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Comment Re:It costs the government NOTHING. (Score 1, Troll) 174

Bzzt! You lose. For your "theory", lets say the government buys a $1000 widget. It didn't produce that widget, it spent the money to buy that widget. It didn't spend $1000 for that widget, it spent $1200 because the government has its overhead.

Bzzt! You lose. The government pays at least 400% markup on anything it buys.

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 1) 193

I grok this to mean that a backdoor exists for customer service, which can be activated by a customer (by two factors: permission and network access), and that without action on the part of the customer, said backdoor is closed.

"Permission" isn't much of a safeguard against criminals. They tend to do stuff without it.

(Isn't that the very definition of "criminal", i.e. doing stuff they don't have permission to do?)

Comment Re:Whatever (Score 4, Insightful) 385

The PC is doomed, blah blah blah. All the grandma's are buying tablets. Anyone who does any real work are buying PC's or already have what they need. Nothing to see here.

Yep. Most computer users turned out to be media consumers who a) don't need the hassle of maintaining a PC, and b) like the size/shape of tablets.

The sky won't fall. This "fatal" decline will level off soon when everybody finally figures out which camp they're in.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 0) 407

You minimize dynamic allocations by staying away from generic data structures--e.g. for a linked list, you embed the sibling pointers in the object itself, rather than allocating a separate container node...

No, you don't. If you've got any brains you start using C++.

Comment Re:Binary protocol.. and what else? (Score 1) 566

from quick glance, multiple transfers and communications channels("streams" in the drafts lingo) can be put through the single connection, cutting tcp connection negotiations.

HTTP 1.1 can already do multiple transfers, browsers are already doing "streams". I doubt the gains to be made from doing that in binary are going to be noticeable.

Comment Re:easy, (Score 1) 393

The problem with encrypted email is that you can only send it to people who agree that security is important.

That's a problem with the email software, not the people.

A key exchange could easily be done in the background during the first few emails you send to somebody. After that you're golden.

Trouble is, almost everybody uses online email now, and I doubt Google/Microsoft/Yahoo/etc. will ever provide any security.

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