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Comment Re:So the bible says the devil is a christian? (Score 1) 447

Some issues with the logic here. Being Christian (and I am of the Roman Catholic variety - although pretty ecumenical), the concept is not JUST that you believe in the Son of God but that you also follow his teachings. Someone mentioned the Nicene Creed. I think that sums up the components to be considered Christian, as well. It's not 1 single statement (such as "I believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God"). It covers quite a bit more territory than that. So Satan did, in fact, believe in the Son of God but he did not, obviously, prescribe to or follow His teachings.

Comment Re:Wine (Score 1) 164

Shouldn't his accountant be taking care of this? And if he's in business for himself with no accountant, maybe he should consider another line of work. Kind of like managing your own legal dealings (what, he used S Corp for Dummies to incorporate?).

Submission + - At What Price Life? 1

theodp writes: "A week ago, Princeton prof Peter Singer made a case in the NY Times for Why We Must Ration Health Care, questioning whether it's worth paying $54,000 to provide an advanced kidney cancer patient with a drug called Sutent to give him an extra six months. This week, the Chicago Tribune looks at the same question from the perspective of pet owners, including a couple who felt $14,000 for a kidney transplant for their cat was money well spent. As the United States faces the possibility of explicit health care rationing to get value for billions spent on universal care, a bigger question than ever will be: How much we should spend to save a life?"

Comment Re:The last SGI isn't the SGI of old... (Score 1) 107

Well, arguably, SGI didn't innovate in CPUs - that was MIPS which they bought and then sold again. No, their real innovation was in graphics and system architecture, IMO.

Correct. Specifically, they were phenomenal in terms of their "backplane." ccNUMA, later NUMAFlex was an incredibly scalable way to communicate between nodes and is how they scaled Origin and Altix. Crazy scalable.


Submission + - Windows vs. Linux (

An anonymous reader writes: The real OS comparison as put forth by Microsoft. Apparently RedHat is the Linux and it is expensive, insecure yada yada and windows is awesome, secure and more cost effective. Unix sucks and is outdated so on and so forth. And the worst part is I followed a banner from slashdot to this MS comparison site were we can learn about how great Windows really is. Its more for entertainment value than anything but is it ever entertaining.

Submission + - SPAM: Obama Introduces Puppy In Politics ?

kvn-nass writes: "Obama Introduces Puppy In Politics ? It is the most widely anticipated appointment of Barack Obama's new administration and today, after months of fevered speculation, the White House welcomed the new First Dog. With one hand round his youngest daughter Sasha, the President used his other hand to pet Bo, a six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog, as the First Lady Michelle and their other daughter Malia looked on. The lucky canine is a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy and his wife Victoria to the President's daughters. The dog was bred at the kennels in Texas and sold to someone who returned it."
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Submission + - Don't blame h1-b employees for all the woes (

An anonymous reader writes: There were a lot of H1-B articles posted on slashdot recently which are mostly making a case against h1-b. I stumbled on this study which lists the benefits of h1-b. The abstract is as follows "Most specifications find little impact on the invention rates of native U.S. workers, although a small crowding-in effect may exist. Most increases in U.S. innovation with higher H-1B admissions come through direct contributions of the immigrants themselves." the original study is at: Another report is at:

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