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Comment Re:easy, (Score 1) 393

The problem with encrypted email is that you can only send it to people who agree that security is important.

That's a problem with the email software, not the people.

A key exchange could easily be done in the background during the first few emails you send to somebody. After that you're golden.

Trouble is, almost everybody uses online email now, and I doubt Google/Microsoft/Yahoo/etc. will ever provide any security.

Comment Re:We need a new right... (Score 1) 205

I always figured that if something was any good they wouldn't have to advertise it.

Yes, they have to tell you about radical NEW products but the more advertising you see for established products (eg. cars, beers, ...), the more mediocre those products must be. If they really are better than the competition (as claimed), they'd be selling themselves.

Comment Re:Ok.... (Score 4, Informative) 163

Comment Re:Targeted ads are better than untargeted ads (Score 4, Insightful) 177

When sites start to lose significant amounts of money, they're going to move to more and more annoying and integrated ads, until the ads become indistinguishable from the content itself..

I still won't see them, and if they hate their users that much then I probably won't care if they collapse.

Comment Re:Targeted ads are better than untargeted ads (Score 3, Interesting) 177

I'm not sure why I should hate targeted ads. I actually see ads for things I'm interested in... instead of random stuff.

Nice theory.

What actually happens is you only ever see ads for something you bought two years ago and have no intention of buying again. Either that or something you looked at once and thought "How can people be so stupid...?" then you spend the next six months seeing dancing adverts for it.

Comment Re:Why not promote a Dvorak keyboard instead? (Score 1) 258

Seriously, I still fail to understand why the Qwerty keyboard still is the norm, even in virtual keyboard in mobile devices.

What's the problem with pushing a better keyboard like Dvorak?

Mainly because it isn't better.

In real tests, all the 'benefits' turn out to be placebo.

Comment Re:of course... (Score 1) 280

Like scanners that show your nude body underneath? Like irrationally banning mundane items and liquids? By intrusive stare-downs and groping molestation? Or did you forget that actually killing somebody with one of those things requires some metal like, say, bullets and shell casings? Or do they make Carbon-fiber bullets and shell casings now? How about having dogs that smell propellant?

In the scenario presented in the story you could equally use a BIC pen as a blow-gun with a small dart with ricin/botulinum/polonium/whatever in it. Plus security probably wouldn't recognize it if they searched you and found it (unlike a bulky plastic gun with a cartridge in it).

Real humans have imagination/ingenuity. These stories always ignore that.

Comment Re:Well no shit. (Score 1) 185

Probably some outrageously sexy SGI machine, like a Crimson, or an Onyx. You can probably pick one up today second hand for a fraction of the cost of an Amiga 3000 toy.

People pay for them? I gave mine away...on the condition that they came and carried it out of my house all by themselves. Those things are damn heavy.

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