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Comment Re:Separation of Concerns (Score 4, Insightful) 391

The reason it doesn't change is because the "coding" is the easy part of programming.

No programming language or IDE is ever going to free you from having to express your ideas clearly and break them down into little sequences of instructions. In a big project this overshadows everything else.

Bad foundations? Bad design? The project is doomed no matter how trendy or modern your language/IDE is.

Comment Re:Hack it to add American names like "John Smith" (Score 1) 286

Since 2003, it is not so easy to change your name anymore. While in the US, for the most part, you can simply use any name you want, if you want a new passport, you'll have to go before a judge and it's going to cost you about a grand.

...and you can bet they have to notify the people who maintain the no-fly list.

Comment Re:Space travel (Score 1) 357

Just so. Reduce lifesupport requirements significantly, and a trip to Mars by a 100-man study team becomes (relatively) trivial.

Apart from reducing their metabolism you'll also have to remove all their bones and replace them with 3D-printed parts when you arrive.

On the plus side, this reduces the storage space requirements for each human to about 50% of one with bones in it.

Comment Re:Kickstarter skeptics eat your heart out (Score 2) 300

Technologies that allow them to directly compete with things like google glass?

Either that or they plan to turn facebook into Second Life.

Or both at once - you walk down the street and see facebook profiles floating over people's heads.

Who knows...but you can bet it isn't good.

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