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Comment Re:How about just not naming them real names? (Score 1) 410

I know you mean the in-game command console rather than a game console like the xbox, but not everybody is familiar with the game :)

OTOH, the weapon names were changed to be even less similar to their real life counterparts in the original xbox console port (CS not CS:S). Deagle became Night Hawk etc. Obviously the xbox port lacked a command console so I don't think there's a way to see if they changed the actual item names as well as the UI labels.

Comment Re:Heh... Radical...Islamists...redundant... (Score 1) 564

As an actual Scot living near Glasgow, I'd say...

1. Move to Scotland. Unless you're rich, in which case move to a tax haven.
2. Use any excuse to get drunk. Waking up in the morning, for example, should be properly celebrated.
3. Occasionally wonder what both sides aren't telling us about the Independence question, then give up and drink more.
4. Use the word "cunt" primarily as punctuation.

There's more to it than that, of course (like pretending to enjoy haggis) but start with the items above and you'll be well on your way.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 228

This is where the popular AV/security companies should have taken notice and met customer demands...rather than trying to bundle all this "value" shit and obtuse flashy menu and window designs.

The reason for this is simple: out of sight, out of mind. Why would you pay for something so transparent you didn't even know it was there?

If your AV software isn't constantly reminding you of the threat of viruses and malware, are you going to take it seriously when it comes to resubscription time?

The companies pushing paid AV software want the user to cough up again when the user gets the "Resubscribe or face the terrible consequences!" message. They want the user to think "Hm, well this thing bugged me constantly with stupid popups and warnings, but it sure did report finding a lot of 'maliciousy-wormy-trojany-malwares' (read: tracking cookies, false positives and other nonsense) and my computer is still kinda working. I guess I'd better pay up.".

The last thing they want the user thinking is "This thing didn't even report a single virus... so either I didn't get any, in which case I don't need it, or it just didn't detect them, in which case I don't want it."

Comment Re:timothy is apparently easily trolled (Score 1) 507

...they bicker all the time, have heated, uncivlized arguments about who is the better coder, what sort of software license works best, their choice of cellphone and whatnot.

If one of them has an Android phone and the other has an iPhone, then you fire the one with the iPhone. No real nerd would put up with Apple's walled garden.

If one of them has a Windows phone, you take him out the back and shoot him before he has a chance to breed. Not that it's likely.

Comment Re:UK as well (Score 1) 1387

The campaign switch to half-litres in UK pubs is unpopular because the UK pint is 568mL, so the fear is the change would result in a smaller serving with no accompanying reduction in price.

If both the US and the UK converted to half-litres instead of pints for beer, UK drinkers would lose 68mL per glass while US drinkers would gain 27mL per glass.

Yes, these are small differences in quantity, but some people do tend to get unreasonably bent out of shape over stuff like this. Being an avid beer drinker myself, I'm not sure I'd welcome the change. I'm all for the metric system, but beer is always a special case. ;)

Comment Re:Morons (Score 3, Insightful) 163

Nail. Head.

The very MINUTE a celebrity turns 18 (sometimes even earlier), they're hung on the Daily Mail's wall of shame, often with a headline in the vein of: "Ooh! Look! Celebrity X is all grown up! Here's some hawt pix!!!".

You can practically hear the heavy breathing in articles like this where the young age of the actress is the focus of the article. Seems odd for a newspaper that claims to campaign against the sexualization and commercialization of childhood, right?

Then there's the straight up porn stories. I mean.. wtf?

Just have a scroll down the "FEMAIL" column on the right of any page. The "articles" listed there really say it all.

They're hypocritical bastards of the worst kind.

Comment Re:Some kids are bully magents (Score 1) 684

This approach would not work for the other aspects you listed, but we are talking about schoolyard bullying here, not murder or rape.

As has been pointed out so many times here already, people like yourself are under the impression that bullying is trivial when it's clear that the results can be catastrophic. If an adult did to another person, child or adult, what some bullies do to their peers, they'd be locked up.

Its not as simple as saying that some evil kids are being nasty to some innocent child.

Actually, it is. We criminalize antisocial behaviour in adults. We should do everything in our power to stamp it out in children. Adults have supreme power to stop bullying, but society allows it to continue, and people like you just harp about "giving the victims the tools to blah blah..." while in any situation other than the schoolyard, we'd be talking about fines and jail sentences, and the people blaming the victims would be rightly ostracized.

All I am saying is, you are not doing these kids any favors by telling them they are victims powerless to defend themselves from bullying.

Powerless? I never said that. Victims, yes, but victimhood doesn't automatically imply powerlessness. I agree that the victims should stand up for themselves. I just don't think that's where responsibility should begin and end. The bully is to blame. Always. No exceptions.

I don't think I'm going to convince you, so I'll leave you with your belief that the bullying made you stronger. I'm sure it helps.

Comment Re:Izzy Kalman would agree: Bullies to Buddies (Score 1) 684

From a cursory examination of the texts you don't actually have to pay for, Izzy's ideas amount to "just don't give 'em the satisfaction", which in my experience does not work at all.

I'm also instantly skeptical of the fact that this program is a commercial enterprise, but perhaps that's common in the US. I dunno.

But hey, if it works for a few kids then it's better than nothing... at least he admits in the text that his methods won't actually stop all bullying.

Comment Re:Some kids are bully magents (Score 1) 684

Today, I do not blame the people who bullied me because I accept that seeking to establish your social rank in the pack this is a natural part of the social dynamics of humans ( as well as other social mammals ).

You don't blame them because they were just doing what animals do? You think so highly of your new friends!

Ridiculous comparisons to other social mammals aside, your post reeks of Stockholm Syndrome. The rationalization you mention in your post is alive and well in your own comments. To me, it looks like you've fabricated this framework of acceptance after the fact as a way to rationalize what happened to you.

Accepting it, and acting accordingly is the most efficient way of stopping bullying.

The problem is, when you replace the word "bullying" in that sentence with other "ugly aspects" of human nature, it begins to unravel.

Accepting it, and acting accordingly is the most efficient way of stopping emotional abuse.

Accepting it, and acting accordingly is the most efficient way of stopping physical assault.

Accepting it, and acting accordingly is the most efficient way of stopping sexual assault.

Accepting it, and acting accordingly is the most efficient way of stopping murder.

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