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Comment Re:UK and TV rader? LOL (Score 2) 175

um.. we have about 50 channels or so on broadcast TV now and countless bullshit channels

And program quality has dropped down to Anerican levels, yes. The relationbetween program quality and number of channels has again been proven to be inversely proportional.

Worse, the BBC is now in a deep financial crisis from having to fill up multiple channels instead of just two, quality ones.

Comment Re:Too light (Score 1) 97

I'm having trouble believing the "16g" part of this story.

a) It doesn't seem possible - equivalent civilian 'copters with smaller batteries weigh 30-40g.

b) Even if it's possible, why bother? They claim it's "to make it easy for troops to carry" but an extra 30g isn't going to break anybody's back (plus the controller looks like it weighs a kilo...)

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