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Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 360

Let's see how you'd react when someone fired you because your "business model" of wanting to be paid for doing your job is outdated. Apart from the greed of record companies there are actually many people who work hard to create music. Shouldn't they be paid because you think that you should be able to get anything for free?

Explain that to the artist who gets 10 cents out of the dollar from the record company. Shouldn't he/she be paid fairly?

Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 2, Interesting) 360

The pack sold is not illegal in any way. it does not teach the owner how to break the law? it simply educates them about it.

I quite agree. Syfert himself puts it very well:

"If 19 cases costs them $5000 in attorney time, I wonder how many cases it'd take before their business model crumbles. That is unless they are going to actually work for a living."

It's funny cos it's true. The whole thing reminds me of record companies trying to hold THEIR outdated business model with ligitation, which is also funny; they are on borrowed time.

Except, this time it's not Joe Public. I hope this guys socks it to them. Huzzah

Comment Re:Wow, that's even worse (Score 5, Funny) 72

If everyone who had a bluetooth were able to communicate via their mind to their phone instead of audibly, that would save me a lot of confusion. I welcome it with open arms.

I realised recently that when I walk down the street and see someone talking to themself I now assume it's a Bluetooth headset. The other day this led to an interesting run-in with a good, old fashioned, crazy person. Sign of the times.


Submission + - Was there only one Big Bang? (

goldaryn writes: are running an interesting story about the work of Oxford-based theoretical physicist Roger Penrose.

Penrose has been studying CWB radiation and believes it's possible that space and time did not come into being at the Big Bang but that our universe in fact continually cycles through a series of "aeons". He believes that he has found evidence supporting his theory that the universe infinitely cycles, which contradicts current theory.

They thank Physics World , who ran the original story.

Comment Re:Yeah, right. (Score 2, Insightful) 178

Laws are not repealed by going out and breaking more laws.

Of course they are.

Quite effectively, too.

I actually have mod points at the moment, but instead of modding parent up, I want to reply in agreement.

I couldn't agree more. I'm sure Rosa Parks would as well.

I live in Britain and frankly, I feel disgusting at the way that ordinary people have been increasingly criminalised in recent years. Particularly since Blair, legislation has been more and more as a means of control. This is not a thought, it's a fact. Look at the statistics for the number of new pieces of legislation that came in under his tenure. I really don't like the way this country is going at the moment.

Now, I'm not going to go into the rights and wrongs of piracy, but I will say this one thing. The world is changing. Record companies still desperately cling onto the old models, and it make me laugh at their blinkeredness. When music copying is so mainstream that any kid with a PC can copy a CD, it starts to become clear to everyone bar the music companies and the governments they lobby that one way or another, things need to change. Just in case some of those people are reading, I will give you a few clues to get you started: how much is a track worth to a buyer? What percentage of that does the artist receive? How much of that SHOULD the artist receive? How much would the buyer pay if he/she felt the artist would receive FAIR royalties?

You made a lot of money for many years, give artists a fair deal, reduce your ridiculous profits and you MIGHT survive, record companies. Otherwise, I hope every single artist out there makes a website selling their MP3s and every single record company goes totally fucking bust.

Comment Grammmerz (Score 1, Funny) 83

"Thirty-three-year (1) old Scottsman (2) Matthew Anderson was sentenced this week (3) to 18 months in prison for orchestrating a malicious Trojan (4) campaign in 2006. The reason for his relatively light sentence? He apparently wasn't seeking to maximize profit like any normal, red-blooded hacker. Also, his timing was good (5). His arrest in June 2006 predated (6) by a matter of months the Police and Justice Act, which would likely have resulted in a harsher sentence. By comparison, David Kernell, who snooped in Sarah Palin's email, got a year in prison."

Let's play match the errors to the numbers, kids!

* Imaginary country
* Split infinitive
* Partial sentence
* Missing hyphen, implications of being a predator
* Oh, look! That hyphen reappeared

And my personal favourite:

* Hilarious capitalisation making it sound as though protagonist is leading an actual historical faction

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