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Comment Engadget (Score 2) 71

Engadget. They reliably stay current on all new tech, review newly released portables (and sometimes before release), and filter out the crazy rumors that other sites seem to thrive on. They have a specifically mobile site as well:

They have RSS, and RSS via tag, I use google reader to capture everything android. Subscribe to: ... and this is available for any tag on the site. I believe you can filter tags out of the main site as well, handy for those Apple keynote days if you're not interested.

Comment Re:Lumens? (Score 4, Informative) 48

910 lm

"Perhaps because of those tough requirements, only Philips has officially entered the competition thus far – and that was nearly two years ago, back in September 2009. Over the past 18 months, its 910 lm design, which Philips says operates with an efficacy of 93.4 lm/W at a warm-white color temperature of 2727 K and offers a color rendering index of 93, has been put through extensive testing."

Submission + - DOE Announces Philips as L Prize Winner (

JStyle writes: The DOE has officially announced a winner of the L Prize, awarding Philips with the 60 W Incandescent Bulb replacement. Philips' LED light bulb won using less than 10 W of electricity while claiming a life of greater than 25,000 hours. The light bulb is set to go on sale as early as spring of 2012. Pricing is yet unavailable.

Submission + - Sony Crowned 'Epic Fail' at Pwnie Awards (

hypnosec writes: Hackers’ hot favourite victim Sony Corp. has won an award at the Black Hat conference held in Las Vegas this week. However, much to the embarrassment of the company, the award it nailed was in the category of the “Epic Fail” of the year. The Pwnie award, which is kind of close being an Oscar equivalent in the hackers-community, awarded this ‘honour’ to Sony following the series of hack attacks it was subjected to a few months back, which saw the company’s PlayStation and PC Gaming Networks, as well as many other services suffering heavily through the hands of cyber criminals.

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