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The Undeclared "Cyber Cold War" With China 260

First time accepted submitter lacaprup writes "Chinese-based hacking of 760 different corporations reflects a growing, undeclared cyber war. From giants like Intel and Google to unknowns like iBahn, the Chinese hackers are accused of stealing everything isn't nailed down. Simply put, it is easier and cheaper to steal rather than develop the legal way. China has consistently denied it has any responsibility for hacking that originated from servers on its soil, but — based on what is known of attacks from China, Russia and other countries — a declassified estimate of the value of the blueprints, chemical formulas and other material stolen from U.S. corporate computers in the last year reached almost $500 billion"

Comment Re:No they can't (Score 1) 210

In philosophy all things are cherry cheese cake. That's why we use a use an actually useful subset of philosophy called logic.

Anything that's red is cherry cheese cake and is delicious. Any thing that's Delicious can be eaten. Things that can be eaten that are not edible are eaten by looking at them and appreciating there deliciousness and feeding the soul.

Comment Re:No they can't (Score 1) 210

You can't prove a negative is not a rule of logic. Go back to school.

Can you prove 2+2 is not equal to 58.
No you can't prove a negative.

Assume 2+2= 58
2= 1+1

1+1+1+1= count them =4
initial assumption is false
2+2 is in fact not equal to 58 negative proved. This is a counter example to the statement "You can't prove a negative"
"You can't prove a negative" is false


Yes you can make general statements that are true.
"All general statements are false" is not a rule of logic. Go back to school.

"2+2 is always equal to 4". Is a general statement.
1+1+1+1=count them =4
4=4 true
The particular general statement "2+2 is always equal to 4" is true. "2+2 is always equal to 4" is a counter example to "All general statements are false".
"All general statements are false" is, in fact, its self false.

Comment Re:Probably not (Score 1) 745

With any intelligent socially interacting species, I suspect, such evolutionarily advantageous features are sure to be an exaggerated part of the species anatomy. It's the non-rare boob theory of exobiology.

Comment Re:Something I think is probably unique to Earth. (Score 1) 745

Don't despair, you mentioned several nutrient sharing methods that animals on earth have. An enlarged gland that secretes nutrient solution has many advantages and may be common in the universe. They may have variation in location, number and type, but I'm sure there are analogues on alien species. That is, if we ever could observe them.


Quantum Coherence Found Fueling Photosynthesis 135

Gaygirlie writes "Ars Technica has posted an interesting article about new findings regarding quantum physics and photosynthesis. Their excerpt for the article: 'Physicists have found the strongest evidence yet of quantum effects fueling photosynthesis. Multiple experiments in recent years have suggested as much, but it has been hard to be sure. Quantum effects were clearly present in the light-harvesting antenna proteins of plant cells, but their precise role in processing incoming photons remained unclear.' Here's a little background info for those unaware of what coherence and quantum coherence are."

WikiLeaks Publishes Cable Archive In Full 296

We recently discussed news that WikiLeaks had complained of a password leak which threatened the encryption of unredacted documents contained in the Cablegate archive. Now, reader solanum writes with this update: "According to the Guardian, 'WikiLeaks has published its full archive of 251,000 secret US diplomatic cables, without redactions, potentially exposing thousands of individuals named in the documents to detention, harm or putting their lives in danger. The move has been strongly condemned by the five previous media partners – the Guardian, New York Times, El Pais, Der Spiegel and Le Monde – who have worked with WikiLeaks publishing carefully selected and redacted documents.' In the same article The Guardian gives further explanation of the controversy reported earlier, suggesting that Assange went against standard protocol in providing the master password to the newspaper."

EPIC Files For Rehearing In Body Scanner Case 95

OverTheGeicoE writes "The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed for a rehearing in their case against DHS regarding airport body scanners. In their latest court filing (PDF), EPIC argues that last month's ruling requiring a public comment period but no other changes was based on incorrect information. From TFA: '"The court overstated the effectiveness of the body scanner devices and understated the degree of the privacy intrusion to the travelling public," stated EPIC President Marc Rotenberg. EPIC's petition challenged the Court's finding that the devices detect "liquid and powders," which was never established and was not claimed by the government. EPIC also argued that the court wrongly concluded that the TSA is not subject to a federal privacy law that prohibits video voyeurism. The panel found that TSA body scanner employees are "engaged in law enforcement activity," contrary to the TSA's own regulations.' Note that this is a request for a rehearing with the same court that rejected their request to stop TSA's use of body scanners. It is not an appeal to a higher court. Is EPIC likely to obtain a more favorable ruling from the same court?"

Comment Re:Why the idle? (Score 1) 136

Exactly! There is nothing wrong with what they are doing. The air plane is not for going in to space. It's how they will sharpen their skills. Then they will move on. This clean slate method can work. I don't know how long it will take and at some point they will need to procure a lot of fuel and materials but the project is in its planning stage. Good luck to them.

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