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Comment Re:Snake oil again? (Score 1) 81

I work in neurology research at a university- so far, the jury (data) hasn't decided yet. Increases in cellular calcium ion channel activity result from exposure to EMF. This includes L-type calcium channels in neurons.

Does that also happen if you go outside in daylight? How much activity do you see in daylight relative to a cellphone?

Comment Re:Furthering class warfare (Score 1) 376

How's this for a way to fix it:

After the second (or third) year, patent damages are limited to 20 times the amount the patent holder pays as patent fees. The patent fees are voluntary, you pay as much or as little as you want and you can only increase the fee by 25% in any given year.

Under this scheme nobody can afford to sit on huge piles of junk patents and collect any real court damages from them. People will only pay large fees (and be able to collect large damages) for patents which are earning real money.

Comment Re:Furthering class warfare (Score 1, Insightful) 376

The patent system, for as much as it gets bad press, offers the little guy (independent inventor) a chance to get ahead. With no patents, anyone with money can make a clone of an existing product and do whatever they want with it, including selling their clone as the original item.

That's the theory, yes.

The practice is that the wealthy just use the patent system as a weapon against small guys to achieve the exact same thing.

Comment Re:No, it's really not. (Score 1) 125

A "full motion" sim can't replicate more than 1.0 G in any given direction, much less a sustained 5g pull.

Is there any reason why a simulator mounted on a gimbal on the end of a spinning arm can't produce any amount of G in any direction?

(OK, it can never simulate zero G but I"m guessing that's not very important for dogfight simulators)

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 1) 649

The way to protect the average investor is to stabilize the economy. The best way to do that is:

a) Make company CEOs and boards of directors personally responsible for failure.
b) Give the bailout to the affected people, not the company that caused it (does their business model magically change just because they get a bailout?)

Comment Re:I have a better idea... (Score 1) 649

Uhm, no. The point is that if they fail, it will be more than just "some people will lose their jobs", because other companies would be dragged in the fall, and the entire economy would suffer. Now I'm not even agreeing with the reasoning, but you didn't quite seem to even grasp it.

Um, no. Imagine what would happen to the economy if everybody's debt was wiped out overnight. No mortgage or credit card payments.

Plus the government still has a trillion dollars to spend.

Those 'jobless' would be working again within a couple of weeks.

All we need to do is make sure the bank directors lose all their personal assets and we've got a working plan, methinks.

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