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Comment Re:No "Cowboy Neal" option? (Score 1) 491

Here, I fixed it for you...

I am appalled at the absence of ChemE's. Time to "accidentally" shut down some refineries and raise the price of gas. Then "accidentally" shutdown some power plants, water treatment plants, pharmaceutic sites, specialty chemical plants and then finish it off with a few semiconductor fabrication labs.

Comment Re:Voodoo Science: But what is the RAC for it? (Score 1) 684

I going to assume the hazard type/severity of "Catastrophic/I" (death may occur), but without a good probability, I can't calculate a RAC for it.

Risk Assessment Code
....A B C D
I... 1 1 2 3
II.. 1 2 3 4
III. 2 3 4 4
IV. 3 4 4 4

1. Imminent Danger
2. Serious
3. Moderate
4. Minor

Comment You wanted change, and you got it. (Score 2, Funny) 589

Obama is not even in office and he had made changes, changed his mind. You wanted change and you got it. If he was all about change (hopefully for the better), we would not be talking about this.

It is an old standard, better technology now exists. Sorry, it is not backwards compatible. I have seen people get completely enraged about this change. People look at it like, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." The change is a good thing, but people get defensive about the government breaking their stuff (vs. preparing for the future). Since when has watching TV been a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE?

PS: I don't care how I get modded. I am happy just because you used/wasted your mod points on me.

Comment Re:Numbers don't quite add up! (Score 1) 287

The industrial chillers I have worked with (200-460 KW units) have about a 2.5KW of heat removal per 1KW of electrical power used by the chillers.

Quick Calculation: I would guess that a maximum of 30% of the electric bill is for AC. In other works a 10MW data center would need up to 4MW of cooling and have a total electric usage of up to14MW.

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