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Submission + - Computer Pros Debate Windows Vista

An anonymous reader writes: As a follow-on to John Welch's widely read review arguing that Mac OS X is superior to Vista, IWeek is running the first in a weeklong series of roundtables where a programmer, networking consultant, and 3 IT managers have a serious technical debate on the pros and cons of Vista. Among the comments:

(negative) "As to the Vista interface and features, I am having problems making the switch from my old XP habits.
(negative)"The Administrator mode that doesn't have all permissions."
(positive)"I am glad to say that the final product is a thousand times better than the beta products I used through the end of last year."
What's been your experience with Vista? More importantly, do you think it will ever gain traction among corporate users, or is its glitzy Aero interface destined to make it mainly a consumer OS?

Comment Re:Simply put... (Score 1) 29

You know, I'm not sure how that could be accomplished that would be fair to all involved. I'll admit that answer was right off the top of my head this morning after I first crawled out of bed. :) Clarity is not one of my strong points in the morning before coffee! I guess what it boils down to is I'd love to see more people have the ability to get an education at more prestigious university systems that are unable to. It always bothered me to hear my peers discussing their dreams of graduating from (insert school name here), but then only to realize they couldn't afford to do so. It's a pipe dream I know, but it's nice to think about.

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