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Comment Re:A new law in not what is needed (Score 0, Flamebait) 519

. . so people cant wear skirts anymore? Sharia Law is over there . . . .

What about windy days? Can we outlaw them, too.

And escalators. They often give people an eyeful of thigh (and not all of it is pretty, ew!)

Many upskirts will show less than a miniskirt or booty shorts. How will that factor in to the new law? Will the length of the skirt be taken into account?

So many questions....

Comment Re:Better be for Windows 7 (Score -1) 127

DirectX11 was back ported to Vista.

The reason DirectX 10/11 was not backported to XP was not because of mean old bad microsoft but rather WinXP is such an obsolete archaic OS that is fundamentally different.

Weird that the system requirements for DX11 suddenly changed later on - to allow XP!

Some people might think that it was mean old bad microsoft after all...that the "obsolete archaic OS" thing was just a lie.

Comment Re:Better be for Windows 7 (Score -1) 127

It was necessary evil to be able to publish new video driver model architecture with neat features, get over it.


People managed to make DX10 run on XP without official support from MS/NVIDIA/AMD:

Later on...guess what? Microsoft decided to allow DX11 to run as well:

There's no relation between an operating system and the feature set exposed by the video driver. It's just another API.

Comment Re:How does evolution work like this? (Score 2) 431

Different species can often interbreed:


The offspring aren't always sterile, either. Mules are usually sterile but ligers can often be fertile:

Bengal cats are an artificially created crossbreed:

The original ("rather stupid") answer assumed the parent was simply a troll who was trying a variant of the creationist's "Irreducible complexity" argument.

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