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Comment Re:Honesty? (Score 1) 440

If they were honest, why are they calling it "Climate Change" now, rather than Global Warming?

Huh? I thought this story was well known.

The Bush Administration enacted a deliberate policy to change the name in all public discussions. Mr Frank Luntz was responsible for the new one.

Comment Re:Same in Mexico. (Score 2) 226

But back then, there was a guy standing on a switch could just flex his knee to make additional selections if you looks particularly shady.

Yep. You just know they'll game the system if it's ever implemented here.

It could be done fairly with dice, picking balls out of a hat or something physical like that, but it won't be. The thought of not being in control freaks them out.

Comment Re:Not really... (Score 2, Insightful) 216

Someone should make a search engine that *only* indexes the stuff that robots.txt suggests against.

I imagine a lot more interesting content is on that part of the network.

Yep. I want "Unsafe search" as an option for my search results - filter out all the mundane crap.

Comment Re:Not piracy, assholes (Score 1) 261

Get the fuck over it. You got a problem with copyright circumvention, start by calling it what it is. Don't demonize it. 99% of what is called piracy in this context involves no personal gain by anybody.

Hey, guess what? Your grandparents think your notion of "correct" English is completely wrong.

(And their grandparents thought the same of them...)

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