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Comment Re:fattening the cow (Score 2) 220

They lied about posting stuff which didn't turn up; cards appeared at my door saying `you were out` when I was not out etc.

FEDEX does that too.

You know their promise about how if it's one second late they refund the money? What really happens is that a message appears on their computer that "they called but you were out" then they give you the runaround on the phone until you get tired of calling them.

Comment Re:Approachable download for the way! (Score 1) 176

Either it's difficult enough that the developers didn't want to spend the time and money to make their code compatible with the most incompatible OS currently available

I don't mean stuff that isn't compatible with Windows, I mean actual Windows programs where the authors expect you to compile it yourself with a particular version of VC++, or even with command-line gcc and makefiles (VC++ is a free download, what Windows developer in their right mind uses gcc?)

Why don't they just post a binary? There's only one Windows 'distro' (yes, there's various versions but they're all compatible).

It's like they don't want people to use their software.

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