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Comment Only real perfomance test was the ESR Mouse Score (Score 5, Informative) 283

There has still never been a better mouse performance review than the ESR Mouse Score.

results comparisons :

He later reviewed the original Razer Deathadder and ran it through the same tests here :

But sadly I'm not aware of him doing any later tests, I would really love to see him do an ESR MouseScore 2011

Comment Re:The more it copies Chrome, the less reason to u (Score 2) 537

There is a reasonable bit more to NoScript than simply javascript yes/no per domain.

java, flash, silverlight, can be blocked
audio/video, iframe, frame, font-face tags can be blocked
then there is clickjacking prevention and the Application Boundaries Enforcer

(Though some may not be necessary on Chrome I admit I don't know the ins and outs of it's in build security features)

Comment great except for optimus atm (Score 1) 537

I like FF4 a lot but I can't use it as my main browser until fullscreen Youtube videos work properly with acceleration on an Nvidia Optimus system on win7 x64. In ff4 nightly builds (minefield) at the moment they just show up black, in 3.6.13 they are fine (though the OSDs flicker)

I've tried the flash 10.2 beta and that is worse, it crashes the 32bit builds when going fullscreen with Youtube and they then refuse to be terminated even by task manager :(

The 64bit ff4 does the same with the flash square x64 beta, but that does at least terminate.

Comment Re:Suing the wrong person (Score 1) 340

It's all very well saying he's suing the middle man, and should be going after the government as wikileaks only revealed what they had done.

but you're STILL going after the middle man then,

sue the doctors who gave names to "hypertension," "depression", "heart attack" and stroke" so that you may be in fear of them, they're clearly the real monsters here.

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