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Comment Re:competitive? (Score 1) 265

Doesn't that 20 cents pay for more than just SMS messaging though? I've never run a business before, but it wouldn't make much sense to me if I found out that these carriers are only investing the money they make from SMS messages into SMS messaging. I would think that the 20 cents helps pay for the company as a whole.

Comment Re:Without "actually" compromising net neutrality (Score 1) 120

He wasn't implying that this deal would compromise net neutrality in spirit. Towards the end of the article he even states that the deal would not only keep net neutrality in tact, but it would enhance it.

"With servers so close to users, Google could not only send its data faster but also avoid sending it over the Internet backbone that connects service providers and for which they all pay. This would save space for other traffic — and money for both Verizon and Google, as their backbone bills decline (wishful thinking, but theoretically possible). Net neutrality would be not only intact, but enhanced. "

Comment AT&T, Iphones, Verizon, and Droids (Score 1) 251

If and when an Iphone is available for Verizon customers, would that open the door to possible Droid phones being available on AT&T's network? Or, would it be possible that Verizon would ditch Droid because Apple wouldn't let them sell their phones on the Verizon network if they didn't? I think Verizon dropping the Droid would be less likely simple because Apple doesn't have much leverage over Verizon. At this point I think Apple needs Verizon more than Verizon needs Apple.

Comment Re:The cop committed perjury or he's very bad at m (Score 1) 526

I find it difficult to believe that you are such an expert on human nature that you can generalize about the motivations of people who decide to become police officers. Especially when all that generalization really amounts to is nothing more than insulting people who risk their lives to protect you so you can continue to be a dick who doesn't have a clue.

Are their bad cops? Of course there are. But the vast majority of police officers are just like everyone else. They want to go to work, do their jobs, and then go home and be with their families.

Comment Re:They can be art (Score 1) 733

Actually, art is something that serves no purpose other than being itself. That is why video games can't be art. Because they serve a purpose. That is why a newborn isn't art despite it's ability to stir up emotions. Because technically that is so we go on as a species.

I have to disagree with your definition of art. If we accept your definition, then many of the people we consider famous for producing works of art would be excluded because one purpose for the art was to make a living.


The Fruit Fly Drosophila Gets a New Name 136

G3ckoG33k writes "The name of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster will change to Sophophora melangaster. The reason is that scientists have by now discovered some 2,000 species of the genus and it is becoming unmanageably large. Unfortunately, the 'type species' (the reference point of the genus), Drosophila funebris, is rather unrelated to the D. melanogaster, and ends up in a distant part of the relationship tree. However, geneticists have, according to Google Scholar, more than 300,000 scientific articles describing innumerable aspects of the species, and will have to learn the new name as well as remember the old. As expected, the name change has created an emotional (and practical) stir all over media. While name changes are frequent in science, as they describe new knowledge about relationships between species, these changes rarely hit economically relevant species, and when they do, people get upset."

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