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Comment Re:I live in Belgium... (Score 1) 731

Correcting other posters; "ge" and "gij" are *correct* words, not slang, not colloquialisms, and not regional variants. They are only considered archaic by Dutch-speakers from the Netherlands who started using the "je" and "jij" words fairly recently in history. Every Dutch dictionary recognises these words.

ISO Rejects OOXML Protest Appeals 258

snydeq writes "ISO and IEC gave OOXML the greenlight after organization leaders rejected appeals from four countries to protest the vote that approved OOXML as a standard. According to an ISO press statement, appeals by the national bodies of Brazil, India, South Africa and Venezuela did not garner support from two-thirds of the members of the ISO Technical Management Board and IEC Standardization Management Board, which is required by ISO/IEC rules to keep the appeals process alive."

Best and Worst Coding Standards? 956

An anonymous reader writes "If you've been hired by a serious software development house, chances are one of your early familiarization tasks was to read company guidelines on coding standards and practices. You've probably been given some basic guidelines, such as gotos being off limits except in specific circumstances, or that code should be indented with tabs rather than spaces, or vice versa. Perhaps you've had some more exotic or less intuitive practices as well; maybe continue or multiple return statements were off-limits. What standards have you found worked well in practice, increasing code readability and maintainability? Which only looked good on paper?"

Submission + - Shuttleworth: No negotiations with Microsoft! (markshuttleworth.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Seeking to end the various discussions about Ubuntu partnering with Microsoft, Mark Shuttleworth, with a post to his blog today, makes it clear that they have "declined to discuss any agreement with Microsoft under the threat of unspecified patent infringements". Shuttleworth seems to share most peoples' feelings on this entire business by saying that 'Allegations of "infringement of unspecified patents" carry no weight whatsoever.' http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/127

Submission + - Cell SPU at 4Ghz and ~25% smaller (beyond3d.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Beyond3D reports that Toshiba has migrated the Stream Processing Units found on the Cell processors away from its previously custom design towards a synthesizable design that can be easily integrated into new processors. The new design created an SPU that 20-30% smaller than the SPUs found in the Cell, although it is 10% slower at the same frequency. However, the new design is capable of hitting 4Ghz, much faster than current SPUs.

Submission + - Microsoft UK Seeking BSA Audits More Persistently

Comply or Else writes: "Worried that it's not getting enough license revenue, Microsoft UK is now planning to be more persistent in seeking BSA audits. According to the article, "Most companies comply [when sent requests for an audit], but up to 3 percent don't. Under the new program, if Microsoft doesn't receive a response after 14 days, the company will send a succession of three 'escalation' letters over three weeks. The last two letters warn the case could be turned over the BSA, which could pursue legal action." Microsoft goes on to claim that 27% of software in the UK is improperly licensed, of course they also think that "[Microsoft's] audit and asset management teams also can look for ways the company can save money." To be fair, though, these audits cause one way to save money to spring to mind."

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