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Comment There's a lot of that (Score 1) 240

You find that many places post these amazing Speedtest scores. There was some ISP in Riga (Latvia) that was showing extremely high results... However when you do some more extensive testing it doesn't seem to bear out. So why is that? Well because they run their own Speedtest server and operate their stuff like a big WAN.

It is not so hard to provide a big link internal to your network. It is a lot harder (meaning more expensive) to provide enough backhaul to make it fast to the majority of the world.

I mean I can truthfully say I have a gig here at work. I can do a Speedtest to show it... to the Speedtest server in our datacenter down the hall. Off campus I still see good connection speeds, but nowhere near a gig, as we have only about a gig of bandwidth for the whole campus.

Most US ISPs don't offer big links to customer houses, but they do tend to keep oversubscription manageable so you usually get around your rated bandwidth. What you find is that places that offer off the charts Internet speeds for cheap prices are doing WAN like setups and there isn't the backhaul to support it.

Comment Because US love and US hate (Score 3, Insightful) 240

There are more than a few people out there who seem to think that there are two positions one can be in: #1 and utter crap, at least when it comes to the US. So if the US isn't #1 in something, then it is utter crap, a third world shithole, a loser, etc.

In come cases it is the overly zealous "We're #1" America lovers who really do think the US is the best EVAR at everything. They just can't handle second best at anything, ever.

In more cases it is people who like to hate on the US, for whatever various reasons, and thus see it as a way to say "See! Look at how bad the US is! It isn't the best! It sucks!"

It is very silly, but you see it on Slashdot plenty given that the site has a large number of users with poor world awareness and a dislike for the US (most of them being US citizens).

The same shit went on when there was a story about China having the #1 super computer on the Top 500 list, for the moment. Somehow the fact that the US has the the #2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 (half the top 10, in other words) didn't seem to matter. The US wasn't #1, so clearly they fail.

Comment Also this is NOT related to credit score (Score 1) 362

At least not as people normally think of it. When you talk about "credit score" what 99.9% of people mean is your FICO score. This is not getting factored in for FICO. Rather this is for people who don't have a normal credit history. If you have a standard credit history with the credit bureaus, a FICO score will be calculated on that and that's the thing lenders will look at. Nobody gives a shit about your Facebook friends if you have a history of paying debts on time.

This is for people who, for whatever reason, don't have a credit score. This is an alternate way to try and evaluate their risk potential. How good an idea is it? I dunno, guess we'll have to see. However this is not something that is just getting added to your credit score, sensationalist headlines to the contrary.

Comment No not really (Score 1) 290

There are plenty of countries that do caps of various kinds. Just because your particular ISP in your particular country doesn't don't assume that there aren't others that do it.

Comment Ummm (Score 2) 290

It is perfectly possible to have a reasonable cap. If you find that you use a reasonable amount of your bandwidth cap, but still have a good bit left over, that is just about right. It isn't more than you could ever use, but it is more than you do use under normal usage, with some space for unexpected overages.

Comment Or Linux ISOs or game patches (Score 1) 175

There are plenty of groups that want you to use torrent to distribute their stuff, and some that require it. MMOs have gotten to like to use torrents for their patches, since they are often very large. Their autopatcher uses torrents to accelerate things, and you don't have a choice in the matter. They WANT you to help redistribute their stuff, takes the load off their servers.

If the copyright holder is the one who created, posted, and seeded, the torrent, well then they are implicitly giving permission.

Same shit as a company posting things on their website. They can't go and post something for download, but then claim you didn't have permission to download it.

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