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Comment Re:NBCs coverage has been appallingly bad (Score 1) 373

But its coverage of this Olympics has been stellar, and I can watch any - and all events.

This is not quite true. Lots of events aren't shown on any of the channels. Particularly in sailing. The British bias is also quite apparent in the footage made available for stations around the world. You get lots of pictures and information about the British boat in 15th place, while missing out on the actual action elsewhere.

I can't complain too much because this is pretty much the first time anyone has made a serious attempt at TV coverage of sailing at all.

Comment Re:Reason? GNOME3 (Score 1) 535

Gnome has pretty much given up on storing session state, unfortunately. It annoys me a lot too.

You can somewhat work around it with extensions that put specific applications on specific desktops, unless you specific windows from the same application to be on specific desktops.

Comment Re:Reason? GNOME3 (Score 1) 535

That's one of the really neat things actually -- it doesn't just search the application name, it searches other things too. I am not sure precisely which ones, but if I search for "photo" I get Eye of Gnome and GIMP. Well the stupid thing is that I don't, I have to search for "foto" because I have chosen my locale to be Danish. It ought to search in English as well as in the local language. Other than that it works really well.

Comment I finally mostly like Gnome 3.4 (Score 5, Interesting) 535

Gnome 3.0 had me trying out various tiling window managers to get rid of the horrible Shell.

Gnome 3.2 came out and I went back to the Shell. I needed a ton of extensions to get a usable desktop.

Now, with 3.4, all I need to add is a direct shortcut to each desktop. Alas, the GUI offers me shortcuts only for the first four desktops, but at least it is possible to set shortcuts for all of them on the command line. I no longer have any extensions installed. Super + typing part of the application name is wonderful.

All in all, 3.4 is IMHO nicer than Gnome 2. The road to get there has been horrendous and it may have cost too many users and developers for Gnome to be viable in the future. I hope Gnome will survive, because it is the best desktop I have tried so far.

Comment Re:Not News (Score 1) 646

A real gun owner would know this.

Most people don't fall for cons, but some do. In this case a police department and a policeman fell for the con, and a child was shot because of the deception. Obviously we need to educate the potential victims, but we also need to punish the con man.

Comment Re:One more category (Score 1) 250

Satellite phones manage just fine without aiming anything at the satellite, so I'm highly skeptical that this is "impossible" for data uses.

It isn't impossible to do data without aiming, but like I said, you won't get decent bandwidth. Satellite phones generally make do with 4800bps or less, with Thuraya offering 60kbps. Bandwidth on every other technology is exploding while satellite is practically stagnant.

Comment Re:People don't understand what security is. (Score 1) 132

2. It lets me get into my house easily, while making it much more difficult for anyone else to get in without leaving clear and obvious signs that they have trespassed (i.e. a broken window.)

A small minority of locks fulfill that purpose today. The majority can be opened quickly and easily. If you are lucky, an expert can detect that the lock was forced.

For some, the convenience of being able to call a locksmith and get in easily if you lose your keys outweigh the risk of having to try to prove to an insurance company that you did not leave the door unlocked.

Comment Re:One more category (Score 1) 250

And there is absolutely no good reason to believe that the satellites won't at some point be closer to the planet.

If you cannot point your antenna at the satellite, you won't get decent bandwidth. Satellite-tracking for LEO is not going to be a consumer item as long as it is mechanical.

Perhaps some form of beam-forming array can overcome this in the future. Almost everyone can get either cable, DSL, fiber, or some kind of terrestrial wireless, so the number of potential customers is low. Even worse, most of the potential customers are poor.

Comment Re:Ethernet had nothing to do with it (Score 1) 497

No, not really. As far as I know, the 'funky physical layer' link to the ISP isn't Ethernet at all. Generally speaking some form of PPP is used on top of it, but it's quite common for this to be PPPoA (ATM) rather than PPPoE (Ethernet) because telco ISPs tend to do a lot of internal networking with ATM.

Look up Ethernet First Mile. All that junk is gone.

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