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Comment Re:Climate science... (Score 1) 371

Yes, Venus has large amounts of gaseous CO2, but is also has vast amounts of liquid and gaseous methane. Part of the reason Venus is so hot, is because each molecule of methane will retain approximately 40x the heat energy of every CO2 molecule. It also causes negative reinforcement feedback loops, with the interactions it has with solar radiation, oxygen, nitrogen and CO2.

Atmospheric methane is a sink for chlorine, but reacts with CO2 to create volatile and non-volatile organic compounds and with the nitrous oxide in the atmosphere to create ammonia compounds. The ammonia compounds then enter a feedback loop with the chlorine molecules where it creates hydrochloric acid, which tends to interact in non-pleasant ways with the O3 and H2O molecules that are also present.

As far as methane cycles go, there is no more such thing as a normal methane cycle for some of the reasons I've previously mentioned. It was known as far back as 1913 that the "natural" methane cycles would be toast because of ever increasing rice production, let alone in the current period, when we're adding in many metric tons of methane into the atmosphere directly as a byproduct of natural gas extraction. The Alaskan-Canadian-Siberian permafrost areas are also now releasing their stored methane (and CO2) into the atmosphere at ever increasing rates.

It's interesting to note that in the 25 years prior to 1993, rice production had increased 47%, and that the current estimates of production from 1993 onward to 2020, will increase by approximately 156%.

As far as timescales go, it's hard to tell, we've already done more damage in 200 years as a species than anyone could have possibly imagined. One of the earlier climate researchers (about 1989 or so) theorized that in those short 200 years, we had already pushed the human-habitable lifespan of the planet 3/4ths of the way to completion.

Comment IF they do this (Score 1) 592

Some things that would happen:

1) Game rental companies like Gamefly either go completely out of business or become mobile/PC only.

2) Gamestop goes completely out of business, after spending all of their money in court suing the big three.

3) Sales for all of the next-gen consoles never rise to the levels of the previous generations.

4) Many customers that were unaware of this "feature" become very irate when they run into it, and return the consoles in droves for refunds.

5) There are lawsuits against the big three (and make no mistake, where Sony and Microsoft go, Nintendo will follow) for violating the Right of First Sale (similar to US First Sale Doctrine, only without the numerous loopholes that favor corporations) in the EU. The European Court of Justice has already determined in a large case involving Oracle that it doesn't matter if the software comes on physical media, or is downloaded, the original purchaser has the right of resale. The EU will spank the big three if they attempt to enforce these restrictions.

Comment Re:Climate science... (Score 1) 371

I used Venus as an example for two reasons: To illustrate exactly what all of this methane can do when we're this close to the sun (along with the other greenhouse gases common to both Venus and Earth), and because Venus has vast amounts of methane in its atmosphere, giving us a pretty accurate picture of what can happen with the current accelerating rates of methane gas release (methane geysers in the sea bed, expanding rice fields, larger cattle herds, hydro-fracking).

Methane is a far worse greenhouse-type gas than CO2

Comment Climate science... (Score 0, Offtopic) 371

To deny what is happening is beyond ridiculous. This planet now has less ice being formed at the caps and in glaciers and more water vapor, methane, etc in the atmosphere than it did even five years ago. The average temperatures for water at the caps alone is rising at an alarming rate.

I've actually gone to places where historically, there have been glaciers solidly covering the ground for well over 25,000+ years, and there was nothing but bare rock, with the glaciers having receded more than five+ miles up the valley towards the mountain tops.

Some of these particular glaciers, only receded that far within the last fifteen years.

The last time we've had these particular conditions occurring, there were tropical and sub-tropical forests and swamps in places where they are in no way currently found (aka when some dinosaurs still roamed).

What is happening, is our pollution is compounding on the natural cooling and warming cycles, and pushing us much farther into a warming cycle than we've ever dealt with in recorded history.

What is scary, is the CO2 we've pushed into the atmosphere in record tonnage, is melting permafrost layers in Canada, Alaska, Siberia and other places, releasing several hundred thousand metric tons of methane into the atmosphere every day, which is MANY times worse than CO2 (picture Venus), and just reinforces and pushes the global temperature rise even further.

Comment Hopefully... (Score 2) 141

It will be built with security in mind, and won't use Javascript or PHP in any fashion, or allow modules that involve them to interact with the software in question.

Some of the biggest problems I've seen over the years involving compromised forums have almost always involved issues with those two (with the 3rd most common being they were run on Microsoft's web services).

Comment Re:No more time travel! (Score 1) 735

That comic had a good story at first, and slowly degraded over time into utter absurdity. I think this was because he had IRL issues he was dealing with. So yes, it was good he finally ended the main story, and got back to the randoms that just make fun of life in general.

Comment Microsoft and Wine (Score 1) 474

So, let's say Valve goes full-steam ahead on this project and starts actually selling these consoles, and presumably implements Wine to get DirectX games to run. What is going to prevent Microsoft from suing the shit out of them under the DMCA for using Wine (which at best, is in an extremely gray area legally when used on US computers)?

The way the Wine devs develop and implement their code is not "clean", and they pretty much admitted they violate the DMCA in their own posts.

Comment Skype multi-user (Score 1) 46

It's abysmal. The sound quality is mediocre at best, and you better hope whomever hosts the call (if you do a group voice chat, the host becomes the "node" everyone else in the group goes through) has good upload bandwidth. If not, the entire thing sounds like shit.

I can see it now, how miserable it would work on XBox Live, with 30+ users and the "host" has a 768kb DSL upload rate.

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