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Comment The IKEA effect? Are you serious? (Score 1) 263

The IKEA effect? Are you serious?

I'm from a poor background where we always had cheap crappy furniture we bought at [insert department store] and put together ourselves, this also continued for a bit into my adulthood until I had my career going, and at no point have I ever taken pride in that stuff, and I certainly never valued it more than good hand made furniture.

Is this really happening? Are people really excited that they put pegs into side B and tightened down the lock nut?
Man I think you have to have come from a well off background to think that way in the first place. Either that or this is an entirely made up thing.

Comment Re:How much they earn (Score 1) 844

You really need to educate yourself on effective tax rates. When half the guys in the top 10 are saying it's not fair then maybe your argument is on a losing side.
The political system in this country is for sale, and they have the most money so they bought it. Get with the program.

Comment Re:This is why we don't listen to your rants (Score 1) 844

I can't believe there are still people who make this argument without getting laughed out of the room. Firstly just one second thinking about it points out how dumb your statement is:

1% of the wealthy pay 38% of income taxes... yet we have established already that they have 90% of the wealth. So..

90% of the wealth is paying 38% of the taxes
the remaining 10% is paying 62% of the taxes.

Also, look up effective tax rates. The wealth PAY THE LEAST by percentage and everyone knows it, except you apparently.

Comment Re:"Hello police (Score 1) 410

Oohhh "radioactivity", that makes it a million times as bad, right? No, there was no potential for any radiation danger to his neighbors here (unless he actually built a working reactor, which he was quite far from).

You might want to familiarize yourself with the case of David Hahn. A 17 year old kid who tried to build a nuclear reactor in his moms shed and dangerously exposed his entire neighborhood.

Comment Re:Your poor business decisions are not Apple's fa (Score 2) 660

First off, grats on being the 50th person to make that obvious but not well thought out observation.

Secondly, it's completely wrong. Starting a business with a narrow focus is typically what you do and it's what is preached in schools. Find something that you think can make a profit, focus on it, and do it well. In this case they had something until Apple decided they wanted it.
You can't blame them for trying.

Comment Re:Insane (Score 2, Informative) 2058

I'm amazed at how many people are (t)rolling out the line "If everyone could pay on the spot then they'd only pay $75 when they needed it".

Don't you think the policy makers would involve some sort of penalty?

They tried that first. $500 bills after the fact. Not enough people paid so they stopped.

What is wrong with everyone in a society all paying for something that nearly everyone benefits from? Like fire protection? Newflash, the free market just doesn't work for everything.

Comment religious groups getting preferential treatment (Score 1) 357

This really shouldn't even be a story. How is this guy using the Geek Squad trademark to promote his business any different from someone using it to promote their door to door vacuum sales? It's not and he should be stopped, but yet here we are arguing the merits.
Don't give me any of that non-profit crap either, I know a lot of small business owners who get by on a lot less than this guy probably does.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 248

"games currently suck".

I don't agree with MW2 not having dedicated servers, in fact I think it stinks, but that statement is just flat wrong.

There are games made for every taste in every style imaginable from huge rpgs backed by $20million dollar budgets down to simple indie games made by some guy with some spare time and a great idea. We not only get these games on PCs, we get them on consoles, we get them on our mobile devices, we have new ways to control things, we can integrate in facebook, the list goes on. Meanwhile you cannot name me one genre that someone isn't making a game in right now. Okay so the $20million dollar games are no longer point and click adventure games like Myst, well big deal, if that's what you want you can find it. Platformers, arcade shooters, rpgs, first person shooters, strategy all being made at all levels of development and you can probably multiplayer most of them too.

So mr. jaded Internet forum guy, It's my opinion that if you can't be happy with the way gaming is right now, then you will never be happy with it in the future and never would have been happy with it in the past. Maybe the problem is you.

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