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Comment Re:Not piracy, assholes (Score 1) 261

Get the fuck over it. You got a problem with copyright circumvention, start by calling it what it is. Don't demonize it. 99% of what is called piracy in this context involves no personal gain by anybody.

Hey, guess what? Your grandparents think your notion of "correct" English is completely wrong.

(And their grandparents thought the same of them...)

Comment Re:Stupid 2 (Score 1) 814

...and "lose", not "loose" ( ), which is a mistake a simple spelling checker won't catch. For that you need to actually know how to spell.

And that kinda sums up the problem with this sort of technology. No technology will make a gun magically safe, for that you need to take personal responsibility for the education of gun owners (and parenting).

Comment Re:The more they study it ... (Score 0) 51

The oldest known written texts are quite sophisticated and describe great cities and long ocean voyages, possibly based on events 14,000 years ago.

This great new discovery is younger than that. Is it really so surprising that lunar calenders existed in 10000BC, even in 'barbaric' places? We know that even the barbarians traveled quite widely and were exposed to other cultures.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 5, Insightful) 719

And the other world powers that have multicultural prime ministers and presidents are ... ? I feel like Obama's Peace Prize was more about transcending race and color finally among the world's super powers. France is super liberal but you'll never seen someone of Algerian descent as their prime minister.

The major cause of war/unrest in the world isn't skin color, it's religion. I'd be more interested in seeing an openly Atheist president than a black one but I'm not holding my breath on that happening in the USA anytime soon.

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