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Comment Re:fucking politicians... (Score 2) 152

But we're not talking about any of those clubs right now. We can show outrage about them when we discuss their respective issues. If people had to enumerate everything they get angry about every time they express some rage then every post would be a mile long and threads would take forever to read.

Comment Re:Be as nasty as you want to the Baby Boomers... (Score 2) 480

Cursorily is only like the 2nd non-terrestrial craft to use something other then solar for power.

There have been over 50 other spacecraft that were sent up equipped with radioisotope thermoelectric generators before Curiosity, at least 10 of them being interplanetary probes.

Comment Re:This is illegal under HIPAA. (Score 2) 262

Ironically, the last time I went for a blood test the lab told me that HIPAA prevented them from sending me a copy of my test results, and that I would have to get a approval from my doctor for them to do so. The doctor's office gave me a copy, but the whole thing still confuses me. I mean, I'm attached to the arm they're drawing the blood from, so there's no doubt I'm the person the test results pertain to. I should be able to decide where the test results go, right?

Comment Re:The problem is Apple exceeds all the requiremen (Score 1) 392

Let's say that, for whatever reason, all manufacturers cease being EPEAT certified at some point in the future. In that event all the devices they made during the period they were certified are recyclable under the EPEAT standard.

On the other hand, imagine a scenario where Apple's recycling program has ended. Maybe Apple goes out of business, as unlikely as that may seem, or maybe they just decide the recycling program isn't profitable. All the equipment made prior to that change wouldn't be recyclable under the standard, and with nowhere for it to go it becomes a problem.

Comment Re:Woah! (Score 1) 234

...he has a long association with Communist 5th columnists. Even more confusing (to small minds), Obama is a bought-and-paid-for tool of the international banksters.

Could you please explain to my "small mind" why such a devoted communist would be working for presumably hard-core capitalist bankers? It makes zero sense to me that a person in favor of public ownership of production and a sharing of wealth would be in a "bought-and-paid-for" relationship with a group of men favoring private ownership and a consolidation of wealth under their ownership? But I guess I'm just too "stupid" to see the "truth".

Comment Re:Freemium at its best (Score 2) 204

Are you sorting your news feed by "Most Recent" or "Top Stories"? For me "Top Stories" means the same five people's crap keeps showing up, to the exclusion of anything newer by anyone else. Last I checked there's no setting to default to "Most Recent", so I need to remember to manually change it every time I go to my feed page.

Comment Re:About that floundering financial situation (Score 1) 131

The USPS is struggling because they've been required by a vindictive right-wing to maintain an absurd 75-year pension plan commitment,

My grandfather, a postmaster for decades and a life-long Democrat, was the Secretary-Treasurer of the National Association of Postmasters (NAPUS) from 1953 to 1971, and set up that pension plan. That is his baby.

No, that's not what they're talking about. Please see the last section of the Changes under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 section of the article on the Postal Regulatory Commission (bolded emphasis added):

The PAEA stipulates that the USPS is to take any surplus at the end of a fiscal year, and put that amount into the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund to prepay for employees retirement costing the USPS a total of 500 billion dollars between 2007 and 2015. This requirement also explicitly stated the USPS it stop using its savings to reduce postal debt, which was stipulated in Postal Civil Service Retirement System Funding Reform Act of 2003. This is in addition to deductions from pay for federal contribution to social services . This pre-funding method is unique to the USPS. In June of 2011, the USPS had to suspend its weekly payment of 115 million into the fund because it had reached 8 billion dollars in debt and the retirement plan had a surplus of 6.9 billion dollars. The schedule rate of payment has been changed and the USPS is currently expected to make a payment of 5.6 billion no later than September 30, 2012.

So no, nobody is complaining about your grandfather's baby. We're complaining about the absurd stipulations from Congress that keep the USPS from using it's surpluses to pay off debt, ensuring they'll be constantly underwater, and confiscates that money to pre-pay, in less than a decade, the cost of retirements for the next 75 years. Most of that money will go to the retirements of employees who haven't even been born, and possibly even some of their parents. Of course, that assumes those employees will even exist, since there won't be any employees in 75 years if this onerous burden kills the Postal Service, an objective this legislation seems to be aiming for.

Comment Re:Pay attention to the professor? (Score 1) 134

He'd put a slide on the overhead projector, talk about it while we'd copy it down into our notes. Then he'd put up another slide, repeat, repeat. No time for interaction with the students. Just switch slides, copy, switch slides copy, for 50 excruciating minutes.

I once had a professor who did that (honestly I think everyone has), but, just to make it more frustrating, he'd switch out the slide when you were about three-quarters done copying it down. On top of that he'd refuse to give out a copy of his powerpoint for some reason. I hated his class, between that and his tendency to turn start talking about something, then suddenly turn around and mumble at the blackboard right when he gets to the important part. Honestly, I don't know anyone who liked him as a teacher.

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