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Comment Re:False Flag (Score 4, Insightful) 509

Dude while you may be correct that real geniuses with vision have probably stayed at the same level when I was a kid we at least had a high percentage with what we called "street smarts" or basic common sense, now we seem to be creating people that are too fucking stupid as to even understand basic cause and effect, see the woman who fed nothing but Mickey D's to her kids for a decade and then tried to sue because she didn't know a decade of 24/7 fast food would make kids fat and diabetic as just one of a billion examples I could post here.

Maybe its because when I was a kid any woman that had a litter of kids by different men would have been looked upon as a whore and the guys who fathered those kids as worthless scum if they didn't step up but you didn't see the whole "half a dozen kids with half a dozen dead beat dads living like animals" shit like you do today. Hell when I come back from my babe's place, even late at night, I had to dodge kids just running loose like dogs, its seriously fucked up man, and its no wonder we are breeding so many dumbasses when you have kids that aren't being taught shit and left to run loose like animals needless to say their little brains are gonna get exactly jack and shit for stimulation.

At the end of the day you could take the smartest baby on the planet and put them in a house where nobody bothers to even talk to the kid and the babysitter is reality shows and they'll grow up to be just another moron on the march, you have to put in real effort and do the work when it comes to kids. I should know as I raised my two nephews as my sister lay dying and her ex, their father? Idiot. yet they are both HIGHLY intelligent and I would attribute that to constantly giving them new things to learn and do, if they wanted to play a video game? i would show them how the game was made, so that they knew how everything worked, i even let them build their own PCs at 11 years old, explaining how each piece they were installing worked and how the ones and zeroes were turned into images on a screen.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned but unless a kid has brain damage or some other mental defect if a kid ends up booger eating stupid i tend to blame the parents. Naturally they can't all be Einsteins but if there is two things little kids loooove its finding out how things work and using their imagination. If the parents would actually give a fuck instead of just letting their kids run wild and ignoring them? Then i think we could avert the march of the morons. Instead sadly it will more likely be like what i saw when I'd pick the boys up from one of their friends houses, a place without so much as a magazine in the house and parents that would just sit watching stupid shit that was the equivalent of "Oww my balls" while making sure junior had a console and a set to keep him out of their hair. Its no damned wonder we have so many dumbasses per square foot now, that is the seeds that society has sewn.

Comment Re:polite - yet cutting and informative (Score 5, Insightful) 1501

The English have mastered delivering withering insults very politely. Simply being polite does not make you "nice". Is it more "professional" to wrap your disdain for an idea in language that is courteous on the surface? Maybe. Is the emperor going to change? Unlikely.

They got nothing on the French. Voltaire's criticism led to suicides. But regardless, this represents a change in Linus' historical behavior. It could just be stress, or it could hint at the onset of a mental illness. Increased aggression, changes in mood or attitude, impaired judgement, black and white or "us versus them" thinking... while many might chalk this up to poor manners on the internet, it could hint at something more substantial.

Either way, people are focusing on the behavior, but are neglecting to take notice of the fact that while the kernel-dev mailing list has always been, achem, heated... this is still a significant departure from baseline -- it's starting to make headlines in a big way too. People do not simply wake up one day and decide they're going to be abusive assholes -- there are triggers, changes to the person's environment or biology.

Separately, I'm not sure abusive language is ever good for the long-term health of a cooperative project -- it may not be a professional environment, but it's not exactly amateur hour either. Repeated abuse and disrespect is not conducive to a productive and cooperative environment. See also: The reason why there are so many flavors of BSD.

Comment Re:False Flag (Score 2, Funny) 509

Oh lord isn't that the truth, to get to my GF's place you have to drive through a trailer park to get to the side road her place is on and....damn. It just blows my mind how you will see these folks living in squalor, everything around them falling apart, yet the women all have kids like stair steps, we are talking 4+ kids on average, all squeezed into these little bitty single wide trailers from the 60s and 70s, I had to show my girl Idiocracy because she asked when I went through there to take her home what "march of the morons was" and after seeing it she said "Its funny but sad, because that is what we are gonna end up becoming". Hell just watch one of the Transformers movies and I'd say we are already getting there, all the "wacky hijinks" with Shia leButt might as well be called "Ass the movie".

BTW I know this is offtopic so I apologize beforehand, but would the ones that said a prayer a few weeks ago for my mom mind saying one for my dad? I may not have much in the way of faith left but I believe my own eyes and after asking for prayers at my normal haunts even though the docs had written off my mom as a lost cause she made a 100% recovery, she is doing so well now she is back at home with her reality TV and her wiener dog. But now as soon as the customer I'm waiting on picks up his tower i gotta head back to the hospital to sit with dad, he is burning up and having trouble breathing and so far everything the docs have tried has been for naught, they just can't seem to kill the infection.

All I can say is thank all that is good for my little sweetie, how many would spend their third date in the ER helping me fill out forms on mom and not a month later be cooking for mom and the boys so i can spend time in the hospital with dad? Not many that is for damned sure, if it weren't for my little rock of Gibraltar the stress of this year would have put me in a hospital bed or the morgue, but through it all she just puts her arm around me and says "you need me, I'm here".

Comment Re:Price Adjustment (Score 1) 330

Meh as somebody who is down here in the trenches i think that while the pro MAY find a niche, and I say may because the stench of WinRT has confused folks who now think ALL Surface devices can't run shit, but in the grand scheme of things? I seriously doubt it will get more than 5% of the market tops.

So while I'm sure its nice the simple fact is a good 99% of the Windows software out there just wasn't written with touch in mind, and in a classic chicken or the egg problem they aren't gonna spend the crazy money for a touch focused UI rebuild when less than 2% of PCs on the planet have touch capability.

Anyway as a guy that sells tech you can call me biased but when I'm seeing is tablet equals toy, smartphones are Google in a box and MP3 players that make calls, and when folks want Windows they want a desktop or a laptop. The only reason sales are down is the end of the MHz war has made multicores as common as dirt and most users can't come up with enough work to slam even a Pentium D or Athlon64 X2 but as long as MSFT keeps the insane prices the ONLY ones that will be buying it will be guys that need a tablet that runs Windows programs which frankly is a pretty small niche.

Comment Re:False Flag (Score 2) 509

Actually I would say it proves evolution, specifically that because we humans have evolved with a small tribe mentality (protecting our own small sphere instead of looking at humanity as a whole) and an instinct to protect those in our tribe we are creating a "march of the morons" situation by having a civilization that allows truly stupid people like in TFA to have offspring, thus spreading the stupid like a jackass rolling a porta potty downhill spreads shit.

Sadly this IS the future of society, a full on "Big Mother" nanny state that every damned thing you see/read/hear, even eat and drink, because it will assume that you are just as big an idiot as the lowest common denominator who of course will think that lowest common denominator is a bot on Transformers.

Comment Matt, wake up. (Score 1) 218

. He worries that social media encourages us to create "surrogate versions" or "celebrity versions" of ourselves

It's common knowledge that in a new relationship, the first year with someone you don't really meet them, just their representative. Everyone puts on a different face in public, or for new people. This isn't news to anyone who isn't Forever Alone guy. Social media doesn't "encourage" us; We already do it anyway. Social media just allows this to be more transparent.

It's no surprise Facebook doesn't have a "dislike" button, or that there's no notification if someone "unfriends" you or blocks you. Even the website itself tries to hide negativity. Everyone lies. Ask any interrogator. Every, mother effing one of you is a liar. Of course, it's mostly small lies, like how girls lie about their age or guys lie about how great they are at sex, or how we lie about how much we're enjoying it anyway... oh and the list goes on... those are just stereotyped examples.

Social media didn't create this trend, Matt. Hop in your TARDIS and fly back a thousand years and you'll have Kings and Queens demanding the painters take a few extra pounds off their royal portraits...

Comment Re:Price Adjustment (Score 1) 330

But isn't the Surface Pro just a wintel tablet? And while you may like it I wouldn't count on it getting updated for long, just look at how MSFT fucked the WinPhone 7 early adopters by refusing to port WinPhone 8 thus leaving them on a platform with very few apps and already as good as abandoned.

But the main thing we are talking about is WinRT which was doomed before it ever got out the gate, the reason MSFT has a virtual lock on the desktop is the billions of dollars worth of Windows programs. With Surface RT all you have is a system that runs less than iPhone and Android and for a higher price and with less battery life since WinRT doesn't support the tegra 3 fifth core

So while I'm glad you like it I don't know if i would even entertain, much less recommend, the WinRT platform simply because of MSFT track record of abandoning devices that don't meet a metric in x amount of time, again look at what they did to the WinPhone as well as sidekick and Kin. Maybe if they drop below $150 it might be a good deal, above that price point I'd be leery.

Comment Re:Siberian Traps (Score 1) 158

Ooookay, maybe I'm just old and haven't kept up on my lingo but I thought "trap" wasn't considered an insult while tranny is? Maybe i heard wrong but the way i was told a "trap' was one that looked so much like a female that you honestly couldn't tell without doing the bit from Crocodile Dundee , which if their goal is to transition logically one would think not being able to tell that they weren't born that sex would be a pretty nice compliment? But since I'm not one and don't know anybody in that community maybe I'm wrong.

As for TFA I thought it was pretty much decided it wasn't ANY one thing but a BUNCH of things over a geologically short period of time that created a "perfect storm" that wiped nearly everything out?

Comment Re:Arab potential (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Then around 800 years ago it all seems to have gone wrong. "Trouble in the Middle East" has been a newspaper headline since the invention of the newspaper. Personally I would love to know what changed 800 years ago as it might give a clue as to how to make it right again.

I know I'm going to get mod-bombed to hell and gone for this, but christianity happened. There's an old African proverb, "Once we had the land and the white man had the bible. Now we have the bible and the white man has the land." The Arabs were busy unlocking scientific secrets and storing up knowledge during that time out of necessity -- it's not a forgiving land. It has limited resources, and if you aren't smart about managing it, you die. Generations of resource scarcity meant that their culture stressed history. The first written languages came from the same region. Moving from a barter economy to a cash economy also came from there. And the thing is, this knowledge was shared -- it wasn't kept secret, or considered blasphemous per-se. Not like it was in Europe where the idea that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe nearly got Copernicous nailed to a cross anyway.

The Christians made numerous attempts to send armies into their lands -- and failed each time. But although the military campaign failed, the cultural changes that contact with them brought was ruinous to their civilization in the long-run. Think of it as being a bit like how America reacted to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 -- they really hadn't much exposure to terrorism before, so their first real taste of it caused a massive overreaction that has crippled the economy, sent millions into poverty, and triggered far-reaching changes in their way of life. But in reality, it was just a couple dozen guys who knocked down a few buildings. It did more damage though than fifty hurricanes.

There's plenty of other historical examples too -- Japan and China's isolationist policies, for example. When America steamed into Japan, they forced them to open their borders, and thousands of years of culture caught fire and burned in a matter of years. Similar things have happened to China repeatedly when people have crossed the mountains into their territory.

Cultural contamination is what brought them down -- specifically, from European christians.

Comment Re:Benchmarks, trustworthy? (Score 1) 82

I have a question, not a programmer so I was wondering what advantage do you get by using AVX over SSE? because i took a quick look at AVX and its only supported on Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge, which would be a very VERY small portion of the chips out there. it seems to me if you wanted the widest possible support you'd use the SSE flags since SSE 4 has been around since Phenom I and Core 2.

Comment Re:Benchmarks, trustworthy? (Score 1) 82

You final sentence is the case dude, Intel gives big discounts to major software companies, hence why nearly every benchmark uses ICC. And again the smoking gun is the P3, if what you were saying is true then the P3 would NOT be penalized, since they know their own chips, but it is. again take the same program and run it on both the P3 and the P4 of the same speed, with ICC the P4 will get a 30% speed boost while the P3 gets a boat anchor tied to it, the same code with GCC? the P3 will win by 30%.

And as others pointed out so many times with MSFT when you are the market leader? the rules for you are different than for anybody else. the fact that the DoJ let Intel buy their way out by handing AMD 1.2 BILLION dollars frankly was a travesty of justice and just shows how the DoJ is worthless. maybe the EU still has some fangs but the DoJ is nothing but a bad joke.

Comment Re: How does... (Score 2) 186

As a guy that has been doing this since the Shat sold Vics on TV I can tell you where that old wives tale came from and why it no longer applies. the very first drives used either RFM or MFM coding (been awhile) and the drives weren't very precise so it could slip a track and miss data, hence the multiwipe. that hasn't been true in 20 years though, with grooves so tiny and motors so precise no way a drive that isn't already dying is gonna miss a track,no way.

Comment Re: How does... (Score 1) 186

Dude you are buying into old wive's tales, you haven't needed to do more than a single zero pass in like 15 years. Hell there is a guy offering something like 10 grand if you can recover anything from a drive he does a zero pass on and so far not a single taker, not even the recovery companies. You see friend in the bad old days the RFM drives could easily slip the track, that would leave data behind, hence the multipass, but with modern drives that just can't happen anymore, the grooves are too tight and the tracking too precise.

But don't take my word for it, try it yourself, just slap some old 40Gb with a bunch of files on it on a USB adapter, do a full zero pass, and then try to recover the files. you won't get shit, I've tried. and a single zero pass doesn't take long as all, I've found it takes maybe an hour for a 500GB and that is with a wipe and full pass check.

Comment Re:Price Adjustment (Score 5, Informative) 330

Meh if you were dumb enough to buy one early? Sorry but you kinda deserved the wallet ding for failing to pay attention. Pretty much all of the media had already panned the thing, they were selling it for MORE than an iPad, the Surface had giant FAIL written all over it almost from the start so anybody with any common sense should have figured they'd either have to take a hell of a price drop or end up with a warehouse full of shit they couldn't sell. Folks forget that computer chips have a shelf life, if you don't move the units its soon badly outdated compared to what is on the market and nobody will buy it.

Honestly I wouldn't even buy it at the current price, the tegra 3 was never that great a chip to start with and thanks to bad design on the part of MSFT the Surface can't even take advantage of the fifth core on the tegra 3 so the battery life will be worse than Android on it. Maybe if it hits below $145 it might be worth playing with, but considering we are talking about a company with a history of abandoning products that don't become hits (Zune, Sidekick,Kin,WinPhone 7) do you REALLY want to take the chance?

Mark my words by xmas these things will either be on woot! at $100 or less like the Touchpad or they'll end up in a landfill somewhere, Anything to do with WinRT seems to be destined to fail, hence why nearly all the OEMs canceled their WinRT offerings.

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