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Journal Journal: Xbox 360 for one of my Slashdot friends 3

Hi all.

I have an extra Xbox 360 Core system that I would rather sell to one of my Slashdot friends than some random dude on an auction site.

Email your best offer in the $700 range to me at

I also request that whoever gets it from me sends a pic back of you or your kid playing it so I get some joy out of the hours I stood waiting in line in the cold while sick :)

Comment How can you think about this NOW?! (Score -1, Offtopic) 370

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Journal Journal: TGIF 2

I hope your Friday is going well!

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Journal Journal: Damn Slashdot janitors 1

For some reason the janitors have my home IP or subnet blocked from posting comments so I was unable to comment and participate in the MNF pick'em last nite.

Instructions: Post a comment below expressing your disgust with a particular way this site is run

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Journal Journal: Winner of this week's NFL pick'em & Pick'em for MNF tonite! 1

Work Account (that is me) won this week's NFL pick'em challenge 6-4, besting the 2nd place finisher ShadowWrought.

Pick'em for tonite's Monday Night Football game but be sure to include the total # of points scored. Whoever picks the winning team and has the point total closest to the real total (going over is OK, this is not the Price Is Right) wins.

Monday, October 31, 2005
9:00 pm
Baltimore 2-4
Pittsburgh 4-2

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Journal Journal: Pick 10 NFL teams to win this weekend 2

Comment below before 1pm Eastern time on Sunday October 30th with 10 teams you think will win.

That is, out of the 13 Sunday games listed below, pick who you think will win in 10 out of the 13 games.

The Slashdotter with the highest % of being correct wins!

I'll announce the winner Monday morning!

All times are US/Eastern

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