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Comment Re:Nice concept (Score 1) 154

Clue: Europe is a union. What the summary is talking about is like people committing crimes in another state in the USA.

Last I heard, the USA has laws to prevent people hopping state borders and going "neener, neener" from the other side.

Similarly, these laws won't affect people who hack from tax havens, etc.

Comment Re:Fermat? (Score 2) 216

Worse than 'a generalization': if this conjecture is true, FLT is a trivial consequence. That's a clue that Beal's conjecture is likely significantly harder than Fermat's.

...or easier. Beal removes a constraint from Fermat's theorum.

All you need to do is find one exception and you've won. Removing a constraint makes that search easier.

Comment Re:...and device runtime with stay the same (Score 5, Interesting) 322

Don't get me wrong, I like the added features, but I hope nobody expects laptops that can be used for multiple days in a row without recharging (with sleep mode enabled between sessions of course) or next-gen smart phones that can go a week without recharging. They will figure out how to use that extra power somewhere, leaving us at around the same runtime as before.

I'm much more interested in it for electric cars.

Four times the batter life in a cellphone? Meh - mine already lasts for days.

Four times the range of electric cars? World-changing technology.

Comment Re:Whew! TSA flew much too close to sane policy .. (Score 1) 298

How many terrorists have the Israelis caught at airports?

I don't mean that as a rhetorical question, but I don't remember them doing so any time in the last couple of decades.

They sat an air-marshal next to the shoe bomber because they didn't like the look of him. Nothing happened on that flight.

Comment Re:Whew! TSA flew much too close to sane policy .. (Score 1) 298

Instead of making folks discard completely non-threatening items, TSA should look into *actual* security.

The airport should have a series of series of checkpoints. Every vehicle that pulls onto the property goes past a guard that asks you how your day is going (screen #1). At the ticket counter, a friendly agent asks if you are enjoying the weather (screen #2). Drop off your bags, some other random, friendly question (screen #3). Lastly, at the x-ray / metal detector / body scanner, the attending agent looks you in the eye and chats with you again (screen #4). Every station should be manned by trained security personel empowered to flag you for greater scrutiny.

The terrorists can just pop a couple of Xanax before they go through - suppress their emotional response.

Comment Re:My goodness (Score 1) 417

Remember: The police have no interest in proving innocence, only in proving guilt.

Everything they say, everything they ask, it's all designed to prove guilt. You only have to use one wrong word and you're in for a miserable time. The police love it when people protest their innocence and/or try to explain things away, it just gives them more ammunition.

Far better to just say nothing (or "I don't know, officer" to a direct question like "Do you know how fast you were going?").

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