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Comment Re:Who? What? Huh? (Score 1) 62

For fine steel products just prior to WWII.. no, sheffield is not the place that comes to mind, not for the century prior to it either.

Mass production of steel started in Sheffield:

The whole city is a mess of steel mills (well, derelict/museums now...)

(went to university there)

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 4, Insightful) 1293

If God did create us, how bad an engineer do you have to be to put a sewage outlet right in the middle of a recreational area?

That's a flippant quote, but seriously, the number of major design flaws is staggering.

eg. Why does food go down the same hole as the air? How many people choke to death on food every day?

Comment Re:Blacklists and signing applets (Score 2) 55

However, if it refers to blocking any unsigned applets ....

Let's hope so.

it's not going to go down well.

Why? Is clicking 'allow' the first time you visit a page too much effort for you?

(assuming that's what it does)

I imagine most people can just whitelist one or two domains then everything will be business as usual (except the entire world-wide-web won't be a minefield any more...)

Comment Re:No PC yet (Score 0) 396

Which requires advanced modifications to the console including soldering.

If anybody's being disingenuous it's you.

The 'sheeple' all know you can just take your console to a modding shop and they'll do the scary advanced modifications for $20 (including soldering!).

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