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Comment Re:Have You Noticed Any Personal Income Loss? (Score 1) 987

SEO. Exactly. I self-published a book on Lulu, made it available all over by purchasing an ISBN, and put up a website with samples, some SEO, and a completely free PDF version (Creative Commons). Searching for my book or parts of my book title lead you to... my book, then a few other places also hosting copies of the PDF and linking back to my site. So the answer is, do a better job of branding the book online. Period. For reference, it's a PHP Book: http://www.phpreferencebook.com/

Comment Re:You wouldn't believe how many ebooks I have (Score 1) 468

Or you could just download books released under Creative Commons. Just sayin'. I always will release digital versions in PDF for free, and only charge for the Kindle version because they kinda make you (so it's really cheap). Maybe it's the wrong crowd, it is a PHP Book after all, but none-the-less, you wouldn't have bought it if it was for sales digitally, so might as well share it. http://www.phpreferencebook.com/

Comment Re:PHP.net is great. (Score 1) 538

I still use php.net a ton for the nitty gritty of everything, but for 90% of it all, I found it sometimes tedious to deal with. If you want EVERYTHING, it's great. I dunno, in a way it inspired me to write a php book because I was spending too much time trying to figure out sprintf() because it's not very beginner friendly. Since I mentioned it, I'll post a link to the book blog and the creative commons pdf version (complete): phpreferencebook.com.

I also really like going to tizag.com for their tutorials and plain jane explanations.

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