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Comment Re:Summary is sexist, story is stupid (Score 2) 214

In chess there are no such thing as men's tournaments -- women can join any tournament. It is just men who cannot play in women's tournaments. So the argument that women simply are barred the opportunity to play against stronger competition doesn't hold water. In fact, Hou Yifan herself has played in many large tournaments with mixed genders, but has never done as well as she does in women's only events.

Comment Re:And he needs a computer to do it for curves (Score 3, Insightful) 473

Okay, I realize you're probably just trolling here, but you do realize that he reinvented integration, not just learned how to solve a couple of integrals, right?

It says something sad about the state of interdisciplinary communication that this was considered worthy of publication, but if you think it reflects poorly on his intelligence, you're missing the point.

Comment Re:Linux ? (Score 1) 123

Not at all. Blizzard has been supporting Mac since SC1 over 10 years ago. They've never supported Linux. So their current support for Macs says absolutely nothing about future plans regarding Linux :( However, their games also have a long long history of running great under Wine.

Comment Re:Linus (Score 5, Informative) 909

By his own measure, he says about 2% of the code in today's kernel is written by him, but about 80% of it goes through him before being included. It's unrealistic to expect any one person to have a significant percentage of Linux code literally belong to them, so it would be disingenuous to use that 2% figure as some sort of argument to undermine Linus' authority with regards to the kernel.

Like him or not, Linus is still the man in linux kernel development circles, and for good reason.

Comment Re:My office mate from India (Score 3, Insightful) 355

It is done in India and it has no gay connotations whatsoever. In fact I think you'd offend and confuse anyone by suggesting it is related to homosexuality. Walking down the street holding hands with your male relative or friend is just done, the same way shaking hands (for instance) isn't gay here.

Comment Re:Not surprising at all (Score 1) 509

I discovered this same relationship (empirically) while dicking around learning Scheme. I don't know what journal these guys got published in but I doubt it's anything more than a journal of exposition. The result is 'obvious' to anyone with mathematical training and I can think of at least two ways to prove it off the top of my head.

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