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Comment Re:Those who do not study the past (Score 2) 135

If you want to fault this, you would probably do much better questioning the ability of a user to create refined designs on the level of rocket science with just his hands floating in mid air. There's nothing to press against, nothing to provide feedback. That would require very intricate control indeed.

Right, if you had never done any drafting (by which I mean even just one class in autocad, good old-fashioned drafting, or both) then you might reasonably think that this would be a problem. But since you can draw shapes and then re-dimension them afterwards, or you can draw shapes constrained to dimensions, in practice this isn't really a limitation. It's just another issue which has to be taken into account when designing the interface. Perhaps arm motion will handle large-scale motion and finger motion will provide fine adjustment. In any case, just like gorilla arm syndrome, this is an issue which can be "solved" in the interface design.

Comment Re:Burning man sucks (Score 1) 167

Every single person that I've ever met that has attended burning man has been an insipid, self absorbed, liberal yuppie that thinks living in a straw bail house would be great, though they've never actually been in one.

Odds are they can spell the common four-letter word "bale" correctly. Why don't you go do what you wrote?

Comment Re:Cell Phones (Score 1) 167

If you really need a phone, get an Iridium phone. Reception should be great; the whole sky is visible on the playa.

Or use your own device with one of the more obscure wireless networking technologies to a satellite uplink... finally a reason to use hughesnet. Enjoy the latency!

Comment Re:Cell Phones (Score 1) 167

First off, the Tech Titans that go to Burning Man fly in private jets and stay in "Pay to Play" camps.

Nine air charter companies now serve Burning Man. No waiting in line with the peons, either. The temporary airport (88NV) has its own ticket gate.

If you really need a phone, get an Iridium phone. Reception should be great; the whole sky is visible on the playa.

Comment Re:Disappointing (Score 1) 64

It's narcissism and egotism encapsulated into one site,

What is, Slashdot? Oh, you were talking about Facebook.

We have some of the great and talented programmers working on marketing, advertising and data-mining. We need less of that shit in the world as it is, and more towards solving real, worthwhile problems.

Let peace begin with you. Stop whining about facebook, and go solve some real, worthwhile problems.

Comment Re:more like (Score 1) 329

There are always work-arounds, but why not build it into the core so it actually works well?

Well right now I'm using an MK908 with Finless 1.4 and hoabycsr's kernel, it runs XBMC and Netflix fine. That's an option. Not a great one.

There's some android boxes with ethernet out which run XBMC properly, that'd be another possibility. They run Netflix fine.

Comment Re:The past called.. (Score 2) 103

It should not come as a surprise to anyone. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be here, only that the summary sucks. It should have something new and interesting in it.

It should be obvious to anyone who is familiar with both GPS and DtoA. Which should be all of you by now, goddamn it.

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