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Comment Re:Federal Law State Law (Score 1) 655

I'm not sure if the store owner is free to reject cash. On what basis? They better have a good reason, like I was disturbing the peace in the store. If store owners had the right to reject cash for their payments, then they could disallow all Japanese from buying things from their store, and I think they'd be in a pickle if they did something like that.

Submission + - What should I talk to high school computer science 2

lsllll writes: I got drawn (without my intention) into three 20 minute sessions, talking to high school students about computer science and programming, and am wondering what are some of the things I should talk to them about. I have previously done the same thing for a forty minute period, and all the students wanted to talk about game programming. My only game programming experience dates back to the late 80's and programming a few games (some which ran on top of Novell's network) in Turbo Pascal. Since then I have done lots of database design, web interface programming, and systems configuration and integration. I am pretty fluent with Windoze and Linux, but my contemporary programming skills are somewhat limited to Coldfusion, PHP, Javascript, SQL and bash scripts. Should I talk to them about different aspects of computer science, what it's like to work full-time in the computer industry, or do I make the sessions just question and answer, since 20 minutes might not allow me to talk and do question and answer?

Comment Re:Well crap (Score 1) 153

Perhaps their low end line is bad *because* they bought Maxtor. Their enterprise line is still just fine, been cruising at ~1.5% AFR here for the last 5 years with ~90% Seagate disks.

1.5% AFR on enterprise drives? Is that averaged over the 5 year period? If not, that's very high. Even is it is, it's still high.

The funny thing is that Seagate AFR on their low-end SATA is lower than their Enterprise SATA (0.34 vs. 0.73, see here and here (ES) section 2.12. I understand that they assume that enterprise drives are used more than the desktop drives, but nowhere do they say so. In fact, they say the low-end SATA is perfect for desktop RAID.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 405

Ain't that some sad shit? Back when I went to school we had 2 bus pick-ups in the morning and 3 drop-offs in the afternoon. Because of that I could participate in band and many many extracurricular activities. Nowadays I pitty my daughters because our school district likes to spend a $mil on astroturf for the football field, but my kids (who live in a suburb without any side walks) only have one pick-up in the morning and one drop-off in the afternoon. What is it with sports that is so much more important than the chess club or the speech team?

Comment Re:if i have many gigs of data to copy over somewh (Score 1) 472

Lose a few bits? Are you being serious? Despite what you may believe, during the file copy which you walked away from, several hundred processes continue to run in the background and do what they're supposed to, doing things way more complex than your file copy. You think X stops doing what it's doing just so the file can be copied? Or the kernel drops everything it's doing except process the file copy? The very simple movement of a mouse fires hundreds of IRQs each second which are services by a service routine. Watching a YouTube video is no different.

Comment Re:It sucks I agree (Score 3, Informative) 472

Such drastic change! I have seen this happen on numerous systems and I just change the elevator to "deadline" and poof! The problem is gone. See this discussion for some details. The CFQ scheduler is great for a Linux server running a database, but it completely sucks for desktop or any server used to write large files to.

Comment Re:news. (Score 1) 475

Hell! That is so true, I went to Zen Magnets' site to order some of their magnets just because I wanted to stick it to the "man", but I found out that thousands of Slashdotters had already beat me to it. Guess what? Zen Magnet is out of inventory for EVERYTHING! That includes their $172 package.

Submission + - eBay Search Engine Completely Down (

lsllll writes: eBay search system appears to be completely down, or only partially functioning for many users according to The Inquisitr. Users have reported problems with search results returning completely empty sets. Having tested this with the search term "rfid", I can verify that on most refreshes there were no results, and on some there were only about 500 or so results. The specific auction pages are fine, since Google searches jump to the auctions with no problem.

On their announcement page eBay says "Please note that we are working as quickly as possible to get this resolved. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to resolve this." But sellers are already wondering about their lost sales on eBay forums, given that this is probably the biggest Saturday shopping day of the year. The first post on the forums is marked at 1:05 PST, so the search appears to have been down for at least the past 3.5 hours. Interestingly, eBay's announcement gives some workarounds, but I doubt anybody would be checking the announcements for tips and tricks to get around the problem.

Comment Re:eh.... (Score 1) 277

Which in today's terms means 'we made this whole thing up' just to fill a gap in the so-called news...

Not necessarily. The stars are aligned for this to happen. Look at these points:

1. Most iPods and iPhones are used by Windows users. You can deduce this by the sheer number of Windows machines over Macs.
2. Most users of iTunes have a love/hate relationship, specially those on Windows. (Ok. Maybe most hate it, except the Mac users) I have never seen such popular software remove the user SO MUST from the hardware it enables the user to use.
3. Google has the cash to undermine/underbid the iTunes store prices. Hell, they might even subsidize the cost of the media at the beginning, like they do everything else (note: They give everything away for free)
4. Google has the clout to convince record companies that this/competition will be a good thing.

All I can say is "About fucking time."

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