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Comment Re:No more time travel! (Score 1) 735

That comic had a good story at first, and slowly degraded over time into utter absurdity. I think this was because he had IRL issues he was dealing with. So yes, it was good he finally ended the main story, and got back to the randoms that just make fun of life in general.

Comment Microsoft and Wine (Score 1) 474

So, let's say Valve goes full-steam ahead on this project and starts actually selling these consoles, and presumably implements Wine to get DirectX games to run. What is going to prevent Microsoft from suing the shit out of them under the DMCA for using Wine (which at best, is in an extremely gray area legally when used on US computers)?

The way the Wine devs develop and implement their code is not "clean", and they pretty much admitted they violate the DMCA in their own posts.

Comment Skype multi-user (Score 1) 46

It's abysmal. The sound quality is mediocre at best, and you better hope whomever hosts the call (if you do a group voice chat, the host becomes the "node" everyone else in the group goes through) has good upload bandwidth. If not, the entire thing sounds like shit.

I can see it now, how miserable it would work on XBox Live, with 30+ users and the "host" has a 768kb DSL upload rate.

Comment Google is your friend (Score 1) 433

Dear AC who submitted this:

Google is useful for this kind of stuff. I found program listings from Oregon State, University of Illinois-Springfield, and MANY others.

Online baccalaureate programs. Several with the option to complete in as little as 1-3 years depending on your ability. And yes, real programs with real degrees, not just those hokey certificates from Coursera or the like.

No offense, but you're a Senior Software Engineer and didn't use at least a Google search first?

Oh my.

Comment Monsanto, DOW, etc (Score 1) 204

GMOs, GMOs... leading producers of such, like DOW Chemical and Monsanto...yes, we should really be trusting such to not harm the food supply or hold it for ransom. Right.

Monsanto is still trying to claim Dioxin/Agent Orange doesn't harm humans, thus they have no responsibility for cleaning up the production sites in the southern USA or the results of that production in Vietnam.

They however, lost a class-action suit in WV this year (one of the production sites for AO amongst many other nasty chemicals).

These are not the people we should be allowing anywhere near this type of research, let alone be granting them patents on organisms.

I am all for doing it in an ethical manner, with reasonable testing, etc. Many of these corporations doing this though, have proven many, MANY times over that they are not in the least bit ethical, and love skipping corners to boost share prices.

Comment VLC for WinRT (Score 1) 210

Silly me, and here I thought they'd need that $65k or more just to pay the licensing fees for things like libdvdcss. And yes, I know it is not just that one and that there are other free codecs they also use. But to be legal in the USA or France for that matter, unless they pony up the license fees for the codecs (mainly to MPEG-LA).

Microsoft is not about to let a media "app" without the license fees paid for those particular codecs into its appstore.

As we all know anyhow, the VLC people kind of ignore some laws anyhow. Microsoft, however, can't get away with it (at least not with the EU watching for the slightest stumble).

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