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Comment Re:Blacklists and signing applets (Score 2) 55

However, if it refers to blocking any unsigned applets ....

Let's hope so.

it's not going to go down well.

Why? Is clicking 'allow' the first time you visit a page too much effort for you?

(assuming that's what it does)

I imagine most people can just whitelist one or two domains then everything will be business as usual (except the entire world-wide-web won't be a minefield any more...)

Comment Re:No PC yet (Score 0) 396

Which requires advanced modifications to the console including soldering.

If anybody's being disingenuous it's you.

The 'sheeple' all know you can just take your console to a modding shop and they'll do the scary advanced modifications for $20 (including soldering!).

Comment Re:"Dayum!" (Score 2, Insightful) 220

Yeah, It certainly is absurd. I can't even imagine it if you factor in the hardware to run it on. Assuming you spent half of it on hardware, you'd have $8 billion worth of hardware (which is just plain ridiculous).

You don't get it at all.

Before you even start buying hardware or writing code you have to build some modern new offices and fill them with nice desks, leather chairs, etc. to attract the right sort of people for the management positions. Then you need hot young secretaries around the place and plenty of thousand-pound lunches to discuss their six figure salaries, annual bonuses and exactly what model of luxury car they'd like to drive to work.

Only then can you start the actual "IT" part of the project.

Comment Re:Lie (Score 1) 491

Few social networking sites... almost none... are really able to figure out your real name. They might ask you to give a "real name"... and you can do that... but it doesn't have to be your real name.

You can be Bruce Wayne... Or George Washington... or whatever. How are they going to stop it?

The latest trend is towards sending a message to your mobile phone with an account creation code.

Why do you ask...?

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