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Comment Re:Useless (Score 1, Insightful) 187

On the other hand, some things (like animals and pedestrians) require some means of illumination at night.

I wonder how we ever managed to survive before electric light...

Oh, wait, humans can actually see by starlight alone.

You're not going to read a book or do rocket surgery but you can walk around outdoors without electric lights even when there's no moon. I've done plenty of hiking, etc. under a full moon.

Comment Re:u can rite any way u want (Score 1) 431

I'm torn between the issue. I discovered old letters in my house from the 1800's and was able to glimpse in the past of how life was like back then. The letters had their words written phonetically, and while I did "notice" what I perceived to be errors at the time, I did understand the letter and remembered that eduction wasn't necessarily standardized back then and not everyone had access or could afford to attend school.

Most English spelling reform/standardization happened long after 1800 (yes, there was such a thing...).

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