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Comment Cool... (Score 1) 121

I remember rendering "ntreal" on an SGI workstation back in the '90s, it took about two days and I remember watching the individual pixels appearing and looking at all the details.

I just did it again and it took about 10 seconds and I'm like, "meh, next"

You'd think they'd have some different demos now...

Comment Re:I guess (Score 1) 324

my shit is utterly uninteresting.

That doesn't make it OK for them to spy on the entire nation.

You may not personally mind being groped by the TSA either, but that doesn't make it OK for them to grope people who might be traumatized by it.

Comment Re:surcharges aren't a profit center for auto ins. (Score 1) 365

I work in the insurance industry, and you seriously misread their motivation. Surcharges for violations are not a profit source for the industry, far from it. They exist to try and equalize the risk associated with bad drivers and if you crunch the numbers on premiums vs. claims you'll find that they barely manage to break even on some of these drivers even with the surcharges.

That's not the problem.

They might have to fire an awful lot of people if we replace the idiots behind the wheel with machines.

Comment Re:Intellectual property is a hoax. (Score 5, Insightful) 212

Intellectual property is a useful social construct.

Sure. The problem is that these people think that draconian legislation is the answer to a changing marketplace that made their business model obsolete.

Imagine if the buggy-whip manufacturers had had enough money to bribe the government to pass laws preventing manufacture of automobiles...

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