infect the passengers and use them as the "payload" and then fly it over a large heavily populated city and blow it up at 10,000 feet, voila! the diseased body parts would be spread over a large area and cause maximum damage. To hamper cleanup you could always mix enough uranium to make the whole thing "dirty" enough to cause a panic and slow the responders to a crawl.

In any case I think there is more than a simple hijack and crash going on, too many conflicting stories to be that simple.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 103

Look for the ones with AMD chips, especially the E350s and E450s, as those come with HDMI out and most will hold 8Gb of RAM and do 1080P. A good place to start would be the Asus EEE "B" series, with B standing for Brazos. I have one and its fricking great, 4 years on and it still types well, gets nearly 4 hours on the battery and with 8Gb of RAM everything plays nice and smooth.

But if you want a really cheap media tank instead of using an old lappy look at th E350 barebone kits as I've seen them on sale at Amazon for around $100 with case, I've built quite a few of those as both media tanks and office boxes and they are really sweet, use less than 20w under load and will play just about any format. A word of advice though, if you get one make sure your player is set to use DXVA and get the codecs from either AMD or the excellent CCCP codec pack as the E series APUs are really designed for hardware video acceleration and not having that turned on ties a boat anchor to them system. Using a player without DXVA a 720p video was hitting 80% CPU while the same video with DXVA was using less than 15% so it makes a HUGE difference when it comes to performance.

As for TFA how anybody would trust some large megacorp after the Snowden revelations is frankly beyond me...I mean do you have ANY idea how easy it is to know pretty much everything about you simply by having your browsing history? Everything from what kind of porn you like to what medical issues you have and what beliefs you hold can be gleamed from that sooo easy its just not funny. This is why I have one company for mail, another for search, and made a throwaway account just for my android phone, giving ANY company THAT much info is just creepy.

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1, Insightful) 103

Yet again you should just go AMD as you can buy the Jaguar based mini-PCs for cheaper, and since those are based on the same cores as the PS4 and XBone if you care any about gaming the coming games should be optimized for it.

And while we are on the subject of Jaguar and AMD since XP is about to EOL? Please please PLEASE get rid of those damned P4s already, okay? If there was a list of "world's dumbest computing ideas" I'd have to put that one at the top, it was slow, sucked insane amounts of power, and because of the crazy long pipelines one cache miss and it would slam on the brakes. The only thing worse was the Netburst Celeron as the teeny tiny cache made misses all but guaranteed.

What does that have to do with AMD and Jaguar? Simple the Bobcat, which the jag was based on can be had for just $65 so for less than $100 you can turn any power pig P4 into a MUCH nicer dual core PC capable of 1080P over HDMI. Simply pick up a PCI to IDE adapter so you can keep the original drives and tada! Dirt cheap upgrade.

One final note...why is everybody making such a big whoop over ChromeOS? We had this in the 90s folks, its called a "thin client" only frankly the 90s ones were better as they weren't controlled by a single company with STASI levels of information about their clients and whom may or may not be connected with the NSA. Hell even if they tell the NSA to fuck off they still consider you to be the PRODUCT and the advertisers the customers so its not like they have your best interests at heart. And do they still TiVo the shit out of them with UEFI? Funny how many here say "Oh M$ is teh evil!" yet I can take any Windows 8.1 laptop and be booting the instaler of anything from BSD to ReactOS in a couple minutes but last I looked the ChromeOS devices were so locked down the ONLY things you could run ere CERTAIN Linux distros and ONLY those that had the hacked loaders...shit, how is turning X86 into a game console NOT evil? Because that is what they did,they took the most standards compliant universal hardware on the planet and turned it into the original Xbox, where you gotta hack the thing just to run a limited amount of software.

Comment Re:Just for a browser? (Score 1) 240

Nooo..Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote a BASIC interpreter on the school's PDP11 which they sold to Altair, which gave us the famous "computer club piracy" speech. Now one could argue whether or not the computer time was "stealing" but they got their BASIC commands from the same place everybody else did, Knuth and his books of the early 70s.

Comment Re:Who's behind that back-door ? (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Either this is a back door, or they are the worst software engineers ever.

A back-door is something that was placed there with the specific intent of providing access to the system even against the system owner's wish, so that's my point: it doesn't seem like that was the intent. It just sounds like it was there for this service, but they never really fully thought out the scheme and just went with whatever they first came up with. Granted, I'm only guessing here, but for once I'm going to go with the "it's incompetence, not malicious intent" - defense.

Comment Re:Who's behind that back-door ? (Score 5, Interesting) 81

When I heard this news earlier today I couldn't help but think that it's not really a back-door. Samsung has had a service on their phones for years that allows you to track your phone and remotely wipe it if someone stole it or you lost it or something. Performing file I/O on the system? Well, that sounds exactly like something you'd need to do if you were to wipe the phone clean!

Comment Re:Crypto-coin advocates = anarchists or libertari (Score 1) 221

And on the flip side you can now go to jail for a drawing of Lisa Simpson in an S&M outfit and thanks to their not being any way to make money many who would need a liver and kidney who aren't rich (and can bribe their way to the top like Steve jobs did) will die.

the problem is laws and common sense almost never go together and laws WILL be abused, look at the kids doing time for taking pics of their own bodies and sexting them to their SO. Do I trust BTC? Not really but frankly I trust the governments of the world to make just laws even less.

Comment Re:ofcourse.. (Score 1) 240

You DO know its possible, even easy, to pull a "EEE" on a project despite it being open source, yes? That being open source isn't a magical "get out of jail free" card, yes? If you haven't read it you might want to start here and please note that despite the fact there is a FOSS fork (ASOP) its quickly reaching the point where the FOSS part will be about as useful as the FOSS on a TiVo since none of the applications will actually run without major rewrites, which of course nobody is gonna do.

Comment Re:Just for a browser? (Score 1) 240

How many times is it gonna be pointed out that Google IS MSFT of the 90s before folks notice its the same dance? EEE? Webkit for Blink, taking more and more of Android behind the proprietary wall (look up Android on Ars for a great set of articles on the behind the scenes of android) its the same fricking dance folks, we've been here and done that and just because a company says "Nooo, we aren't evil, nope, nuh uh" don't make it so. Hell you watch the ads for Halliburton you'd think its a company made of kittens and sunshine, don't make it so.

Maybe I'm wrong but I think its like a law of nature, company starts out cool, gets popular, and then when they reach #1 they get paranoid and start caring more about staying big cheese than on what got them there and turn nasty. After all once upon a time MSFT was just a software house that would happily sell to anybody, even had their own UNIX for a time, but they got to the top and went nasty. Google USED to be this cool mad scientist "throw it at the wall and see what happens" kind of company, now they actively ignore their users (How many have said "do not want" to G+ yet they keep bitchslapping you with it?) and pull douchey moves like this with pretty much zero advantage to anybody but themselves.

History is repeating folks, and i only hope enough notice it and take action before we end up with a half a decade of "This page requires Chrome x.x" because as someone who survived the IE era I can say without hesitation that having one company control the web? REALLY sucks.

Comment Re:reduce the amount (Score 1) 983

I have DVD backups nearly a decade old but I follow two VERY important rules...1.- Take a few discs from each batch at random and test them every 6 months or so, if a disc has any read errors? that batch needs replacing. 2.- the most important of all...AVOID CRAP DVDs!!!! Now just because its cheap does NOT mean they are crap, likewise expensive doesn't always mean good. I've had no problems with the memorex and amazon basics for example. The brands I actively avoid are Ilo,Best Buy/Staples store brands, and while Rosewill are fine for DVDs you hand to people I don't think I'd want to trust them long term.

So follow those simple rules, along with the common sense keeping them in a dark cool place and your DVD backups will easily outlast your desire to keep the old junk backed up. As for TFA? Like for like is really the only way to go with that much data. Buy a pile of HDDs (most will say 4Tb but you can buy 2 2Tb for the price of a single 4Tb so that would be the smart money) and slap 'em in a full size case with a cheap board to be the controller/server and Bob's your uncle. For a board I'd probably go with this. Its cheap, plenty of SATA and more importantly 3 PCIe 1x slots for adding more SATA. For a backup/file server it'd be just perfect.

Comment Re:Hard drives have no future. (Score 1) 82

Sorry, bullshit. If you believe those "tests" I have a bridge you may be interested in, those tests are DESIGNED by the companies! What I trust is my own two eyes and I have gamer customers. Translate that as "must have the giant ePeen rig!" customers so they are NOT buying shit and as little as 6 months ago I was shitcanning brand new drives by Intel and Samsung.

And I noticed you tapdanced around the topic very well, kudos. The topic was the WITHOUT WARNING part which the latest and greatest? STILL NOT FIXED. When it dies, which it WILL die, everything fails sooner or later, whether you like it or not thanks to SMART the customers have on average up to a week before the average HDD shits itself, the SSD? NO WARNING, no data can be saved, its all just fucking gone forever. That is unacceptable.

And again in a perfect world everyone would have backups...but if we lived in a perfect world I would be king and we wouldn't need SMART because everyone would have backups that are current and could just swap drives on fail...not a perfect world Billy, not even close. If simply telling folks to follow best practices actually worked there wouldn't be any viruses, 419 scams, trojans, hell most IT guys wouldn't have a job because nothing would ever break.

So you can scream "backup!" forever that isn't gonna change reality which is frankly against you. Reality is you have to make things that work in SPITE of the user, not with the assistance of the user, and SSDs? Not there yet. Will they get there? Maybe, or maybe something new will blow it away, but as long as there is a real chance they can just flip the switch and lose all their work, pics of their dead grandma, everything they actually care about? Then sorry but its gonna be treated as something for gamers, not grandma and Joe and jane and grandma frankly buy more gear than you, which is why damned near every desktop and laptop you see in every B&M on the planet? NOT with SSD.

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