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Comment http push? (Score 1) 150

Netscape had Netcaster and IE had Active Channels, both http push sytems where you subscribed to a feed and had it sent.
Doesn't sound far from the claimed functionality.

That's from 1997.

Comment Re:Ya no kidding (Score 1) 681

If they instituted a state income tax, there would be lynchings in Olympia.

You say that like it would be a bad thing.

I think Boeing having already done the corporate HQ move has had an impact on revenues.
I don't feel too sorry for them though, after the surplus they couldn't decide what to do with quietly vanished and Gregoire's been laying down taxes everywhere from the day she took office.

Comment Re:Differences between versions (Score 1) 625

"I will kill my neighbor" is illegal. "I wish all jews were dead" is not illegal. A flag could hardly be taken as a specific act against someone.

it's also usually a statement that, with or without a government that supports them, they'd encourage and possibly participate in terrorist attacks on ethnic minorities.

So? Should we throw Sarah McLachlan in jail because she does commercials on preventing cruelty to animals, and those people often join PETA and attack research facilities? A flag is an association, not a statement of actions. As such, it can't ever be taken as a specific threat.

I do think that very obvious shows of support for Nazism should be illegal (not just in Germany), simply because they cause people to fear for their lives.

And Christians bomb clinics, so I want Christianity outlawed. Muslims blow up planes. Jews shoot Muslims. Chinese shoot Tibetans. Ban them all because someone somewhere may think that the flag/cross represents hatred and violence. The choice is that or nothing. And I choose nothing. Of course, you could take the current situation where some things are banned and others not with no regard to actual effect in today's world. But that arbitrary and capricious scheme is abhorrent.

Billionaire Adds Laser Shield To Yacht 16

IamSmee writes "Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich's 557 ft yacht, Eclipse, now boasts a paparrazi-foiling shield of laser beams. From the article: 'Infrared lasers detect the electronic light sensors in nearby cameras, known as charge-coupled devices. When the system detects such a device, it fires a focused beam of light at the camera, disrupting its ability to record a digital image. The beams can also be activated manually by security guards if they spot a photographer loitering.'"

Cops Play Wii During Undercover Drug Raid 251

An anonymous reader writes "Guns drawn, cops busted down the door of a suspected south Florida drug dealer, then proceeded to kick some ass on Wii bowling. A security cam captured some playing video games while others searched for drugs and weapons. Clearly they just misunderstood when they were told to search the house for Weed."

Comment Re:depressing... (Score 1) 102

Cleanup in places like the Black Triangle and other places in Central and Eastern Europe would be the most obvious use for this if it can be done economically. The mining tailings and waste are only part of the problem, but anything helps when nations like Hungary are spending billions on inherited messes.

They should move on to molten-glass Thorium reactors really though, Uranium's so 1945.

Comment Re:MS the bastion of transparancy and openness :) (Score 1) 532

Don't forget the royalties MS was also demanding on all PC clones, regardless of OS, claiming the BIOS routines were theirs.
Compaq wrote their own and were notoriously "almost compatible" because of it.

It wasn't until it was struck down in court I believe in 1995 that that cash stream ended.

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