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Comment Re:Different versions of Windows (Score 5, Interesting) 180

The sad part? The pirates have had it for a fricking decade now and it kicks MAJOR ass, in fact it makes Linux look like a beached whale in August by comparison.

I'm of course talking about the "Tiny" Windows builds that have been going on since Tiny2K, came out around 2001. The TinyXP used just 48Mb of memory on the desktop, Tiny 2K3 Workstation just 63Mb, and Tiny 7 uses as little as 256Mb for a full desktop but of course with superfetch any extra RAM will be used to speed up the system. The one exception would be Tiny Vista which took 512Mb for the desktop but hey, they're gamers not miracle workers.

So anybody that wants to give them a try I'm sure can find a copy easily enough, but why MSFT don't hire these guys I'll never know as frankly their builds kick the shit out of WinFLP and Embedded as far as footprint and CPU usage goes while letting you run all your Windows software, its truly crazy how little those builds use while giving you everything you need to make a kick ass gaming PC OS that uses less than the consoles do to run the OS.

Comment Re:ICS needs more RAM than Gingerbread (Score 1) 87

"As long as Windows 8 requires a GB of RAM there will still be Win98 devices"...see the problem friend? Google doesn't still support 2.x last i checked, so NO updates, NO patches, it would be NO different than selling Win9X today only much worse as the malware guys no longer target win9X but there is enough 2.x devices out there to make it a juicy target.

Again this is a downside of FOSS, whereas MSFT can refuse to sell licenses and thus get old no longer supported OSes out of the channel Google on the other hand has absolutely zero say when it comes to the OEMs, hell they can slap android 1.x on a phone and brag about their "$20 Android phones!" and when the customer gets pwned its NOT the shop that sold it that will get blamed, it'll be "that POS Android" that gets the hate.

Comment Re:simply... (Score 2) 138

Presumably "simply" isn't the right adjective, because it implies that converting from Direct3D to OpenGL is the better way of doing things

No, it only implies simplicity and simplicity in and of itself does pose no implied quality -- something can be done simply, but it may still be the inferior choice in the long run as opposed to a more complex solution.

- what's the problem with converting Direct3D commands to OpenGL? Slow?

To put it short: yes. The arguments passed to D3D functions, for example, may be of different formats, number and lengths than those passed to OpenGL and therefore will require translation in the middle, ie. several extra steps. Obviously having to do extra steps in-between will result in a performance hit.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 333

Revolutions, like any major shift, have to be looked at over the LONG term, not the short.Sure if you ONLY looked at the reign of terror immediately after? You'd say it was a nightmare...yet how many starved under the nobles? how many raped? Murdered? i think if you look at a century or two before the revolution you'd see what came about was a good thing, it just takes time.

But I'm sorry there is NO way short of revolution to bring change here, because the same 1% you'd be against also own the media and are in bed with the government. Look at how the Manning dump had revelations of backdoor dealing, even PMCs selling children for sex slaves to get better deals while the USA gov covered it up, but what did we hear from the MSM? "ZOMFG Assange is an asshole, we should be sending him to teh gitmo ZOMFG!"

So I'm sorry but it simply cannot work with today's technology, it just can't. If Gandhi were here in the USA and tried the non violent revolution you'd have the MSM running "stories" like "Did Gandhi pay an underage girl to have sex with another for his amusement?" and "Is Gandhi secretly covering for drug dealing relatives?" and then frankly it wouldn't matter WHAT he said, because nobody would hear him, they'd be too busy being distracted by the talking heads. No intent to Godwin but Stalin and Hitler couldn't even DREAM of the power of television and the MSM as a propaganda weapon, with it you can get people to sign up for bogus wars, pay attention to bullshit instead of the dirt,hell look at Snowden, sure a few governments are pissed but what is ALL the talking heads blathering on about? What country he'll end up at. NOBODY is saying shit about WHAT he leaked, hell the MSM seems to have a "Oh the NSA is watching everyone? Big deal" and the reason for that is obvious, because the military industrial complex, the MSM, and government are one and the same, all owned by the same circles of uberrich and they certainly aren't gonna turn on each other.

If you want to wave your little banner in the "free speech zone" 5 miles away from the cameras? Go right ahead, nobody is gonna see or hear you. But mark my words you get ANY real traction and then suddenly the nightly news will be filled with the allegations that you are a dopehead pedo. hey they didn't say it was true, only there were allegations,right?

Comment Re:Rooted Only (Score 4, Interesting) 87

Exactly, you can say a lot of shit about MSFT but the length of support is just incredible. Compare this with Android where many of the devices being sold today will NEVER get a patch or update, hell go to Walmart.com and look under Android to see how many 2.x devices they are selling RIGHT NOW and you just know those devices are never gonna see this patch or any other patch for that matter.

Like it or not, and personally i think Google made a pretty slick OS, but Android is by far the most fragmented and least supported of the mobile OSes. If guys want to know what a downside to FOSS is here ya go, because Google can't control the code they can't make the OEMs go with the safer latest and greatest, nor patch older versions, hell Google can't even get them to stop putting out 2.x devices.

Comment Re:They are now generating memos entirely with thi (Score 1) 165

1.- You DO know there is a checkbox, right? Tools>Folder Options> View> Open Each Folder In a Separate Process. as for why its not checked by default there are certain chips (most notably some Intel Celerons) that will have degraded performance if its checked, why MSFT didn't just put a check at install damned if i know but you check that box and that problem goes bye bye. hell I've had a burn, a copy, and a move across networks going at the same time, no problems whatsoever in either XP X64 or Win 7, although IIRC XP would sometimes choke but since I haven't had XP since i got rid of my P4s it may have just been shitty netburst acting up.

2.- and are you REALLY gonna blame Windows because some third party program hangs, really? Because i have seen badly coded programs hang in every OS from DOS to OSX, there really isn't much an OS can do because what might appear to you to be a hang may just be a program that takes awhile to process. Again its easy enough to change the delay before Windows calls a program hung but I have found some programs simply look hung and aren't, some XML based programs can take awhile to load no matter how fast the system is so its understandable why MSFT wouldn't be too aggressive when it comes to calling a program hung. that said I've not seen a program hang in Win 7 that Windows didn't point out and offer to kill or restart which again when you are talking about a third party program is really all one can do.

3.- No its called "her BF worked for a couple of years at a helpdesk and knows what to set to minimize support calls" but I didn't know my baby would be trying to get her pics off while having a dozen things on screen at the same time so she simply missed the dialog box informing her that it was copying them to her pictures folder. Once i took a couple of pics and showed her that it DOES pop up a box and inform her where they are going, but if she simply would have clicked on the folder labeled "pictures" in any explorer window? she'd have instantly seen 'em. So if you want to blame somebody blame me, my girl is used to a slow as Xmas XP box, not a fast win 7 system.

4.- WU works fine IF you actually know what the would OPTIONAL means, but for some damned reason way too many folks don't seem to grasp that concept and end up checking all the OPTIONAL updates which again are designed to fix specific issues with specific hardware. Now I will agree that the numbnuts that lists everything by KB article needs to be fired, one shouldn't have to go click on a link and pop up a webpage just to see what "KB534497" or whatever does, but if you just stick to WU and leave the optional alone? Works just fine.

5.- and high price WILL make you popular if and ONLY if you build up the brand to be "elite" and snobbish, and lets face it Jobs was a fricking MASTER when it came to creating an air of elitism around his products. of course it took 30 years and a LOT of rough patches, but even when the company was on the ropes he refused to allow the cloners to stay or cut the prices because he KNEW that building Apple as an elite brand was the key to its success. The reason MSFT can't do it is precisely what I said, you can't slap a paintjob on a Pinto and sell it for Porsche money. Does that make the Pinto a bad car? Nope in fact you could make it the nicest Pinto on the planet and it won't matter because it all comes down to public perception and MSFT spent the same 30 years killing the competition by being the cheapest game in town, supporting the cloners over IBM, practically giving away XP and creating Win 7 Starter to keep Linux off the low end, for 30 years the entire strategy has been all about volume, you can't just switch to an elitist strategy this late in the game.

6.- And what about 'em? Windows has had Home and Pro since the days of Win9X and WinNT and nobody has a problem with it, in fact the majority of my SMBs use Home over Pro because they simply aren't using the enterprise features of Pro so see no reason for the extra expense. Even I have all my systems on Home instead of pro, i have no desire to run my own domain and don't need XP mode so why get it? Do you think it would be better for everybody to have everything when a good 70%+ of the users would see those features as needless bloat?

As for marketing, whats inconsistent? Companies change marketing all the time, not like Apple is still paying Goldblum to look stoned and blather on about Macs either, so I really don't know what I'm supposed to even say about marketing. If you are talking about win 8? Already said its a trainwreck, but ever since Ballmer has taken over its been "Star trek Rules" when it comes to OSes. at least with windows, unlike OSX and Linux, if you don't like the direction? You can easily skip one, hell skip TWO releases, who cares you'll STILL be under full support. Other than the testing box at the shop I personally skipped XP and Vista so I know how easy it is to do, I went from Win2K to XP X64 (IRL Win2K3 Workstation X64) and from there went to windows 7, no problemo. I didn't keep the same box of course, 2K was on a 1GHz Celeron which wouldn't exactly be pleasant to run today but the XP X64 box did go to Windows 7, last I heard the guy that bought it is still happily playing his flight sims and surfing on the thing every day. Since Win 7 is supported until 2020 if I don't like Win 8.1 I'll skip it like I did Win 8, hell if they go to yearly releases i could skip the next 5 and STILL be supported, no worries and since the system has an AMD Hexacore with 8GB of RAM and 3TB of HDD space its not like I'm gonna be struggling to run the web 5 years from now...well not unless HTML coders get even worse with piling on the bling bling ;-)

Comment Re:good (Score 2) 333

That is why it always amazes me that we get these people like the above, who think they can write their congressman and wave their little signs and anybody in power will give a wet fart about what they think when the sad reality is that its just like Jessie Ventura said. He said "Its just like pro wrestling, you have your face and your heel, you have the topics designed to get heat from the crowds, and when the camera is off they are having dinner together with the lobbyist and laughing their asses off about the whole game".

I have always been a VERY firm believer in that old saying "If you want to know the future, look to the past" and over 3000 years of recorded history shows the same pattern, country is formed, country becomes powerful, rich rig the game, country becomes corrupted, government sours, government falls. wash rinse repeat. Just look at how the top 1% now control over 74% of the wealth of the ENTIRE country, that means for every dollar the 99% have to get by on a lousy 26c and that number gets worse every year.

The ONLY reason you don't have the poor rioting and having their own Arab Spring is the bread and circuses provided by the New Deal safety nets but if its one thing we have seen its that the rich are too fucking greedy to have ANY common sense so sooner or later they will end up cutting one program too many in their infinite greed and the whole thing will come tumbling down.

But anybody who thinks their little sign making and voting drives is gonna change shit is just delusional, as the ONLY ones you are allowed to vote for are frankly the ones that don't matter, meanwhile no matter who is POTUS Goldman Sachs controls the fed, the same spooks control the spy programs, the machines doesn't change, just the figureheads shown to the public and even those know that when they are "defeated" they'll have cushy jobs for life as lobbyists, I mean why do you think we haven't had any real investigations since AbScam in the 80s?

Comment Re:2013 (Score 2, Insightful) 125

Good lord are we REALLY gonna have to explain on every. damned. security. story. how having the source isn't magic? The "many eyes" myth is just that and just because a program or website is FOSS doesn't make it more secure? hell watch how easy it is to blow "many eyes" out of the water, ready?

Now we ALL know that Slashdot is one of the most FOSS loving websites there is,right? That while the global numbers of Linux users are around 0.9% we could easily hit double digits here, right? this is like Geeker heaven, yes? Okay here goes...show of hands, how many of you have done an extensive code audit on Libre Office? Gimp? Firefox? Anyone? Bueller?

NOW do you understand why simply having source means jack and squat? For many eyes to work IRL you'd have to have 1.- Enough guys with the requisite skills and experience to even SPOT the flaws, see the Obfuscated C contest as to why THAT is important, 2.- Those guys have nothing better to do than to scan and debug YOUR code all day, which considering how in demand highly skilled programmers are? Not very damned likely, and finally 3.- Have enough of them to keep up with the changes that when you are talking about FOSS is practically a torrent. hell I bet it would take a good year to do an extensive code audit of a large program like Libre office...how many releases did LO have last year? See the problem yet?

Having the code fixes ONE problem and one problem alone, and that is old versions being abandoned. If you have the code AND you have the skills OR the money to hire your own dev team than and ONLY then will that code be a life saver, the rest of the time, and especially when we are talking about security, which involves not just the program itself but the underlying OS and subsystems? yeah...not so much. Frankly if even 3% of the code in your average distro gets seen by anybody but the guys running the projects I'd frankly be amazed but thanks to the "many eyes" myth people think because something CAN happen it HAS happened. Well by that logic because theoretically an immortal CAN be born then there are immortals running the earth, but i really don't think I have to worry about a 400 year old Scotsman with a sword coming at me in the parking lot, do you?

Comment Re:good (Score 3, Insightful) 333

Why? The state will simply use the "mother may i" word of the day, national security, and it'll all go poof!

The simple fact of the matter, which so many refuse to accept, is this: you can NOT fix a corrupted system by working WITHIN that system...why? Because its corrupted silly! It would be like saying if you played three card monty enough times with the hustler on the corner you would come out ahead. in reality you can't win because if it looks like you have a shot they will just change the rules on you, just that easy.

So I'd wish them luck but all they are doing is pissing money down a rathole, I have a better chance of winning the powerball than they do of winning against the fed over spying, or did everyone forget the immunity for the telecos that the administration supported and got when it looked like their dirty little secrets would come out? the absolute best case scenario would be another Scooter Libby, the fed puts up a scapegoat and gives them a slap on the wrist and the MSM buries the story, game over. More likely they won't even get that, the judges will cockblock them with some catch-22 like "You can't bring a case unless you can prove you were being spied upon...which you can't prove because we won't give you discovery or force them to give you the evidence that shows it was you being spied upon" and again, game over.

Sadly all we can do is grab as much as we can for ourselves and wait for the whole rotten mess to collapse, which with the jobs being sent overseas, 2 wars, and a fed that is printing money almost as fast as Zimbabwe? I predict it won't last another 20 years. This is why all empires fall, they become too nasty and corrupt until the whole rotten mess can't be sustained and it all falls down.

Comment Been on Windows for awhile.. (Score 2, Insightful) 173

I've been seeing variations on this one for a year or two now, sometimes connected with the "Yahoo Porn Bug" I wrote about in my journal, sometimes not. The main thing when it comes to a lot of this crap is to explain and assure the public its bullshit, you'd be amazed how many can be put into panic mode by a letter that looks like it comes from authority and of course guys getting child porn charges for Simpsons cartoons and manga really doesn't fucking help matters in that regard.

Now I don't know how it is on OSX but on Windows these kinds of bugs aren't that hard to kill a good tool for the job I've been trying out in the shop is the Emisoft Emergency Kit which is free for personal use but so far looks to be worth the cost of a license if you work in a shop. The whole thing runs on a stick and so far it seems to be pretty damned good at detecting all kinds of bugs and its CLI scanner so far has been pretty good at getting around the run blocks some of the malware uses.

Comment Re:Benchmarks, trustworthy? (Score 1) 82

Glad to see somebody else put their money where their mouth is and support market competition over market rigging. I was a big Intel chip user until the bribery and ICC scandals came out and since then I've not bought a single Intel chip at the shop and even my family and I are 100% AMD, 4 desktops, a laptop, and a notebook and they ALL run great.

The thing most folks just don't seem to realize is how much better the bang for the buck is on AMD, you can pick up a 1035T or 1045T for around $100, quads for less than $80 and I've been picking up Athlon triples for less than $55 a pop and I'm seeing more than 70% unlock rates, you just can't beat that. Even when you can't unlock the BFTB you get out of these chips is just nuts, my youngest is blasting through Borderlands II as i type this on a 3.3GHz Athlon triple and it just flies, the whole system with Win 7 HP, 4GB of RAM, 640GB HDD and an HD4850? $350 after rebates.

So be sure to do as I do and point out when anybody brings up benchmarks that Intel is rigging them and point them to places like Tigerdirect and show them how truly insanely cheap they can get a system just by going AMD. Oh and FYI but if you know somebody that just surfs, does office work, or needs a REAL cheap HTPC? Look at the AMD E350 boards at Amazon and Tiger, you can get 'em as low as $75 and with a PCI to IDE card and a 4GB RAM stick you can have a REALLY cheap upgrade for an older system or a great start for an HTPC, although I use the version with a PCI-E X16 slot on the HTPC builds. I have been using these to replace the aging P4s in SMBs and it gives you a pretty nice upgrade, dual cores and a GPU that does 1080P and for the icing on the cake the whole system uses less power under load than the P4 does at idle, just 19w for the whole board.

I was impressed enough with the performance i sold my full size laptop for an E350 EEE netbook and after 3 years it still gets over 4 hours on the battery, does 1080P over HDMI so when I'm not using it as a portable it can do double duty as an HTPC, oh and unlike those Atom and Celeron based netbooks my baby has a full 8GB of RAM which not only gives me a full GB on the graphics but thanks to superfetch once I boot up ALL my applications are preloaded into memory thus allowing the HDD to stay parked and save power. So if you haven't looked at 'em give one a spin, they are pretty damned sweet.

Comment Re:They are now generating memos entirely with thi (Score 1) 165

I'm sorry friend but I gotta throw a flag, 15 yard penalty for ignorance on the field. You get the occasional explorer hang NOT because "MSFT didn't sweat the details" but because you are talking about literally tens of thousands of hardware combinations that it HAS to work on, and considering my win 7 systems have been running happily in the field since Sept 09? I'd say they did a DAMN good job at that. With win 8 Ballmer made them bolt metro, or as i call it "Tweeting Twits for Shits" and between that and all the phone home DRM garbage it makes it buggy. Just one more reason to avoid Win 8 like a kick in the balls IMHO.

I mean just look at what my GF is using while i put together a new system for her, a late gen P4 with HT, 2GB of RAM, and an HD2400XT OEM card by Dell and you know what? Runs Win 7 like a charm, no crashes, no hangs, in fact when i got over there for supper tonight she told me "It won't let me get my pics off my camera" and when i had her show me what it was doing I had to tell her "Honeybunch its pulling the pics off and dropping it in your picture folder the second you plug it in, you don't have to "do" anything, it just works" because she couldn't believe that it could just magically do all the work that fast without her having to jump through hoops. But I'd say the UI for Win 7 is VERY consistent, its the UI for win 8 that is a damned mess and again that is because of Tweeting twits For Shits, or TTFS for short. Instead of doing the SMART move and making a UI for mobile and one for desktop they tried to make a jack of all trades and not only is it the master of none it drools and kinda smells bad.

As for your Windows Update or WU error? No offense dude but "Your doin it wrong" if you use WU for updates. Don't ask me why but about a year after the release of Win 7, which would put it right around the time you had your problem, some numbnuts at MSFT decided to put pretty much every damned hotfix ever created into the "optional" section of WU without telling people those are just that OPTIONAL and should NOT be used unless you have the SPECIFIC problem it addresses. A MUCH better way to update Windows, and this covers XP- Win 8, both desktop and server if you desire, is to use the free WSUS Offline which will apply ONLY the updates that apply, no optional crap, hell it'll even update WMP, IE, DotNET and DirectX if you want it to. I've used it on more systems than I can count at the shop and I have NEVER had it bork a system or screw something up, not ever. But you can't blame the OS for this, the OS is fine, the flaming idiot that started offering hotfixes to those that don't need them is the damned problem.

And I'm sorry but you may THINK that is why Apple is popular but as a retailer I can tell you its not, its popular precisely because they are elitist . Its the same thing that causes Air Jordans to sell for crazy prices or Prada shoes, is those Prada or Air Jordans made THAT much nicer? Nope but as Porsche found out when they tried to have a 911 priced to compete with the Camaro and nearly killed the company the fact that only a subset of people can afford it? Makes it worth having to "Keep up with the Joneses". I mean can you think of ANY other OS that could have actually had a $1000 app called "I am rich" and have it sell any copies? Being in a college town i'm surrounded by the Apple faithful and while they can't tell you jack shit about the hardware they CAN tell you to the penny how much it costs, quite proud of it in fact. This is why Apple abandoning products at such a fast clip isn't bitched about hardly, because having an old Apple just isn't considered hip, its like buying a used Ferrari.

Finally you can't really compare an embedded product with a general purpose OS and that is what you are doing when you compare MSFT and Apple, The entire currently supported Apple catalog of hardware can be counted on 2 hands with fingers left over and frankly friend you really don't have to "sweat the details" when you only support a handful of hardware configs because you KNOW what is gonna be in that system so you can optimize the hell out of it, again something MSFT simply cannot do without walking away from their entire X86 business.

Comment Re:Summed up in verse (Score 4, Interesting) 142

Just wait for the tech support calls where people complain they can't watch porn anymore... they're setting themselves up for the swiftest kick in the ass ever by the general public. That's the problem with filtering that runs on the connection instead of the computer. But hey, at least some ISPs will benefit: Namely the ones selling VPN accounts. Oh, and Tor looks to boost its numbers some more. Ever since the NSA took a big shit in the information super pool, Tor's seen an explosion of exit nodes and bridges... I gotta say, it's almost reasonably fast now for regular internet, with a few tweaks to your browser to pipeline requests...

Thanks Britain! You're unwittingly supporting terrorism, organized crime, software and multimedia piracy, citizens' right to privacy and managing to piss off over half the internet population by messing with their porn. Bravo! By weeks' end you'll be less popular than the Americans with their NSA surveillance program.

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