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Comment Re:Plumbers (Score 2) 417

I don't think IT guys want to control your bathtub. They are more like want to prevent you to bring in your private jacuzzi to the 10th floor, when there is already a regular bathtub. And you are the reckless guy who causes flood on the floors 1-9 despite the plumbers' advice.

Comment what a bullshit! (Score 1) 287

I played through every good game, some even more than once. I even play some really old games now (like Baldur's Gate) or remakes of old games (like King's Bounty). And follow FreeOrion, ScummVM and similar efforts to recreate old, but good games. The present "game industry" is not targeting me any more, so I rarely find good games nowadays, I have to resort to play the same old games.

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