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Comment The LED Christmas Lights are amazing (Score 1) 710

I'll be a convert in year 2 of this move to LEDs in the household. (whem competition brings the prices down)

I've been waiting for this day.

After Christmas a few years back I bought a pile of the LED Christmas lights (Sale...) and life got easy. No more dicking around with broken bulbs, burnouts, Testing, heat, blah blah. They're interior / exterior and bulletproof. The wires will probably disintegrate before the bulbs.

I can see gradually converting the house over to these new LED house lights in time (All at once would cost me over $1,000 at starting prices). I see the long term payoff but really who had $1K sitting around to buy lightbulbs. Starting with my exterior front door light which we keep on all night.

Overall this is a wonderful change. Can't wait!

Comment UAE - no surprise (Score 5, Interesting) 116

As far as non-north-american countries go - the UAE is very progressive. But a former client of mine who spent 8 yrs there working in administration pointed out - "in North America we are an odd country and culture - we simply take it as the norm that nobody will listen to us. That level of privacy is not the norm, it's unusual" He was in a senior healthcare position and essentially knew as a foreigner in a position of influence that he would be monitored regularly if not constantly.

Comment Re:Market share (Score 1) 481

I went to enroll my son in Hockey this year (Canada... We enroll our kids in June at the latest for Hockey Season which starts in Sept/Oct) and the Hockey Canada website doesn't allow IE6 to be used.

That's a problem for me from work - where we also only have IE6 only. We can't fart without permission on our systems.

Comment Re:Don't forget the asteroids. (Score 1) 361

"Compare with the earth being struck by a cataclysmic asteroid. In this case, there's no analogous process building up over time so it is fallacious to conclude that the chances are getting bigger every day that we don't get struck."

The Toronto Maple Leafs are the perfect analogy to the asteroid... They didn't win last year... it doesn't mean they'll be closer to winning next year.

OK back to serious issues: The potential problem is there - how do we deal with it? nothing will help if you are at ground zero of the impact zone or if the solar storm tears through us and peels our atmosphere off (conceptually...). BUT, we should all have that emergency kit ready and food and heat source (for us northern folks...ie buy a cord of wood) and be prepared. It's the best we can do and in fact came in handy when we lost power for 3 days in the blackout in the eastern half of Canada/US a few years back.

Comment Re:Sounds like Attribution Theory (Score 1) 357

I've read the book - (a must read!) Gladwell very actively promotes the idea that it was a lot of circumstance about Gates being able to have access to a computer PLUS a lot of work and effort as well. He could have done anything else with his time but he chose to play with the freely offered computer system.

The hockey thing is fascinating - he focuses on hockey but also references that it shows up in soccer in Europe and South America as well. His point is kids that might only be marginally better at the start become massively better over time because they veered down the path in the first part of their lives and receive marginally better coaching and a lot more ice time from the get-go. He isn't saying "Don't try" he's saying the system is steeped against you if you were born late in the year. Having said that - Sidney Crosby's birthday is August 7th. There's a guy in the OHL named John Tavares who plays for the London Knights who was born in Sept who is slated to go first overall this year. It can be done.


Comment Formulas and theories are great things.... (Score 1) 561

What was lacking here (perfectly visible with hindsight) is critical oversight of what the formula and theory results were really stating. And importantly we have all learned that trying to contain randomness of massively diverse circumstances is probably impossible. I recall a seldom used saying about this - Don't put all of your eggs in one basket - it works for investors still whether people run hedge funds or their own personal finances. Torontoman.

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