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Submission + - Pursuing a M.S. - worth it?

sdaniel75 writes: "I'm contemplating furthering my education by pursuing a Masters in a Computer Science discipline. My Bachelor's was in Music, but I've had my hands in or on a computer since junior high. Currently I'm working as the IT director of a small, rural law enforcement agency. I am interested in eventually moving on to a larger organization in the future, either network administration or even managing a larger department. Is it worth going after the Masters or should I just ride on the experience accumulated on my resume? If I go after a Masters, what area would be best to concentrate on? I've done a little bit of everything in my professional IT career (which is closing in rapidly on the five year mark)."

Submission + - Squiz releases MySource Matrix under the GPL

An anonymous reader writes: Australian Open Source development company Squiz have released the latest version of their enterprise Content Management System MySource Matrix v3.12 under the GPL. Squiz previously used their own open source licence which was considered by some to be not that open. MySource Matrix is one of the most popular CMS products in Australia and is used by several large corporate and government websites.

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