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Comment Re:What a great idea! (Score 2) 257

Why "kill" a device when you stand a good chance of getting it back?

No you haven't. Even if you know where it is, what are you going to do? Really...?

Besides, you're in charge of whether or not it's killed. You have to report it stolen.

Killing it does nobody any good, and has lots of quite horrible abuse potential

Yes it does. Read the summary - people are being mugged and murdered for their phones. A kill switch makes them worthless to thieves.

Comment Re:Hard to know who to believe here (Score 2) 112

First he manipulates them into preparing a series of suspicious denials and preoccupy them coming up with it.

a) Why would they do that if it isn't true?

Plus if he accidentally hits or something real he can scare the crap out of them into dropping it.

b) This isn't the sort of thing you can prove by accident. Either there's proof or there isn't.

(Of course, if there *is* proof they'll just claim he photoshopped would have to be absolutely amazing proof for denial not to work - like the head of the FBI and three of the PM's best friends all siding with Kim Dotcom)

Comment Re:I agree with Lewis Black (Score 0) 383

what fairytale are you living in? humanity is just as bad as it always has been.

What fairytale are you living in? Humanity has become much less violent, much more intelligent, and much more productive over the last few centuries.

Yeah? I've got a few neighborhoods you might like to walk through.

(And they're "first world", I promise...!)

Comment Re:Phone-based ransom-ware? (Score 1) 321

a) You seriously think people are really going to set up fake cellphone towers and try to brute force people's pins just for the lulz?

b) With about 0.000001% of my brain power I can think of a way around your "unsolvable" problem. Can you think of a basic flaw in my plan or just mindless nitpicks based on key sizes and whatnot?

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